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3 Jan. 1997
Revenge of the Nerd
When Laura finds out the sorority that she's pledging to join at the college is going to publicly embarrass Steve and the other nerds. She helps them get their revenge on the sorority and she refuses to join the them until they change their policy around her friend. Meanwhile, Carl's feud with Nick escalates further when he refuses to give back the kids football. However, Harriette is fed up with both men being such negative influences on the kids and sets them straight once again. Eventually, Nick and Carl realizes how much their constant fighting is a negative ...
17 Jan. 1997
Love Triangles
Laura becomes involved in a love triangle between her, Curtis and Maxine.
31 Jan. 1997
Father Time
When Steve transports Carl back in time, Carl learns a valuable lesson about priorities.
7 Feb. 1997
Beauty and the Beast
When Harriette finds contestants for the Miss Downtown Chicago Pageant, which a nervous Carl will be hosting with Emmanuel Lewis. Myrtle decides to cheat her way to win the pageant even if it means making Greta and the others look bad. She wants to win Eddie's love regardless of the consequences and Steve quickly cottons on to her plan. He helps free his girlfriend, Myra and the other contestants by freeing them from their imprisonment, back stage. As the angry contestants chases Myrtle around, he rightfully calls her out for being a manipulative, lying cheat. He ...
14 Feb. 1997
Le jour d'amour
Urkel hosts three Valentine's Day stories. First in True Love, Eddie sings a song that cleared any misunderstanding that Greta had with his ex-girlfriend from high school, Oneisha. Next in First Love, it involves 3J and Richie vying for the affections of Kelsey Webster, a popular girl at their school. When Richie decides to drop out, she decides that he's a far better gentleman than 3J would ever be. Then in Lasting Love, Harriette accuses Carl for being cheap in buying her the same gifts every year. He makes up for it by enlisting the help of 3J and Richie to make a ...
28 Feb. 1997
What Do You Know?
In order to win big on a game show, Eddie uses Urkel's transformation chamber to gain Urkel's smarts, only to have Urkel as an opponent.
14 Mar. 1997
Odd Man In
Carl needs one more person for his poker-playing group. Harriette joins--and beats everyone. Meanwhile, in order to be a judge at a bikini contest, Eddie convinces Steve to temporarily replace him in his job as a peanut vendor at a football stadium. However, Steve causes so many mishaps that he is terminated--along with Eddie.
28 Mar. 1997
Flirting with Disaster
Urkel is insulted when Carl's home owner's insurance agent, Mr.Tolbert, calls him a disaster waiting to happen(due to his clumsiness). He won't put up for this and heads to his office in downtown Chicago. Steve tries to convince him that he isn't a disaster, and that he should lower Carl's skyrocketing home owner's insurance. However, it goes nowhere because Mr.Tolbert is still convinced that he's a disaster. That is until Carl shows up to his office and deals with the matter himself, by telling Steve that he's found a nice apartment on Argyle Street. Mr.Tolbert is ...
25 Apr. 1997
Pound Foolish
Steve's Aunt Oona from Altoona returns to visit her nephew and the Winslows again. Unfortunately, she's embarrassed about the extra weight she gained from eating so much. She's desperate to lose the extra weight to impress Reverend Fuller at church. Steve comes up with a solution for his favorite aunt, his fat compressing invention should do the trick. He isn't sure if it'll work 100% because he never tested it before, but Oona's determined to try it. She gets in and he starts the invention. It is a complete success as she steps out much slimmer than before. Carl is ...
2 May 1997
The Brother Who Came to Dinner
Eddie and Steve also try to get 3,000 dollars in order to get a new laptop at the carnival will Eddie succeed?
9 May 1997
A Pirate's Life for Me
Urkel and Carl travel back through time to the 1700s and wind up on a pirate ship where they're forced to walk the plank.
19 Sep. 1997
Out with the Old
Steve is finally fed up with Myra's refusal to let him change the way he looks. In her eyes, she sees him a perfect 10, the way he is. However, he doesn't see it the same way as her. He feels as long as he dated her, he'll still remain a geek with the hitched up pants and squeaky voice. He makes the executive decision to goes through with the makeover despite her pleading. He even takes speaking lessons from his doctor and the deep voice Sheila. On the night of the kissing contest held by the sorority, Laura wages high for Stefan, but loses the bet to one of her ...
26 Sep. 1997
They Shoot Ducks, Don't They?
Urkel tags along with Carl and Commissioner Geiss on a duck hunting trip.
3 Oct. 1997
Dumb Belle of the Ball
After Myrtle has protected Eddie from an accident by moving him out of the way. He ends up accompanying her to her party in Mississippi.
10 Oct. 1997
Drinking and Jiving
When Laura gets drunk at her sorority party one night, Maxine calls Steve to come down to the sorority house to take her home. He gets into a fight with one of the guys as he tries to remove her. After he takes her home, Laura ends up kissing him before passing out. The next morning, Urkel uses frozen peas to nurse a shiner he received from his fight with one of the guys. Later on, she recovers from her hangover and admits to Maxine that she's starting to fall in love with Steve. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette are quarreling over their anniversary. Carl wants to watch ...
17 Oct. 1997
Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book?
When Eddie takes his pranks on Laura too far by inviting her ex-boyfriends over to the house, whenever Stefan was around. She decides to fight fire with fire by conning Steve into helping her get even with her dim-witted brother by using his black book which contains phone numbers of Eddie's previous girlfriends and invites them over on his birthday. When he and Greta arrived on his birthday party to see his ex-girlfriends, they are incensed by the whole thing. Finally, Steve sets both Eddie and Laura straight on how ungrateful they were to have each other. He ...
24 Oct. 1997
A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read
Steve's latest invention accidentally gives him the ability to read minds- thinking it will be a good thing & change the whole world- until the Winslows feel that their privacy is invaded- including Laura- when Steve learns she's been attracted to him. Meanwhile, Carl becomes a troop leader for Richie, 3J and the Junior Woodsmen.
31 Oct. 1997
Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone
Today is Halloween and Steve plans to spend a nice, quiet one with his girlfriend, Laura. Unfortunately Stevil, his evil ventriloquist dummy is back with a vengeance with his ex-girlfriend, Myra's help in putting him back together. This time he's not alone, his sidekick, Carlsbad is going to help him try to take over Steve and Carl's souls and place them into their dummy forms meanwhile they pose as the real Steve and Carl. Can Steve and Carl stop them before they wreck havoc in the Winslow House?
7 Nov. 1997
Trading Places
Stefan suspects that Laura is starting to show feelings for Steve. He decides to switch places with the nerd to find out the truth.
14 Nov. 1997
A Pain in Harrassment
Harriet Winslow gets verbally abused by her boss Mr Benner who of which insults her directly in the office after that she get Mr Benner's position after he gets fired
5 Dec. 1997
Original Gangsta Dawg
Steve's gangster cousin, Cornelius aka OGD decides to hide out in the Winslow house to avoid Fresh Squeeze.
19 Dec. 1997
Deck the Malls
Urkel and the Winslows get jobs at the mall for during the holidays.

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