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Did a little good for a few Veterans, but...
me4315 October 2004
Veterans returning from the war, maimed, have been getting a raw deal from the Pentagon, until Primetime Live brought the stories of a few soldiers to their attention. The Pentagon then decided to help these 3 or 4 guys BECAUSE of the spotlight, but what about the rest? What about all the head injury cases, the THI cases without obvious wounds?

What about the Veterans of the Gulf War? What about the the Veterans of the nameless mini-wars? How about the Veterans of Vietnam? Even the promises made to the Veterans of Korea and WWII have been broken.

If our Soldiers (and I stand behind our soldiers 150%) were aware of the US Government's lousy track-record of taking care of our permanently injured Vets., prior to enlistment, maybe they would think twice about signing-up to fight for our Country.

Anyone who has spent even 20 minutes in the average VA hospital, (not talking about the state-of-the-art military hospitals for active duty soldiers) has been assaulted with sounds, sights and smells so repellent that incredible anger or sadness wells up.

They don't provide the vets with even the most basic of necessities... SOAP, TOOTHBRUSHES, COMBS, TOOTHPASTE... and DO NOT EVEN try to tell me they do, because I have been in these facilities, in several states, as a chairperson/and or member of Patriotic committees which round up and deliver these little items, (in more than one state,) and have spent a lot of time with government forsaken Veterans, holding their hands, lending an ear, and handing out these little presents. I'm not just talking about wizened old Vets., but young ones, younger than myself, whose only wish is death, anything to escape the (unmanaged) pain. What really kills me is how NONE OF THEM lambaste the government whose lack of caring dumped them there, to be warehoused, as cheaply as possible, until death.

Sure the system is over-burdened, and more are being added to it everyday, but the government must step up to help more than a few Veterans, that had the spotlight shone on them.
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Diane Sawyer says porn industry is evil?!
piercedpixie1 November 2007
so these people allowed someone to continue to abuse a child, even though they had evidence! And they say the porn industry is bad?!?!?! At least the porn industry is (if it is damaging anyone at all) only damaging fully consenting adults!!!

hypocritical and evil! I hate that this "feminism" tells us that somehow a man knows himself and knows what he wants when he gets into the porn business, but a women..."oh no she cannot possibly understand what she is getting into, or stand up for herself....that would be impossible!"

That's not feminism, that's babying women, and treating them as if they are children!
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Where did they stick Sam anyway. . .
Johnnyo7 February 2006
whats up, I just wanted to share that I grew up with Sam Donaldson and Diane Sawyer on Primetime LIVE on Wednesday nights after 90210 and I know that sounds funny. Man what happened to good reporting. These days good reporting goes a long way and there is not enough.

I was mad when Primetime LIVE was changed all around but what can you do... I joined the NavySEABEEs, where did they stick Sam anyway...

any comments for me, please go to ms- a place for friends - CBJohnnyo I put this in for filler, sorry I had nothing else to say... I put this in for filler, sorry I had nothing else to say... I put this in for filler, sorry I had nothing else to say... I put this in for filler, sorry I had nothing else to say...
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Quite an episode
leopold62200225 July 2003
I think this show is quite interesting and I have been watching Primetime for quite somewhile. I watched the Primetime episode about the young adult film stars that aired 1/23/03. I thought Belladonna was both sad and quite pathetic. If Belladonna(I) wants to leave, leave and never look back. The porn industry is quite a waste and diseased. Who would want to work in a line of work that can give you AIDS? If you want to pay for college or whatever, ask your parents or get financial assistance.
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Biased Belladonna interview
femmefatale300015 August 2004
The ignorance and idiocy of that last comment just blows my mind!! If leopold knew anything about porn instead of believing conservative lies he would know that all porn stars are tested for STDs including HIV every two weeks and must have a certificate on the set at all times saying that they are clean. Yeah people must think Bella is real desperate since during the airing of that interview her website got soo many hits that it overloaded, and there was a rise in the sale of her videos. Don't believe most of the mainstream BS you hear cause most of it is very biased, you might as well watch Fox News and expect the whole story unbiased. Porn women are hardly pathetic. Would you call Jenna Jameson pathetic. Yeah only pathetic women model for Pony, Abercrombie and Fitch, win at debate on porn at Oxford University, and are worth millions of dollars. That not pathetic, that what most of us dream of being and doing. So next you want to make a bold comment like that get your facts right!!
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