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18 Jan. 1989
In Rome, Louisa is jailed for stealing a chandelier she won in a poker game. When her ex-husband bails her out she learns he is engaged, ands she promptly sets about ruining his plans so he'll return to work on their TV show.
18 Jan. 1989
Desperately Seeking Louisa
In Paris, when Louisa finds out that her ex-husband in engaged, she sets out to wreck his plans - and to get him to return to co-host their travel show. She also tries to get rid of a tuba that she won in a poker game.
26 Jan. 1989
A Horse Is a Horse, of Course, of Course
While her Aunt Grace tries to mend their broken marriage, Louisa steals Michael's paycheck to buy a race horse. Louisa later meets a wealthy businessman who is shot in front of her, but she thinks he's still alive.
2 Feb. 1989
Absence of Chalice
In Ireland, the villagers think Louisa has discovered a long-lost chalice. She and Michael find out that they're still legally married, and Michael tries to keep her from selling a house he once owned.
9 Feb. 1989
Below Suspicion
In Malta, both Michael and Louisa acquire dates: Michael with a woman who's a Russian assassin out to kill him, and Louisa with a weapons dealer who convinces her that Michael is a spy. The result is mayhem.
Th-Th-Th-That's All Folks
A baseball signed by Babe Ruth, Lou Gerigh and other famous baseball players is the object for murder on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
The Tomas Crown Affair
This episode called the THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR is a spoof of the original film starring Steve McQueen. Also, the two main female guest-starring characters are based on the characters Laverne and Shirley from the TV series "Happy Days." Thus Shirley's last name "Miss Feeney." The episode is about precious gems being transported in the mouths of dental patients without their knowledge.
16 Feb. 1989
The Day of the Third Wrong Thin Woman Who Knew All Too Much About Eve
In Malta, Louisa is assigned an assistant after she breaks her leg. She and Michael make a bet over who will lose their temper first, while Friday worries that the assistant is after Louisa's job.

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