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What to Expect When Bart's Expecting

Bart becomes a savior to Springfield couples trying to conceive when he inadvertently uses voodoo to get his art teacher pregnant.

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Days of Future Future

30 years from now, Jenda is dating a crab-like alien creature and she's still not getting along with Bart. Bart is trying to get over his divorce and he does it in a bit of a Total Recall-type way.

Season 1

17 Dec. 1989
Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Christmas seems doomed for the Simpson family when Homer receives no Christmas Bonus. Homer becomes a mall Santa Claus, hoping to make money and bring Marge, Bart, Lisa, and baby Maggie, a happy holiday.
14 Jan. 1990
Bart the Genius
Bart ends up at a school for gifted children after cheating on an IQ test.
21 Jan. 1990
Homer's Odyssey
While Bart's class is touring the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant for a field trip, Homer crashes his golf cart into a radioactive pipe. In the aftermath, the plant is forced to shutdown and Homer loses his job.
28 Jan. 1990
There's No Disgrace Like Home
At a company picnic Homer realizes his family is dysfunctional and takes them all to therapy where they end up having shock treatment. They are still as bad as ever so Homer gets double his money back from Dr Marvin Monroe and the Simpsons buy themselves a new TV.
4 Feb. 1990
Bart the General
School bully Nelson Muntz has been terrorizing his classmates, particularly Bart. Bart and one of Nelson's goons get into a fight at school (when Bart was sticking up for Lisa), and in the aftermath Nelson accidentally gets a bloody nose. Nelson makes good on his threats to beat up Bart. Bart winds up having nightmares about Nelson stalking him, and later envisions his funeral. Finally, Grampa takes Bart to Herman, a Vietnam veteran who has had one of his arms amputated, to plan a strategy for getting back at Nelson. Bart commissions all his schoolmates whom Nelson ...
11 Feb. 1990
Moaning Lisa
A depressed Lisa's spirit is lifted when she meets a jazz-man, Bleeding Gums Murphy.
18 Feb. 1990
The Call of the Simpsons
Ned Flanders shows off his newly purchased (and monstrous) motor home to the Simpsons. In a fit of oneupmanship, Homer decides he needs one too. Homer's credit is very poor, but he wants that motor home, so he buys one whose oil is leaking and appears to be held together by chicken wire and duct tape. With their new motor home, Homer takes the family on an outing in the woods. Homer quickly loses his way and everyone bails from the motor home just before it tumbles into a large ravine. The family is forced to rough it the rest of the way. Maggie becomes separated from...
25 Feb. 1990
The Telltale Head
Bart gets more than he bargained for when he saws the head off a statue of the town's founder.
18 Mar. 1990
Life on the Fast Lane
Marge contemplates an affair with a handsome bowling instructor.
25 Mar. 1990
Homer's Night Out
Bart uses his new miniature "spy" camera to take candid pictures around the household; meanwhile, Homer is preparing to go to a bachelor party for his co-worker at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. While at the party, Homer is invited to dance on stage with a stripper. Bart (who is dining with the rest of the family in the next-door restaurant) uses his camera to snap a photo of Homer and the dancer having a great time. At school, Martin develops the picture, which - after he compliments Bart's work - gets distributed around school, and eventually around town. ...
15 Apr. 1990
The Crepes of Wrath
Bart flushes a cherry bomb at school, nearly injuring Principal Skinner's mother, Agnes, in the process. An exasperated Skinner tells Homer and Marge that since expulsion would not do Bart any good, he's placing him in a foreign-exchange student program. Bart is sent to France, where his host family are unethical winemakers who plan to employ him as a slave.
29 Apr. 1990
Krusty Gets Busted
Homer witnesses a robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart convenience store, where the culprit is a man dressed like Bart's hero, Krusty the Clown. Does the children's television host have a sinister second life, or is there more to the story than meets the eye?
13 May 1990
Some Enchanted Evening
Homer and Marge enjoy a night out on the town. Meanwhile, at home, the kids deal with a diabolical babysitter.

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