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Leslie Mann/Live's Big Game Week

Leslie Mann (How to Be Single (2016)). Also: "LIVE's Big Game Week" concludes.

Season 28

8 Sep. 2015
Tyra Banks/Hank Azaria
Tyra Banks ("FABLife" (2015)); Hank Azaria (The Simpsons (1989)). Also: the hosts begin taking part in experiences, they've previously talked about, in LIVE's first-ever "We Said Whaat?" Week.
9 Sep. 2015
Craig Ferguson/Kate Bosworth
Craig Ferguson (Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest (2015)); Kate Bosworth (90 Minutes in Heaven (2015)). Also: LIVE's First-Ever "We Did Whaaat?" Week continues.
10 Sep. 2015
Steven Tyler/Chrissy Teigen
Rock star Steven Tyler; Chrissy Teigen ("FABLife"). Also: LIVE's first-ever "We Said Whaaat?" Week continues as Kelly tries cryotherapy.
11 Sep. 2015
Ben McKenzie/Billy Gardell
Ben McKenzie (Gotham (2014)); Billy Gardell ("Mike and Molly" (2010)). Also: LIVE's "We Said Whaaat?" Week concludes.
15 Sep. 2015
Carol Burnett/Dylan O'Brien/Miss America 2016
Carol Burnett; Dylan O'Brien (Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)). Also: the hosts meet this year's Miss America, Betty Cantrell.
16 Sep. 2015
Benicio Del Toro/Brett Eldredge
Benicio Del Toro (Sicario (2015)). Also: this season's winner of So You Think You Can Dance (2005) visits; Brett Eldredge performs.
17 Sep. 2015
Andy Samberg/Naomi Watts
Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)); Naomi Watts (About Ray (2015)). Also: the winner of America's Got Talent (2006) performs.
24 Sep. 2015
Kerry Washington/Bill O'Reilly #2
Kerry Washington (Scandal (2012)); author Bill O'Reilly (book "Killing Reagan").
25 Sep. 2015
Don Johnson/Priyanka Chopra
Don Johnson ("Blood and Oil" (2015)); Priyanka Chopra (Quantico (2015)).
2 Oct. 2015
Idris Elba/Ken Jeong/Peter Gros
Idris Elba (Beasts of No Nation (2015)); Ken Jeong (Dr. Ken (2015)); wildlife expert Peter Gros brings fun animals. Also: Happy Birthday, Kelly Ripa.
6 Oct. 2015
Sarah Michelle Gellar/Shaquille O'Neal
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Star Wars Rebels (2014)); author Shaquille O'Neal (children's book, "Little Shaq").
19 Oct. 2015
Jimmy Kimmel/Robin Thicke/Chef Daniel Boulud
Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003)); Robin Thicke performs. Also: "LIVE's Superstar Chef Challenge" returns, with chef Daniel Boulud the first chef up to the challenge.
20 Oct. 2015
Vin Diesel/Amanda Peet/Chef Alfred Portale
Vin Diesel (The Last Witch Hunter (2015)); Amanda Peet (Togetherness (2015)). Also: "LIVE's Superstar Chef Challenge" continues with chef Alfred Portale.
21 Oct. 2015
Michael J. Fox/Sarah Paulson/Chef Alex Guarnaschelli
Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future (1985)); Sarah Paulson (American Crime Story (2016) and American Horror Story (2011)). Plus, "LIVE's Superstar Chef Challenge" continues with chef Alex Guarnaschelli.
22 Oct. 2015
Patricia Heaton/Ed Westwick/Chef Marcus Samuelsson
Patricia Heaton (The Middle (2009)); Ed Westwick (Wicked City (2015)). Also: "LIVE's Superstar Chef Challenge" continues with chef Marcus Samuelsson.
23 Oct. 2015
Kate Hudson/Kat Dennings/Chef Eric Ripert
Kate Hudson (Rock the Kasbah (2015)); Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls (2011)). Also: "LIVE's Superstar Chef Challenge" concludes with chef Eric Ripert.
26 Oct. 2015
Stanley Tucci/Wesley Snipes
Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) and Spotlight (2015)); Wesley Snipes (The Player (2015)). Also: "LIVE's Halloween Countdown" begins.
27 Oct. 2015
Adam Levine/Mike Tyson
Adam Levine (The Voice (2011)); boxer Mike Tyson. Also: "LIVE's Halloween Countdown" continues.
28 Oct. 2015
Seth Meyers/Stephen Moyer/Andrea Bocelli
Seth Meyers (Late Night with Seth Meyers (2014)); Stephen Moyer (The Bastard Executioner (2015)). Also: Andrea Bocelli performs; "LIVE's Halloween Countdown" continues.
29 Oct. 2015
Sandra Bullock/Jamie Oliver
Sandra Bullock (Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)); Jamie Oliver. Also: "LIVE's Halloween Countdown" continues.
30 Oct. 2015
LIVE's Best Halloween Show Ever
The hosts present "LIVE's Best Halloween Show Ever: Nightmare on 67th Street", featuring a costume contest with a grand prize of $10,000.
2 Nov. 2015
Allison Janney/Steve Martin & Edie Brickell
Allison Janney (Mom (2013)); Steve Martin and Edie Brickell perform. Also: "Paw-fect Pet Week" begins with dog trainer Andrea Arden sharing tips to keep dogs healthy.
3 Nov. 2015
Gwen Stefani/Ralph Fiennes
Gwen Stefani (The Voice (2011)); Ralph Fiennes (Spectre (2015)). Also: "Paw-fect Pet Week" continues with veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Jellison offering advice on picking the right breed.
4 Nov. 2015
Andy Cohen/Bryan Adams/Dr. Karen Halligan
Andy Cohen (Watch What Happens: Live (2009)); Bryan Adams performs. Also: "Paw-fect Pet Week" continues with veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan detailing holiday dangers for pets.
5 Nov. 2015
Daniel Craig/Harry Connick Jr./Bernadette Peters
Daniel Craig (Spectre (2015)); Harry Connick Jr. performs. Also: "Paw-fect Pet Week" continues with Bernadette Peters giving dogs makeovers.
6 Nov. 2015
Christoph Waltz/Antonio Banderas
Christoph Waltz (Spectre (2015)); Antonio Banderas (The 33 (2015)). Also: the winner of "LIVE's Paw-fect Pet Photo Contest" is revealed.
11 Nov. 2015
Viola Davis/James McAvoyLance Ulanoff
Happy Veterans Day. Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder (2014)); James McAvoy (Victor Frankenstein (2015)). Also: Kelly and Michael try hoverboards with Lance Ulanoff.
17 Nov. 2015
Cate Blanchett/Burt Reynolds
Cate Blanchett (Carol (2015)); author Burt Reynolds (memoir, "But Enough About Me").
18 Nov. 2015
Liam Hemsworth/CeeLo Green
Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)); CeeLo Green performs. Also: "We Said Whaat?" Week continues as the hosts broadcast the show in their pajamas.
19 Nov. 2015
Hillary Clinton/Josh Hutcherson/A Great Big World
Hillary Clinton; Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)). Also: A Great Big World teach the hosts to write a song, as "We Said Whaat?" Week continues.
20 Nov. 2015
Elizabeth Banks/Shawn Mendes
Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)); Shawn Mendes. Also: "We Said Whaat?" Week concludes as the hosts stomp grapes.
24 Nov. 2015
Jennifer Hudson/Kyle Busch/Josh Groban
Jennifer Hudson (Broadway's "The Color Purple"); NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. Also: Josh Groban performs.
30 Nov. 2015
Michael Chiklis/Uzo Aduba/Michelle Tan
Michael Chiklis (Gotham (2014)); Uzo Aduba (Orange Is the New Black (2013)); the cast of The Wiz Live! (2015). Also: "LIVE's Holiday Gift Guide" returns as Seventeen Magazine's editor-in-chief Michelle Tan discusses gifts for tweens and teens.
1 Dec. 2015
Harrison Ford/Frank Grillo/Monica Mangin
Harrison Ford (Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)); Frank Grillo (Kingdom (2014)). Also: "LIVE's Holiday Gift Guide" continues with Monica Mangin sharing ideas for DIY gifts.
2 Dec. 2015
Mary J. Blige/Faith Ford & Ted McGinley/Lawrence Zarian
Mary J. Blige ("The Wiz Live" (2015) (TV)); Faith Ford and Ted McGinley ("The Bridge" (2015) (TV)). Also: "LIVE's Holiday Gift Guide" continues with Fashion Guy Lawrence Zarian.
3 Dec. 2015
Carrie Fisher/Toy Guy Chris Byrne
Carrie Fisher (Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)). Also: "LIVE's Holiday Gift Guide" continues with Toy Guy Chris Byrne.
4 Dec. 2015
Justin Theroux/Constance Wu/Joss Stone
Justin Theroux (The Leftovers (2014)); Constance Wu (Fresh Off the Boat (2015)). Also: Joss Stone performs; "LIVE's Holiday Gift Guide" concludes.
9 Dec. 2015
Donald Trump/John Boyega/Chris Isaak
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (book, "Crippled America"); John Boyega (Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)). Also: Chris Isaak performs.
15 Dec. 2015
Jennifer Lawrence/Raymond Crowe
Jennifer Lawrence (Joy (2015)); Raymond Crowe ("The Illusionists - Live on Broadway") performs.
17 Dec. 2015
Kurt Russell/Daya
Kurt Russell (The Hateful Eight (2015)). Also: Daya performs.
18 Dec. 2015
Robert De Niro/Natalie Dormer
Robert De Niro (Joy (2015)); Natalie Dormer (The Forest (2016)). Also: the winner of "#liveAOK" is revealed.
21 Dec. 2015
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis (Broadway's "Misery"). Also: the hosts sample holiday wines with wine expert Kevin Zraly and the cast of "Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic" perform.
22 Dec. 2015
Channing Tatum/Ceelo Green/Radio City Rockettes/Santa Claus
"LIVE's Cozy Christmas" featuring Channing Tatum (The Hateful Eight (2015)), performances from CeeLo Green and The Radio City Rockettes and a visit from Santa Claus.
28 Dec. 2015
James Spader/Elizabeth McGovern/Carly Simon
James Spader (The Blacklist (2013)); Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey (2010) and Showing Roots (2016)). Also: Carly Simon performs; and the hosts relive popular social media posts in "LIVE's Year End Social Countdown".
29 Dec. 2015
LIVE's Viewers' Choice End-of-the-Year Show
Kelly and Michael relive favorite clips from the year, as voted by viewers in "LIVE's Viewers' Choice End-of-the-Year Show".
30 Dec. 2015
Hugh Jackman/Shay Mitchell/Shawn Mendes
Hugh Jackman (Eddie the Eagle (2016) and Pan (2015)); Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars (2010)); and Shawn Mendes performs. Also: Kelly and Michael try cryotherapy.
31 Dec. 2015
Tom Hanks/Priyanka Chopra
Tom Hanks (Bridge of Spies (2015)); Priyanka Chopra (Quantico (2015)). Also: Michael tries to overcome his fear of snakes.
5 Jan. 2016
Ryan Seacrest/Jennifer Jason Leigh/New Year, New You
Ryan Seacrest (American Idol (2002)); Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight (2015)). Also: Kelly and Michael read viewers' New Year's resolutions, as they begin "New Year, New You".
6 Jan. 2016
Felicity Huffman/Damian Lewis/James Oseland
Felicity Huffman (American Crime (2015)); Damian Lewis (Billions (2016)). Also: "New Year, New You" continues with organic dos and don'ts from food journalist James Oseland.
7 Jan. 2016
Emmy Rossum/Shaun T
Emmy Rossum (Shameless (2011)); and "New Year, New You" continues with Shaun T..
8 Jan. 2016
Tyler Perry/Dr. Ian Smith
Tyler Perry; and "New Year, New You" continues with Dr. Ian Smith, who talks about the Shred Power Cleanse.
13 Jan. 2016
Ice Cube/Brie Larson
Ice Cube (Ride Along 2 (2016)); Brie Larson (Room (2015)). Also: "New Year, New You" continues as Kelly and Michael learn CPR.
15 Jan. 2016
Khloe Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian ("Kocktails with Khloe" (2016)); and animals from the San Diego Zoo visit the studio.
18 Jan. 2016
Patricia Arquette/Megan Boone/CeeLo Green/Lance Ulanoff
Patricia Arquette (CSI: Cyber (2015)); Megan Boone (The Blacklist (2013)); CeeLo Green performs. Also: Lance Ulanoff showcases life-changing apps as "New Year, New You" continues.
19 Jan. 2016
Vanessa Hudgens/R. City/Michelle Gielan
Vanessa Hudgens (Grease: Live (2016)); R. City perform. Also: "New Year, New You" continues with Michelle Gielan and advice for happiness.
21 Jan. 2016
Kelsey Grammer/Grace/Daymond John
Kelsey Grammer (Broadway's "Finding Neverland"); Grace Sewell performs. Also: Daymond John (Shark Tank (2009)) offers financial advice as "New Year, New You" continues.
22 Jan. 2016
Julianne Hough/David Siik
Julianne Hough (Dirty Grandpa (2016) and Grease: Live (2016)). Also: "New Year, New You" concludes with fitness trainer David Siik giving ideas for treadmill workouts.
27 Jan. 2016
Chris Pine/Lily James/Shawn Hook
Chris Pine (The Finest Hours (2016)); Lily James (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) and "War and Peace" (2016). Also: Shawn Hook performs.
28 Jan. 2016
Josh Brolin/Lili Taylor
Josh Brolin ("Hail, Caesar" (2016)); Lili Taylor (American Crime (2015)). Also: Kelly and Michael try the "Sole Power" tap workout, as "New Year, New You" concludes.
5 Feb. 2016
Leslie Mann/Live's Big Game Week
Leslie Mann (How to Be Single (2016)). Also: "LIVE's Big Game Week" concludes.

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