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15 Sep. 1990
I'm Still Alive
Dee and Lassie are trapped by a storm inside an old house on the same day she receives some potentially devastating news from her doctor.
22 Sep. 1990
At a party, Will is the intended target of a practical joke, but the joke turns serious when both he and the joker are trapped beneath a crumbling structure.
20 Oct. 1990
Pot Hunters
Ancient Indian relics originally uncovered by the McCulloughs are in danger of being stolen from the site, and Dee's archaeologist friend may be involved.
27 Oct. 1990
Watch Your Step
Chris' new job is located on a former military shelling site that's supposed to have been cleared, but when Will, Megan and Lassie wander onto it they find themselves surrounded by still-live shells.
17 Nov. 1990
An earthquake knocks a live power line loose onto a building site's wire fence while Will is trapped on the wrong side.
24 Nov. 1990
A boy in a wheelchair teaches Will and Lassie how to play basketball and also has a huge crush on Will's sister, Megan.

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