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7 Jan. 1994
Rock Enroll
Eddie decides to postpone college when R&B singer Shanice performs a song he wrote; the two share a duet later in this episode. Meanwhile, Urkel is feeling down when it seems no one has remembered his birthday.
14 Jan. 1994
Like a Virgin
When locker room wisecracker Jerry boasts about his latest sexual exploits, Urkel says he plans to wait ... just like best bud Eddie. Eddie is upset at this revelation, until Laura tells him that Jerry is not exactly as well liked among the girls as he claims to be.
21 Jan. 1994
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Urkel's trip to rouge dentist Dr. Smiley (to reassure a scared Richie) takes a back seat to a terrifying racial profiling incident involving Eddie. He comes home claiming that a traffic stop for a turn signal violation turned out to be much more when the officers accuse him of being "a black person in a white person's neighborhood." Carl is certain Eddie is trying to cover up for more late-night carousing, but when he gets the other side of the story from the officers involved, he learns the whole ugly incident exactly matches Eddie's side. Carl is very angry and, ...
4 Feb. 1994
Presumed Urkel
A huge explosion rocks the school's science lab, and accident prone Urkel is blamed. His academic future rides on defense attorney Laura's shoulders, but she must find a way to match wits with a rival student who is determined - too determined - to have Urkel expelled.
11 Feb. 1994
Father of the Bride
Carl bribes Laura to take Urkel bowling for the evening, then falls asleep. He has a dream where Urkel and Laura have (gasp) fallen in love and given birth to a brood of Urkel kids!
18 Feb. 1994
The Psycho Twins
Urkel demonstrates his latest invention, snooze juice (a potion meant to allow police officers to easily apprehend criminals) at a professional wrestling event. When two wrestlers accidentally drink the potion and are unable to compete against the WWF's Bushwackers, the bloodthirsty tag team sets their sights on the nerd and Carl.
4 Mar. 1994
That's What Friends Are For
Eddie wins a college scholarship, and everyone's cheering except Waldo. Meanwhile, Urkel drives Carl crazy with a slide show from a cheese convention.
18 Mar. 1994
Opposites Attract
School newspaper reporter Laura and editor Ziggy engage in a series of conflicts ... before falling for each other.
1 Apr. 1994
A-Camping We Will Go
Urkel invites himself along on a camping trip with Carl, Eddie and Waldo. The other men refuse to heed the nerd's advice, but it isn't long before the "I told you so" routines begin.
29 Apr. 1994
When Myra presents Urkel with a nude drawing of himself, the nerd tells her to get lost. A short time later, Urkel learns that Myra is going to a convent. Concluding she is becoming a nun because he yelled at her, Urkel convinces Eddie and Waldo to dress like nuns and go to the convent to stop Myra.
6 May 1994
Aunt Oona
Urkel's shy Aunt Oona (from Altoona) arrives to visit her nephew. Harriette and the others suggest a great way for Oona to break out of her shell ... by going to a karaoke bar.
20 May 1994
Stefan Returns
Urkel decides to renovate his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do the trick. Stefan is much more likable this time, but just like the last time, the formula soon wears off and the suave ladies man is soon his old irksome, nerdy self. Urkel declares that he will find a way to make Stefan permanent ... and win Laura's heart once and for all.
23 Sep. 1994
To Be or Not to Be: Part 1
As Urkel tweaks his transformation chamber to enable him to be Stefan all the time, Carl begins complaining about his eyesight. Instead of going to the opthamologist (per Harriette's recommendation) to have his eyes checked, he asks Stefan to allow him to use the transformation chamber to fix his eyesight. However, Myra is starting to miss Urkel and tampers with the machine. However, Stefan isn't in the machine, and Myra finally realizes what she has done when Carl Urkel steps out!
30 Sep. 1994
To Be or Not to Be: Part 2
While Stefan repairs the transformation chamber, Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel's shoes, wreaking havoc on the Winslow household. Eventually, Carl is changed back and decides Harriette's advice was best heeded. Stefan, meanwhile, changes back into Urkel at the end of his dinner date with Laura.
7 Oct. 1994
Till Death Do Us Apartment
When Eddie and Waldo get their own apartment, Eddie invites two girls over. Maxine becomes very jealous, thinking that Waldo is two-timing her.
14 Oct. 1994
The Looney Bin
It's already bad enough for Carl when he is accidentally locked in the school's fallout shelter. Worse, it's with Urkel and school custodian Mr. Looney - who pass the time singing old show tunes.
21 Oct. 1994
Beta Chi Guy
A college jock invites Eddie to join a college fraternity - under one condition: Tell the nerd (Urkel) to get lost. Eddie agrees and kicks Urkel out of a party. Laura realizes Urkel is really distraught and makes her lame-brained brother realize how important their friendship is. Eddie realizes Laura is right and tells the frat brothers to get lost.
28 Oct. 1994
Dark and Stormy Night
When a Halloween-night storm cancels trick-or-treating, Urkel cheers up a disappointed Richie by playing Pass the Ghost Story. Everyone takes turns telling a story about 19th-century vampires (Carl and Harriette) licking their chops over the wayfaring Sir Steven (Urkel).
4 Nov. 1994
Par for the Course
Carl is in a dilemma in whether he should tell Captain Savage to stop cheating or tell Steve Urkel off. Meanwhile, Maxine sets Laura straight for her ungrateful and selfish attitude towards her mother.
11 Nov. 1994
Sink or Swim
Hydrophobic Urkel has two choices: Pass a required swimming test in gym class, or fail and not graduate from high school. Urkel decides to enlist (who else) Carl to help him learn to swim, to predictable results.
18 Nov. 1994
Paradise Bluff
Myra gives Steve an ultimatum, either commit to her now or else. He refuses to even listen to her and puts both of them in danger before he even had a chance to reaffirm his love for Laura.
25 Nov. 1994
Flying Blind
The pilot of a chartered flight Carl and Urkel are on to Detroit is an ex-convict that Carl busted several years ago. The pilot sees his chance for revenge by bailing out. Carl and Urkel are forced to land the plane ... and neither one of them have the slightest idea of how to fly.
16 Dec. 1994
Miracle on Elm Street
Richie upsets the family when he brings home a guest for Christmas: a homeless man. However, the homeless man has several lessons to share about the meaning of the season. Meanwhile, Urkel searches the landfills high and low for Laura's beloved childhood doll, which Eddie accidentally discarded.

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