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Season 1

1 Mar. 1989
Stranger in a Strange Land
Jesse, an alien banished from another planet is sentenced to exile on Earth. He arrives on the planet buck naked and discovers television. To escape pursuing police, he steals a truck and later rescues a woman from falling off a cliff. With the police still in hot pursuit the woman helps Jesse escape to Los Angeles.
8 Mar. 1989
Something to Bank On
Jesse learns about money when he takes food from a grocery store without paying. He robs an ATM not realizing it's illegal and gets busted when he returns the cash. Police psychiatrist helps him find the swindler who also took some of it.
15 Mar. 1989
Losing Control
Jesse and Control visit Disneyland to learn how humans relax, but when Control gets lost in the crowd, Jesse's the one who needs a vacation
22 Mar. 1989
The Way Home
Jesse befriends and tries to help a runaway juvenile delinquent reunite with her worried upper class folks. However, two crooked cops stand in his way.
29 Mar. 1989
All That You Can Be
Jesse joins the United States Army and helps a soldier from falling under the influence of his old gang.
5 Apr. 1989
Battle of the Sexes
An assassin from Jesse's world is sent to kill the exiled alien.
12 Apr. 1989
Death Do Us Part
Jesse becomes a candidate on "The Dating Game" and helps a bachelorette avoid a bad decision.
26 Apr. 1989
The Hot Dog Man
Jesse becomes a professional wrestler and helps fight an crooked real estate developer.
3 May 1989
Jesse's Fifteen Minutes
Jesse is hired as a male model and his instant success earns him plenty of new-found friends and foes.
10 May 1989
Rodeo Show
Jesse befriends a former rodeo star and convinces him that his days of greatness aren't over yet.
31 May 1989
Not in Our Stars
An Earth scientist intentionally interferes with Jesse's attempts to communicate with his home planet.
14 Jun. 1989
The All American
Bill recognizes a fellow alien and tries to prevent him from becoming a politician on Earth.
21 Jun. 1989
Wally's Gang
Jesse joins the cast of a local kiddie television show and learns that the father of one of his fellow actors is in serious trouble.

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