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Season 1

18 Sep. 1989
Teddy Zakalokis whose family owns a bakery which he doesn't want to be a part of, evades joining by joining the army and getting a job in the mail room of a Hollywood Talent Agency. While there he meets the Senior member of the Agency who takes a liking to him. And he also bumps into Al Floss, a very sleazy agent. Floss asks Teddy's boss to meet one of his clients but the man decides to send Teddy instead. So while riding with the man, he and Teddy get into it. And the man asks Teddy to be his agent. Which he isn't and Floss is not happy about it.
25 Sep. 1989
What's an Agent to Do?
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2 Oct. 1989
Bobby the Chimp
Mr. Werkfinder feeling that Teddy doesn't have enough to do, assigns one of the clients of a retiring agent. And the one he is assigned is Bobby a chimp, who stars in a popular TV show. When the trainer sends one of his other chimps to take Bobby's place at a public appearance. The head of the network upset decides to cancel the show. So Teddy goes on TV to plead Bobby's case.
16 Oct. 1989
A Day at the Beach
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23 Oct. 1989
The Dark Closet
Teddy accompanies his client, who use to be Al's, to a meeting with a studio head to finalize the deal on a movie the actor will appear in. And he gives Teddy a $50,000 bonus. But Al who was the one who laid the ground work on the deal learns of this. But later the actor is difficult so Teddy and Al go to try to talk to him. And Al as usual tries to be slick but Teddy impresses the actor with his honesty.
30 Oct. 1989
Mr. Zakalokis Goes to Washington
One of Al's clients, a writer, gives him a script and wants Al to tell him what he thinks about by the next day. So Al gives it to Teddy to read and tell him what he thinks of it. And Teddy likes it. He gets the script and gives it to a producer. Later Teddy learns that it's the script of a movie that has been made and is an Academy Award winner.
13 Nov. 1989
Baking with Esther Luna
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20 Nov. 1989
Teddy Sells the House
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27 Nov. 1989
A Case of Murder
Teddy gets his client Harland Keyvo a job on the film that his other client Bobby the Chimp is working on. But into the film Harland can't stand being upstaged by Bobby. He asks Teddy if Bobby can be replaced but that won't happen. So he tries to kill Bobby but gets his trainer instead.
4 Dec. 1989
Teddy Gets a House Guest
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11 Dec. 1989
Season's Greetings from Al Floss
It's Christmas time and Al, the Grinch tells Teddy and Laurie that they have to come in tomorrow to wait for something important to be delivered. When they complain to Al. he retorts by saying that years ago when he was starting, his mentor Maury Chekof did the same thing to him, so he has no sympathy for them. Later that evening Al's at home and Maury shows up as a ghost and tells Al he's going to be visited by three ghosts. And he is and they show him how his life was, is and could be.
25 Dec. 1989
Grandma Goes to Work
Teddy's grandmother worried about him because he's not working in the family bakery goes to his office to see what he does. And when she sees what he does, she changes her opinion. But when Al tells her that Teddy's not secure because he only has one client, she sets out to get him another client and when she sees a famous singer she encourages him to let Teddy be his agent not knowing he's already Al's client.
8 Jan. 1990
Engineer Bob
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22 Jan. 1990
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12 May 1990
Agent of the Year
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19 May 1990
Teddy Goes to the Awards
Teddy gets the opportunity to go to Hollywood awards event, which his client Harland Keyvo is nominated and favored to win. Keyvo doesn't go to. He shows up at Teddy's and tells him if he wins he wants to go up on stage and read a speech he wrote wherein he declines the award. Problem is that Teddy didn't bring the speech. Now he's dreading what will happen if Keyvo wins.
Al Tells the Truth
Al and Teddy are out having lunch and a studio exec is in the restaurant. When the man gets into a fight with another guy, the other guy claims the exec initiated it while the exec claims the other guy bumped into him. Al offers to back him even though he didn't see anything. Teddy tries to convince Al to be honest.

 Season 1 

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