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Season 4

27 Jun. 1992
None But the Lonely Heart
A con-man who meets and marries rich old widows through a dating service, then murders them and takes the inheritance, finally gets the date of his dreams - the very worst of them.
27 Jun. 1992
This'll Kill Ya
Sophie Wagner and Pack Brightman are a couple of scientists who work at a research center with their sleazy and sadistic diabetic boss George Gatlin. Sophie and Pack decide to teach George a lesson by lacing his insulin with an unstable experimental serum that they have been working on.
27 Jun. 1992
On a Deadman's Chest
Danny Darwin learns that his new tattoo might be more than just a tattoo.
4 Jul. 1992
A pair of con artists, Benny Polosky and Alison Peters, want to swindle a rich man, Presco Chalmers, and make up this story: Benny is the lawyer of Chalmers' dead uncle Albert Peters, Alison is his daughter. Albert robbed $200,000 from the Wilmington bank in 1901, opened an illegal account where he put all the money, got arrested, spent 20 years in jail, then began a new life in Chicago, started a business, married, raised a family, and died last year. The amount of the money in the bank has reached almost $3 million. Chalmers and Alison will get the money if they pay...
11 Jul. 1992
Beauty Rest
Life hasn't been easy for model Helen. She is getting older and her dreams of hitting the big time are drying out. So when she finally gets the chance to take part in a beauty contest, she is determined to do ANYTHING in her hands to win.
22 Jul. 1992
What's Cookin'
Married couple Fred and Erma's restaurant has seen better days. But things change once a stranger walks in, with a rather unique steak recipe...
25 Jul. 1992
The New Arrival
An abnormally difficult child tests a psychologist.
1 Aug. 1992
A gunfighter confronts his past.
8 Aug. 1992
King of the Road
A life on the edge hot rodder named Billy comes to town run by Sheriff Garrett, he immediately dates and romances his daughter with ulterior motives linked to Garrett's past, for which he was once a champion of the hot rodding. Will Garrett accept Billy's challenge to the death?
19 Aug. 1992
Maniac at Large
A mousy librarian over-react reports of a serial killer.
26 Aug. 1992
Split Personality
A swindler, Jack loves money and... twins. One day he meets rich twins that show interest in him.
2 Sep. 1992
Strung Along
An aging puppeteer suspects his much younger wife has a lover.
9 Sep. 1992
Werewolf Concerto
An Agatha Christie-style mystery sees the inhabitants of a remote hotel terrorized by rumors of a werewolf prowling the area. Not to fear, as a self-appointed werewolf hunter is amongst them. But might he have a dark secret of his own?
16 Sep. 1992
Curiosity Killed
Two radically contrasting elderly couples -- the bitter and bickering Jack and Cynthia and the more content and laid-back Harry and Lucille -- spend a weekend together in the woods. Lucille and Harry produce a magical voodoo potion that restores one's youth and beauty, but the shrewish Cynthia puts a damper on everyone's plans to become young again.

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