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Season 1

4 Sep. 1989
Neatness Counts/The Bird! The Bird!
While crossing the Land of Ice, Toad gets kidnapped by a Giant Birdo who thinks the Mushroom is her missing baby.
5 Sep. 1989
Day of the Orphan/King Mario of Cramalot
A girl called Patty arrives at Mario and Luigi's claiming to be an orphan without a family or a place to go, so the plumbers invite her in for a stay. Mario becomes the King of Cramalot in order to drive out Koopa's forces. Episode is based on The Sword in the Stone. Featured song: Bad (Michael Jackson) The Super Mario brothers are spoiling Patty, when her parents show up, ashamed that she's been taking the plumbers for granted, but they enjoy a family reunion.
6 Sep. 1989
All Steamed Up/Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid
With the help of the wizard Mervin, Mario pulls the Golden Plumber's Helper from the magic sink and saves the Land of Cramalot from evil King Koopa.
7 Sep. 1989
Marianne & Luigeena/Mario's Magic Carpet
In Marianne & Luigeena, Lyle is invited to a lunch with the Mario Bros, but their sisters are also coming, while in Mario's Magic Carpet, the sultan makes Mario, Luigi and Toad into slaves while he sells the Princess which only a magic lamp can save them.
11 Sep. 1989
The Mario Monster Mash/Rolling Down the River
Mario and Luigi help a certain Mark Twang win a riverboat race against Koopa. Featured Song: Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Dr. Frankenstein asks Mario and Luigi to help him with his experiment in promising his monster a normal brain. While laying down to take a nap, Mario gets caught up in the experiment and his brain gets switched with the monster's.
12 Sep. 1989
Bonkers from Yonkers/The Great Gladiator Gig
Our heroes think they are going to a benefit Spaghetti Dinner at the Linguini Empire Colosseum, but it's all a plot by the evil Emperor Augustus Septemberus Octoberus Koopa to feed the Marios to the lions.
13 Sep. 1989
Bats in the Basement/Mario and the Beanstalk
Mario and Luigi trade Princess Toadstool's cow for garbanzo beans. The beans grow into a beanstalk, leading the group to a castle in the sky owned by a giant Koopa. Episode is based on Jack and the Beanstalk. Featured song: I Heard it Through the Beanvine (a slightly altered version of I Heard It Through the Grapevine) (Marvin Gaye) A vampire (Jim Ward) arrives from Transylvania as a foreign exchange student.
14 Sep. 1989
Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!/Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
The dreaded Queen Rotunda of Rotundaland falls in love with Mario when she mistakenly drinks a love potion and tries to force him into marriage.
18 Sep. 1989
Mama Mia Mario/The Great BMX Race
To save Toad's life, Mario and Luigi are tricked into a disaster-strewn Boy's Motor Cross bicycle race with three of Koopa's sneakiest minions.
19 Sep. 1989
Alligator Dundee/Stars in Their Eyes
Long John Koopa kidnaps the Princess and is auctioning her off to his fellow pirates when our heroes arrive in pirate disguises.
20 Sep. 1989
Dance/Jungle Fever
Koopa forces the brilliant scientist Dr. Nerdnick to turn him into a half-robot, half-Koopa monster.
21 Sep. 1989
Cher's Poochie/Brooklyn Bound
Our heroes are lured into a spooky castle in the Land of Turtlevania where Count Koopula plans to turn the Princess into a spaghetti-sauce-sucking vampire.
22 Sep. 1989
Wild Thing/The Legend of Zelda: The White Knight
Mario, Luigi, The Princess, and Toad hack their way through the Ama-Zone Jungle searching for Sheldon the Witch Doctor, but Koopa gets to him first.
25 Sep. 1989
E.C. the Extra Creepy/Toad Warriors
Koopa has moved his underhandedness under the sea, has captured King Neptune, and is forcing the Mermushrooms to loot the sunken ships of gold coins.
26 Sep. 1989
The Marios Fight Back/The Fire of Hercufleas
The Marios seek the help of the legendary hero Hercufleas, but find it's the hero himself who needs help to recover the "Great Balls of Fire" stolen by King Koopa.
27 Sep. 1989
Magician/Count Koopula
Mario's group enter a castle in Turtlevania, where Koopa and his minions are all monsters. Episode is based on Count Dracula. Featured song: Thriller (Michael Jackson) Magician Harry Blackstone Jr. visits Luigi.
28 Sep. 1989
Do You Believe in Magic/Pirates of Koopa
Our heroes arrive for the wedding of Romero and Joliet, only to find Koopa has reignited the feud between the two lovers' families.
2 Oct. 1989
Lost Dog/Two Plumbers and a Baby
The Marios finally find a way back to Brooklyn -- and are faced with a big decision when Koopa captures the Princess just at the moment they can return home .
3 Oct. 1989
Plumbers of the Year/The Adventures of Sherlock Mario
When Professor Koopa-arity kidnaps the brilliant criminologist Herlock Sholmes, the Marios turn detective.
4 Oct. 1989
Mario Hillbillies/Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...?
Koopa threatens to turn the Marios into rocks unless Princess Toadstool agrees to marry him.
5 Oct. 1989
Super Plant/The Pied Koopa
King Koopa acquires a magic flute that makes him irresistible to the children of Pastaland and he leads them all to his castle until the Marios come to their rescue.
9 Oct. 1989
Baby Mario Love/Koopenstein
Dr. Koopenstein starts the trouble by trying to steal the Marios' brains for his new invention, and then he really turns into a monster.
10 Oct. 1989
9001: A Mario Odyssey/On Her Majesty's Sewer Service
When Princess Toadstool's chief spy (James Blond) is zapped by Koopa, Mario and Luigi turn secret agent.
11 Oct. 1989
Fake Bro/Mario and Joliet
Romano and Joliet are unable to get married due to the feud going on between their fathers, which Koopa secretly started. Episode is based on Romeo and Juliet. Featured song: That's Amore (Dean Martin) A schemer (Vic Dunlop) in order to get rich quick pretends to be Mario and Luigi's missing brother.
12 Oct. 1989
Time Out Luigi/Too Hot to Handle
Koopa and Fryguy use a fake volcano god to trick a tribe of islanders into sacrificing Princess. Featured song: Hot Hot Hot (Buster Poindexter) Luigi buys a watch that runs backwards from a mysterious salesperson. Soon, he does everything backwards, even eating.
13 Oct. 1989
Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario/The Legend of Zelda: That Sinking Feeling
Our heroes return to the oriental city of Sayonara where they combat Karate Koopa and his Ninja Ninjiis with the martial art of Plumb-Fu.
16 Oct. 1989
Flower Power/Hooded Robin and His Mario Men
The Marios arrive in Sharewood Forest and help the Hooded Robin recover the gold coins that the rich Sheriff of Koopingham has stolen from the poor.
17 Oct. 1989
Vampire Until Ready/20,000 Koopas Under the Sea
Our heroes travel to Oceanworld where they discover Captain Koopa-Nemo is using a super submarine to terrorize the Mushroom People.
18 Oct. 1989
Heart Throb/Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold
When a Leprechaun our heroes meet in Shamrock Land asks them to help recover his Pot O'Gold Coins stolen by Koopa, the Marios can only say "yes".
19 Oct. 1989
Fortune Teller/Mario Meets Koop-zilla
After eating Super Sushi, Koopa has grown enormous, and is terrorizing the city of Sayonara. Episode is based on Godzilla. Featured song: The Jolly Green Giant (The Kingsmen) Mario and Luigi, anxious to find out what prize they won in a sweepstakes, consult a fortune teller (Kay Ballard) for help.
23 Oct. 1989
Little Marios/Koopa Klaus
When the evil Koopa Claus (Bah Humkoop!) tries to stop Christmas, the Marios come to Santa's rescue and Toad learns the true spirit of giving.
24 Oct. 1989
Gorilla My Dreams/Mario and the Red Baron Koopa
When Koopa teams up with the dreaded sky turtle Lakatu, our heroes head for an aerial dogfight in their flying carpet biplane.
25 Oct. 1989
George Washington Slept Here/The Unzappables
Mario and his friends travel to Mobsterland where they discover the city is being terrorized by the notorious gangster Al Koopone.
26 Oct. 1989
Caught in a Draft/Bad Rap
Koopa kidnaps the King of Rapland where everyone speaks in rap rhyme and it's up to the rapping Marios to save the day.
30 Oct. 1989
Toupee/The Mark of Zero
Mario and Luigi come to El Desertland's rescue against the evil Capitan El Koopa by donning black masks and capes to become the legendary heros "Zero" and "Zero Plus One".
31 Oct. 1989
The Artist/The Ten Koopmandments
Our heroes travel to Desertland where they discover Koop-Tut has enslaved the Desertlanders and is enforcing an evil set of rules known as the Ten Koopmandments.
1 Nov. 1989
Zenned Out Mario/The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming!
Our heroes come to the rescue of General George Washingtoad by helping him cross the Delawide River to defeat the Redcoat Koopa's army.
2 Nov. 1989
Texas Tea/The Trojan Koopa
When King Koopa holds the Princess captive in his impregnable island fortress, the Marios get inside by hiding in a wooden "Trojan Koopa."
6 Nov. 1989
The Painting/Quest for Pizza
When Caveman Alley Koopa poisons Mario, his three friends have to find a way to make pre-historic pizza to save his life .
7 Nov. 1989
Game Show Host/The Great Gold Coin Rush
The Marios discover the Mother Lode of Gold Coins, but -- Klaimjump Koopa rides in and takes over.
8 Nov. 1989
Home Radio/Elvin Lives
The Marios, the Princess, and Toad arrive in Sock Hop Land to save the music king Elvin Parsley from Greaser Koopa.
9 Nov. 1989
Glasnuts/Plummers Academy
In a flashback to their days of Basic Draining at the Brooklyn Academy of Plumbing, Mario and Luigi tell of their troubles with Drain Sergeant Kooperman and why the President of the United States called them to the White House.
13 Nov. 1989
Adee Don't/Karate Koopa
When Koopa kidnaps Princess Toadstool and Toad, Mario and Luigi turn to a karate master for help. Featured song: Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas)
14 Nov. 1989
Chippie Chipmunks/Mario of the Apes
Mario loses his memory in the middle of the jungle and is adopted by two apes who rename him Marzan.
15 Nov. 1989
A Basement Divided/Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Brothers
When Toad accidentally spills a shrinking potion on the Marios they must overcome the perils of giant Troopas, drain pipes filled with monster-sized bugs, and Koopa's big feet.
16 Nov. 1989
No Way to Treat a Queenie/Little Red Riding Princess
Our heroes have come to Winterland so the Princess can visit her grandmother, but Koopa sees her crossing the forest all alone and plays big bad wolf.
20 Nov. 1989
Goodbye Mr. Fish/The Provolone Ranger
Mario teams up with a friendly mushroom Indian named Pronto to rescue his friends from Billy The Koopa in the Wild West.
21 Nov. 1989
French/Escape from Koopatraz
The Marios, the Princess, and Toad are captured by Koopa and sent to his island dungeon Koopatraz where they engineer a daring escape.
22 Nov. 1989
Two Bums from Brooklyn/Mario of the Deep
Mario's group tries to save Aqualand from Koopa's reign. Baseball manager Tummy Lasagna (a parody of Tommy Lasorda, played by Joe Bellan) arrives to sample Mario's meatballs for his restaurant and hires the Marios to sell peanuts at the ballpark.
23 Nov. 1989
Opera/Flatbush Koopa
The Marios return to Brooklyn to find that Koopa has taken over and renamed the City Kooplyn.
27 Nov. 1989
Cyrano de Mario/Raiders of the Lost Mushroom
Indiana Mario and his friends travel to Jungleland in search of a legendary golden statuette -- "The Lost Mushroom."
28 Nov. 1989
Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes/Crocodile Mario
Our heroes arrive in Down Under Land and have to save the Outback Mushroom People from Kangaroo Koopa and an army of crocodiles.
29 Nov. 1989
Santa Claus Is Coming to Flatbush/Star Koopa
Our heroes are chased through space by Darth Koopa and thrown into the Intergalactic Insinkerator.
30 Nov. 1989
Captain Lou Is Missing/Robo Koopa
While the Mario Brothers are enjoying their pizza, Cyndi Lauper comes inside and is looking for Lou Albano since he is missing, she and the Mario Bros form a search party to look for him.

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