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9 Jan. 2003
Serial Killer's Home Movies/Justice Served?
"Serial Killer's Home Movies" looks at the investigation of serial killer Maury Travis who videotaped his victims before murdering them. "Justice Served?" looks at the case of Tabitha Pollock who was convicted of murdering one of her children when her boyfriend was the real killer.
16 Jan. 2003
Death and Life at 18,000 Feet
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, correspondent Jay Schadler talks to mountain climber John Griber who was stranded alone high atop Alaska's Mount St. Elias. He survived a night of freezing cold before ultimately being rescued by a helicopter pilot from Mountain Air Rescue.
23 Jan. 2003
Young Women, Porn and Profit: Corporate America's Secret Affair
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Diane Sawyer examines the world of pornography. She looks at how young aspiring models who hope to be discovered are lured into the pornography business. It also discusses the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and the prospect of psychological damage from life in the industry.
30 Jan. 2003
Three and a Half Seconds/Kate Hudson/Hollywood's Big Secret/Fit to Serve
"Three and a Half Seconds" examines the NASCAR crash that almost took the life of Mike Harmon. "Kate Hudson" talks to the actress about her career and famous mother. "Hollywood's Big Secret" looks at how some big name actors go overseas to film commercials. "Fit to Serve" examines whether homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the armed forces.
6 Feb. 2003
Living with Michael Jackson/Castle on the Hill/The Many Faces of Michael Jackson
"Living with Michael Jackson" talks to Martin Bashir the creator of a new and controversial documentary on the pop singer. "Castle on the Hill" talks about the recent arrest of music producer Phil Spector. "The Many Faces of Michael Jackson" discusses the pop star's plastic surgery.
13 Feb. 2003
Valentine's Day Murder/Second Chances/Best in Show
"Valentine's Day Murder" looks at the murder of Susan Hamilton and the conviction of her husband John. "Second Chances" looks at a reunion of a man and his high school sweetheart. "Best in Show" takes a look at the high costs associated with entering an animal in the Westminster Dog Show.
17 Feb. 2003
The Many Faces of Michael Jackson
This Primetime Live Special Edition looks at the controversy surrounding Michael Jackson. It rebroadcasts a Cynthia McFadden segment on the plastic surgeries of the pop star and also rebroadcasts a Chris Wallace interview with the maker of a controversial documentary 'Living with Michael Jackson'. John Quiñones also examines reaction to the growing controversy.
6 Mar. 2003
The Gladiators: Defending Clara Harris
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Diane Sawyer looks at the trial of Clara Harris who was accused of killing her husband David Lynn Harris by running him over repeatedly with her car after she discovered he was having an affair. The lawyers prepare a recreation of the crime in order to show that she didn't know she ran him over repeatedly, but the recreation is ruled inadmissible. She is convicted and sent to prison for twenty years.
13 Mar. 2003
Elizabeth Smart Returns/Elizabeth Smart's Family/Elizabeth Smart's Captivity/War with Iraq
"Elizabeth Smart Returns" talks to witnesses about the return of the young girl from over 280 days in captivity. "Elizabeth Smart's Family" looks at the ninth month ordeal suffered by the family of the missing girl. "Elizabeth Smart's Captivity" investigates what is currently known about her kidnapping. "War with Iraq" talks to Army General Tommy Franks about the invasion of Iraq.
3 Apr. 2003
Lisa Marie Presley/War with Iraq Update
"Lisa Marie Presley" interviews the daughter of Elvis Presley who talks about her life, her marriage to Michael Jackson, and her marriage to actor Nicholas Cage. "War with Iraq Update" talks to reporters embedded in Iraq and gets an update on the condition of rescued POW Jessica Lynch.
10 Apr. 2003
Texas, Money and Murder/War with Iraq Update/CSH Unit
"Texas, Money and Murder" looks at the murder of self-made millionaire Steven Beard by his wife Celeste and her lesbian friend Tracy Tarlton. "War with Iraq Update" looks at the dangerous situation on the ground in Iraq. "CSH Unit" visits a Combat Support Hospital stationed in Kuwait.
17 Apr. 2003
Witness: The Children of Waco
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Charles Gibson talks to seven survivors of the Waco siege. The survivors describe life in David Koresh's Branch Davidian cult and discuss their memories of the confrontation with the FBI and the later siege which took the lives of their parents.
24 Apr. 2003
Landslide: The Dixie Chicks
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Diane Sawyer talks to the Dixie Chicks about their controversial comments about President Bush and the War in Iraq. The popular country singers talks about their comments and their position on the War. They also discuss patriotism and the right to free speech.
24 Apr. 2003
The Peterson Case: A Question of Murder
Primetime Live investigates the murder of Laci Peterson. John Quiñones examines what is know about the case thus far. Diane Sawyer interviews Laci's husband and lead suspect in the case Scott Peterson. Jay Shadler examines how murder is the leading cause of death for pregnant women. Chris Cuomo looks at how the prosecution will build its case against Scott Peterson.
1 May 2003
Shattered Dreams/Inside the Elizabeth Smart Investigation/Side by Side/Good News Bears
"Shattered Dreams" examines the murder of New York actress Lyric Marie Benson. "Inside the Elizabeth Smart Investigation" offers an inside look into the kidnapping investigation. "Side by Side" looks at the difficult decision faced by the parents of conjoined twins. "Good News Bears" looks at a boys relationship with a panda.
8 May 2003
Who Wants to Steal a Million?
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Diane Sawyer looks at an audacious attempt by a British Major to cheat the British version of the game show 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.' She looks at how the deception was uncovered and discussion the consequences of the revelation.
26 May 2003
Daddy Cam/Unseen Enemy/Open for Business/Check Washing
"Daddy Cam" goes to Easthampton, Massachusetts, to talk to a woman whose father secretly took nude photographs her. "Unseen Enemy" investigates controversy over Gulf War Syndrome. "Open for Business" talks to Paul Bremer in Baghdad about administering Iraq. "Check Washing" investigates how criminals are using chemicals to wash ink off of checks.
12 Jun. 2003
Scene of the Crime
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Diane Sawyer talks to true crime author Patricia Cornwell about a serial killer that is lurking in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They discuss several murders and the forensic science that eventually led to a suspect: Derrick Todd Lee.
19 Jun. 2003
Annie Lennox: Bare Soul/36 Hours with Cher/TLC
"Annie Lennox: Bare Soul" interviews the former singer of the Eurythmics about her new album. "36 Hours with Cher" rebroadcasts a segment that follows Cher as she prepares for a performance at the American Music Awards. "TLC" talks to the band about their success and the death of their band-mate Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes.
26 Jun. 2003
The Real Eminem/Give-Up Scams/Finding Amy
"The Real Eminem" talks to Debbie Nelson the mother of popular rapper Eminem. "Give-Up Scams" examines an insurance scam where people give away their cars and later report them stole to collect insurance money. "Finding Amy" investigates the case of Amy Lynn Bradley who disappeared while on a cruise.
30 Jun. 2003
My Big Wild You're-Not-Gonna-Believe-This Wedding
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Diane Sawyer looks at some amazing romances and weddings. She talks with a couple who are an extreme case of opposites attracting, a couple whose wedding suffered disaster after disaster, a couple who truly strove for the perfect wedding, a couple in an arranged marriage in India, and a couple whose wedding was 48 years in the making.
7 Jul. 2003
Columbia Final Mission
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Charles Gibson investigates destruction of the space shuttle Columbia which broke up in the atmosphere as it was heading in for a landing. He talks to engineers and NASA officials to shed light on the unfortunate missteps that lead to the tragedy.
10 Jul. 2003
J. Lo/Lisa Marie Presley
"J. Lo" rebroadcasts an interview with actress and singer Jennifer Lopez about her recent engagement to actor Ben Affleck. Lisa Marie Presley rebroadcasts an interview with the daughter of Elvis Presley who talks about her life, her marriage to Michael Jackson, and her marriage to actor Nicholas Cage.
14 Jul. 2003
Murder at 10: Who Killed the Primetime Anchor?
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Chris Wallace investigates the murder of British television present Jill Dando who was killed by gunshot after returning home one afternoon. He examines several theories including one that links her death to crime show that she anchored.
17 Jul. 2003
Kobe Bryant/Charity Investigation/Laura Rothenberg/Photographs of the Military
"Kobe Bryant" examines the sexual assault charges that have been made against the NBA star. "Charity Investigation" investigates how some con men use fake charities to steal from people with good intentions. "Laura Rothenberg" talks to an author about her fight against cystic fibrosis. "Photographs of the Military" looks at an effort to capture a typical day in the life of the US armed forces.
21 Jul. 2003
In the Shadow of Laci Peterson
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Elizabeth Vargas examines why some disappearance stories attract significant media attention while others do not. She also examines the cases of four women who went missing in the San Francisco Bay Area.that have not gotten much media attention.
22 Jul. 2003
Sons of Saddam: Hunted Down in Iraq
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Charles Gibson reports the U.S. forces in Iraq have killed the two sons of Saddam Hussein. Qusay and Uday Hussein died in a firefight in the northern Iraqi City of Mosul. He examines their lives and talks to experts on how this may impact the war.
24 Jul. 2003
Zodiac Killer
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, John Quiñones looks at the Zodiac Killer a serial killer who was active in northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He examines several theories and reveals that microscopic DNA discovered on a Zodiac letter may lead to a break in the case.
31 Jul. 2003
Trapped: The Ultimate Survival Guide
Primetime Live examines how one can survive a number of dangerous scenarios. Jay Schadler looks at what you should do if you are caught in a sinking car or if you are caught in a hotel fire. Chris Cuomo looks at what you should do if you are in a place crash at sea. John Quiñones examines what you should do if you are lost in the woods.
7 Aug. 2003
Kevin Costner/Under Wraps/3½ Seconds
"Kevin Costner" talks to the actor about his new movie 'Open Range' and his new fiance. "Under Wraps" investigates day spas to see whether detoxifying body wraps and exotic facials are worth the money. "3½ Seconds" looks at the heart stopping five car crash at NASCAR's Tropicana 400.
14 Aug. 2003
Blackout 2003: The Biggest in History
Primetime Live looks at one of the biggest blackouts in history that is affecting almost 50 million people in the northeastern United States including the cities of New York, Detroit, Boston, and Cleveland. It talks to experts and politicians in an effort to figure what is going on.
21 Aug. 2003
Brothers in Arms: The Untold Story of One Marine Company in Iraq
In this Primetime Live Special Edition, Mike Cerre follows the story of the Marine company Fox 2/5 made up of 206 men serving their country in Middle East. It follows their initial deployment in Kuwait and them follows them in service as they go into Iraq. Some of them would not make it home.
11 Sep. 2003
Nuclear Smuggling Project/Zubaida's Journey/Babies of 9-11
"Nuclear Smuggling Project" investigates whether terrorists could smuggle dangerous substances into the United States. "Zubaida's Journey" looks at a young Afghan burn victim who is getting treatment in California. "Babies of 9-11" looks at the children born after 9-11 to fathers who died during the terrorist attack.
23 Oct. 2003
Episode dated 23 October 2003
Entertainment/John Ritter: Amy Yasbeck (widow of John Ritter) Healthcase/Hospital-Acquired Infections & Dick Schaap Joe Boxer: Vaughn Lowery

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