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Rated Episodes

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19.2  What Would You Do? 8.8 6
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.8/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.1  The Plane Truth/American Hostages/Roseanne Barr/Nora Ephron
1.3  Pushing for the Police/But I'm Innocent/Dan Quayle/Treaty Oak
1.4  Pete Rose Scandal/Crackdown in Columbia/The Last Picture Show/Dressed for Excess
1.5  Best Seat in the House/Tales from the Underground/Damndest Yankee/The Barney Frank Scandal
1.6  Zero Tolerance/The Most Innocent/A Matter of Trust
1.7  Torn Curtain/The Greatest Gift of All/Atlantic City/SS Central America
1.8  Tour of the White House with George and Barbara Bush
1.9  Return to the Killing Fields/Let's Make a Deal/Wait 'Til This Year
1.10  First, Do No Harm/Jim Bakker Verdict/Digging In/Gold Boat
2.13  Parenting Challenges; Hazards of Automatic Garage Doors; Paparazzi Who Pursue Princess Diana
18.6  Primetime Crime: 'Finding Bethany'
19.3  Episode #19.3
19.5  What Would You Do? Episode 4
  63 Reasons to Hope: The Babies of 9/11
  A Time to Kill?
  Alive Again/Road Worthy?
  America Fights Back
  Anastasia's Story/A World of Words/Rosie O'Donnell
  Anastasia's Story/Love Song
  Annie Lennox: Bare Soul/36 Hours with Cher/TLC
  Antonio & Melanie/Murder at the End of the Road/The Kindness of Strangers
  Arctic Rose/Murder at the End of the Road
  Baby, Oh Baby: The Six-pack Turns Nine
  Before They Were Famous
  Behind the Scenes/Secrets of the Heart/Angels of Hope
  Behind the Veil/Cher/Waiting to Happen
  Blackout 2003: The Biggest in History
  Brothers in Arms: The Untold Story of One Marine Company in Iraq
  Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far
  Columbia Final Mission
  Crime: Alissa Turney Story
  Crime: Juvenile Rehabilitation
  Cyberbullying: Cruel Intentions
  Daddy Cam/Unseen Enemy/Open for Business/Check Washing
  Daniel Pearl/Lisa Beamer/Influencing Doctors/Promises, Promises
  Danielle's Story/An Easy Target
  Death Row Records
  Death and Life at 18,000 Feet
  Eco Spy
  Elizabeth Smart Returns/Elizabeth Smart's Family/Elizabeth Smart's Captivity/War with Iraq
  Elizabeth Smart/Osama's Pilot/Arctic Rose
  Family Secrets: Searching for Paige/Abuse Behind Closed Doors/Modern Day Slavery
  Flight of Courage/Keep Your Child Safe/A Natural Woman/Dollars and Scents
  Hazing Gone Too Far
  Head Cases: Love
  In the Shadow of Laci Peterson
  Into the Bedroom/Hope Sells
  J. Lo/Lisa Marie Presley
  Juvenile Corrections: The Lost Children Behind Bars
  Kevin Costner/Under Wraps/3½ Seconds
  Kobe Bryant/Charity Investigation/Laura Rothenberg/Photographs of the Military
  Landslide: The Dixie Chicks
  Laura's Revenge/Secrets of the Hard Sell
  Lisa Marie Presley/War with Iraq Update
  Living Large/The Truth About Lying/Funny Man
  Living with Michael Jackson/Castle on the Hill/The Many Faces of Michael Jackson
  Living with Tourettes
  Love Song/The Betrayal
  Making Babies/Alive Again
  McNamara's War
  Mind Games
  Mind Games? Murder and Multiple Personalities
  Moment of Crisis: System Failure
  Murder at 10: Who Killed the Primetime Anchor?
  My Big Wild You're-Not-Gonna-Believe-This Wedding
  North Korea: Inside the Shadows
  Nuclear Smuggling Project/Zubaida's Journey/Babies of 9-11
  Once Upon a Time: The Dionne Quintuplets
  Polygamy in the USA/A Survivor's Story
  Prisoners of Care/Suburban Cowboy/Death on Starr Street/Brent Sadler
  Private Lives/Hollywood Hitman?
  Randy Pausch: A Celebration of Life
  Rent-a-Patient/A Germ Challenge/Paying for the Past
  Rosie's Search/Check Washing/Gay Adoption Update
  Rosie's Story: For the Sake of the Children
  Santana High/Tyco/Flight of Fancy
  Scene of the Crime
  Secrets of the Heart/Lost in Space
  Serial Killer's Home Movies/Justice Served?
  Shattered Dreams/Inside the Elizabeth Smart Investigation/Side by Side/Good News Bears
  Sleeping with the Enemy/The Many Faces of Iran
  Sons of Saddam: Hunted Down in Iraq
  Stacey's Story/Niki Taylor/For Some, Too Real
  Stalking the Ripper/Deal with the Devil
  Texas, Money and Murder/War with Iraq Update/CSH Unit
  The Boss/Cher
  The Central Park Jogger
  The Fix Is In
  The Gladiators: Defending Clara Harris
  The Many Faces of Michael Jackson
  The Marcus Wesson Family
  The Masterpiece Mystery/Michael Jackson/Billy Ray Cyrus
  The Peterson Case: A Question of Murder
  The Real Eminem/Give-Up Scams/Finding Amy
  Three and a Half Seconds/Kate Hudson/Hollywood's Big Secret/Fit to Serve
  Trapped: The Ultimate Survival Guide
  Tsunami: Wave of Destruction
  UFOs... Seeing Is Believing
  Under Wraps/Beauty Marks/Stand by Me
  Unleashed/The Man Who Knew Too Much
  Unsafe Seat Belts?/Dollars and Scents/Tender Hearts
  Valentine's Day Murder/Second Chances/Best in Show
  Whatever It Takes: A Child's Last Chance
  Who Wants to Steal a Million?
  Who's Rocking the Cradle?
  Witness: The Children of Waco
  Young Women, Porn and Profit: Corporate America's Secret Affair
  Zodiac Killer
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  Episode dated 14 June 1995
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  Episode dated 23 October 2003
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  Episode dated 24 June 2004
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  Episode dated 16 September 2004
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  Episode dated 18 November 2004
  Episode dated 16 December 2004
  Episode dated 3 February 2005
  Episode dated 9 March 2005
  Episode dated 12 April 2005
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  Episode dated 22 September 2005
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  Episode dated 23 March 2006
  Episode dated 4 August 2009