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Season 3

16 Sep. 1991
The Shut Down
Defense budget cutbacks have Hollister targeted for possible shutdown. MacGillis is put in charge of firing civilian staff.
23 Sep. 1991
Major Moonlighting
Needing a new washing machine and not having the money and refusing to put anything on credit, MacGillis moonlights with Holowachuk at a rest stop station, where Gene is the manager and John is the assistant manager.
30 Sep. 1991
Polly's Pen Pal
Problems arise when a Marine pen pal Robin has been communicating with via mail for a while, shows up thinking Polly is Robin, since Robin sent him Polly's picture instead. After Craig and Holowachuk overhear the two at the officer's club, they think Polly and the pen pal are running away together, and set about trying to stop it.
7 Oct. 1991
A Few Good Men
In order to promote a better image and keep Camp Hollister from closure, General Craig has invited over a photographer from the Men of the Military calendar makers to scout potential base talent.
14 Oct. 1991
Poker Night
Worried about bickering in various departments because of budget cuts, General Craig tries to bolster camp comradery with games.
21 Oct. 1991
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Perky
Due to budget cutbacks, General Craig assigns Gunny a temporary assistant, Sgt. Tammi Rae Perkins, whom immediately goes about undercutting Gunny and trying to win the staff's attention.
28 Oct. 1991
Educating Casey
Casey has been selected to test for an accelerated-learning school, and both Polly and MacGillis unknowingly put too much pressure on her to get in.
4 Nov. 1991
Lady in Waiting
Elizabeth gets her first job after only one day of looking, but when the family sees that the uniform is like that of a Playboy Bunny, they want her to quit.
11 Nov. 1991
General Unrest
When General Craig forgets his wife's birthday, he takes MacGillis' advice and owns up to it, but Mimzy locks him out of the house, so they must take him in during the spat.
18 Nov. 1991
Steel Magnolia
Polly befriends a city councilwoman who seems charming and polite, but chews MacGillis out and pokes him in the stomach over laying off civilians from Camp Hollister. Polly doesn't believe him.
25 Nov. 1991
On the Line
Camp Hollister Marines must do double duty after the civilian workforce strikes over lay offs and budget cuts. After Polly finds a 900 number on the phone bill and the number is no longer in service, she tries to find out whom did it and why.
9 Dec. 1991
The Shell Game
A land developer has its eye on Camp Hollister so a mall can be built, but the Major discovers a turtle living under the house which may be endangered, thus preventing Hollister from closure.
16 Dec. 1991
Who's That Blonde?
Depressed over a failed bill in congress that would have allowed women to serve in combat -- a life-long dream of her's, Gunny makes some drastic changes in her life, including dying her hair bright blonde.
6 Jan. 1992
We've Got Trouble
Holowachuk wins the officer's tournament and gloats until he finds out Gunny won it so often she stopped playing to give other people a chance at winning, and it promptly drives him mad at who is a better pool player.
13 Jan. 1992
Three's a Crowd
The Major unintentionally steals the boy Casey likes, causing trouble. There's a big rat on the loose in the office.
20 Jan. 1992
Three Angry Marines
The Major, Gunny and Holowachuk are on a court martial-panel who are suppose to decide whether the marine on trial is guilty or not. It seems the man deserted his post when he learned that something happened to someone in his family. And the Major and Gunny are on opposite sides, so it's Holowahcuk who's the decider. So he spends countless time looking at both sides.
3 Feb. 1992
Close Encounters
In order to research for an article on group therapy she is doing, Polly takes along MacGillis to a group therapy weekend where in order to write the article, they are required to participate. Elizabeth holds a small party while the two are out of the house, which gets out of control.
24 Feb. 1992
Base Desires
After being unknowingly entered into the Outstanding Armed Services Family of the Year competition and getting picked, the Major refuses to do it, but the family wants to. Things get heated as a rude family is competing against them.
2 Mar. 1992
When Gunny Talks
Elizabeth gets Gunny to teach her the investment system she uses, since Gunny makes so much money in the commodities market, but after some unexpected weather, they all loose the money.
9 Mar. 1992
The 'L' Word
Elizabeth falls for her tutor. Gunny's new boyfriend says something that puts the relationship in trouble.
16 Mar. 1992
Sick Bay
Polly and Robin are sick and the Major and kids must take care of them. On top of that he must also try to write her new article, which is riddled with errors from her being sick and tired when written. Holowachuk accidentally crumples up and ruins General Craig's photo of the Rat Pack, signed by all the members.
27 Apr. 1992
Charlotte's Web
Polly is out of town for a writing conference and the Major must pull double parenting duty. Holowachuk, out of loneliness, joins the Adopt-a-Marine program, but the woman whom adopts him turns out to be possessive.
4 May 1992
The Noisy Drill Team
A closure committee is coming to inspect the base to determine possible closure and worried about what may happen, General Craig orders the staff to kiss up to them.
11 May 1992
In the Brick of Time
Polly makes a video documentary of the staff in lieu of the decision to close Camp Hollsiter. Everybody is mourning the closure until Polly thinks she may have discovered something that may keep it open, and it's not a turtle.

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