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8 Jan. 1993
Muskrat Love
Will Eddie give into peer pressure or stand his ground about his less-than-desirable girlfriend when they begin heckling him over the matter?
15 Jan. 1993
Hot Wheels
The two types of bonding take center stage. In the literal sense, Laura is trying to get back together with class hunk Ted Curran, but when Urkel tries out his new super glue (to repair Laura's broken earring), he accidentally gets his hand stuck on Laura's shoulder ... just as Ted shows up! In the relationship sense, Carl buys a used police car at auction, hoping a restoration project will be the key to bonding with Eddie. But Eddie wants his project partner to be Waldo instead, causing Harriette to set her son straight.
22 Jan. 1993
The Way the Ball Bounces
A slick-talking college recruiter tries to woo Eddie to his college for his basketball skills (and certainly not his meager academic credentials). Harriette is skeptical about the college's academic program and gets a former college basketball player - who eventually flunked out of school where Eddie wants to go after he got injured - to help set an impressionable Eddie straight. Meanwhile, a sleep-famished Laura is determined to study for her SATs and get into Harvard Law School, so she gets Urkel to stand in for her while she sneaks off to the library. Laura ...
29 Jan. 1993
A Thought in the Dark
When Ted and Laura become tired of Urkel interfering in their relationship, they decide to set him up with a girlfriend of his own - the beautiful Myra Monkhouse. The foursome head off to a Dave Koz concert, where Urkel enlists the jazz saxophonist to help him redouble his resolve to win Laura's heart. Meanwhile, usher Waldo tries to sort out in his mind what various female celebrities new names would be if they were to remarry!
5 Feb. 1993
Tender Kisses
Eddie, Waldo and Weasel plot to sneak into the hotel room of rhythm-and-blues singer Tracie Spencer to procure tickets for her sold-out concert. Meanwhile, Carl recruits Urkel to read Harriette's diary after he becomes suspicious that she has feelings for another man.
12 Feb. 1993
Heart Strings
Laura cries on Urkel's shoulder when she and Ted break off their relationship, just before Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Gwendoyln hopes to snare herself a valentine of her own - Richie.
19 Feb. 1993
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad House
After Eddie causes a classroom prank that could get him thrown off the basketball team, he gives a sob story to his teacher, claiming he has a bad home life. The teacher pours her sorrows out on Urkel and suggests that she pay this family a visit, unaware it is the Winslows. What she sees is a highly chaotic household, particularly since Harriette (in the subplot) had gone on strike! However, Eddie has a lot of explaining to do when the truth comes out.
26 Feb. 1993
Higher Anxiety
Eddie becomes despondent when he learns that Oneshia is two-timing him. At a high-rise party, he goes onto the fire escape to sort his emotions out ... and considers suicide. Urkel and Waldo, concerned for their friend, try to talk Eddie down, but all three of their lives are soon endangered when the fire escape begins to give way. Meanwhile, Fletcher Thomas proposes to Estelle, and her answer upsets Carl.
5 Mar. 1993
Mama's Wedding
Carl and Fletcher quarrel over the wedding arrangements. Carl wants a big bash for his mother and future step-father, but he and Estelle wants a quiet wedding with just their closest friends and family. He may unwittingly get his wish, particularly after Waldo screws up on the invitations to Eddie's house party (on a separate weekend when the folks were to be out of town). He even goes as far as grounding Eddie for his plans to have a party.
19 Mar. 1993
Pulling Teeth
While Carl helps Richie deal with pulling a loose tooth, a five-way phone conversation between the kids results in a new relationship - Waldo and Maxine!
26 Mar. 1993
Walk on the Wild Side
Laura is desperately looking to shed her "nice girl" image, so she and Maxine obtain fake IDs and go to a male strip club for a wild evening on the town. Problem is, Harriette, Rachel and Estelle are there too (having their own "evening out") ... and Urkel, who gets wind of Laura's plans and in trying to stop her, accidentally performs onstage.
30 Apr. 1993
Hot Stuff
Myra's looking for some "Hot Stuff" - namely, Urkel - and asks Laura for advice on breaking the ice with the reluctant nerd. Meanwhile, Weasel sells Eddie a discounted car stereo that literally may be "hot stuff."
7 May 1993
Stormy Weather
Urkel surprises his fellow prom-goers when he walks in with beautiful Myra. Meanwhile, Laura's prom date turns out to be a possessive creep who demands that she dump Urkel as a friend, and threatens her if she doesn't comply.
14 May 1993
Buds 'n' Buns
When Urkel decides to at least try to have a relationship with Myra, she sees Laura as competition and tells her to bug off. Meanwhile, Eddie is promoted to manager at the Mighty Weenie, and one of the employees under his watch is Carl.
24 Sep. 1993
Hell Toupee
Myra goes to Urkel's school for a visit, and later accuses Laura of trying to steal him away. An annoyed Laura tries to convince Myra otherwise, but things break down into a huge food fight. Meanwhile, Carl feels he has lost his romantic touch and invests in a toupee.
1 Oct. 1993
It Didn't Happen One Night
Laura oversleeps on the morning of a huge cheerleading competition in Cincinnati and gets Urkel to drive her there. When Laura causes the nerd's BMW Isetta to break down, the two are forced to share a hotel room. Normally in a situation like this, you'd think Urkel would take advantage of the situation, but he's the one that gets irked when Laura plays the blame game.
8 Oct. 1993
Saved by the Urkel
Carl nearly fatally shocks himself when he refuses to heed Urkel's advice to unplug a lamp while repairing it. Urkel is the only one who knows CPR and uses his knowledge to save Carl's life. Everyone then showers the nerd with gratitude, and Eddie, Laura and Waldo are inspired to learn CPR.
15 Oct. 1993
A Matter of Principle
Harriette puts her job as head of security at the Chicago Chronicle on the line when she debates whether to cut her security staff as part of budget reductions. Meanwhile, Myra transfers to Urkel's school to be closer to him, and gets some ill advice from Eddie and Laura on how to capture the nerd's heart.
22 Oct. 1993
Money Out the Window
Eddie proves he has learned nothing from his past gambling experience and Bones pays him a visit. He gives the boy an ultimatum, "Pay the money or be crushed by him." He learns his lesson the hard way again when Carl finds out.
29 Oct. 1993
Best Friends
Harriette embarrasses Laura when she tries (a little too hard) to act hip and cool in front of her friends. Meanwhile, Waldo gets a job as a cashier at the Mighty Weenie, but Eddie might have to fire him when he does a bad job ... until he remembers Waldo's culinary skills are just perfect for an opening on his shift.
5 Nov. 1993
Eddie and Urkel become partners in a 2-on-2 basketball tournament ... that is, until Eddie dumps the nerd for a star player named "The Spider." Hell hath no fury like an Urkel spurned, as he turns to Grandmama to get revenge.
12 Nov. 1993
Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool
Urkel devises the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart ... a transformation chamber that will turn him into a suave, fashion-styling ladies man. Meet Stefan Urquelle, whom immediately melts Laura's heart. But Stefan is a little abrasive this first time out, and it isn't long before Laura misses the irksome Urkel.
19 Nov. 1993
Car Wars
Laura wants to buy a car, but car salesman Honest Bob exploits her lack of car-buying experience and acts very sexist toward her. Urkel suggests that Laura return to the dealership for another go-around, this time donning a fake mustache and wearing men's clothing.
26 Nov. 1993
All the Wrong Moves
Adventures at the drive-in theater, where Laura, Urkel and Waldo go with their respective steadies. Laura's boyfriend, Derek, refuses to accept "no" for an answer and eventually presses his luck, while Myra agrees (at least this time) to wait to have sex with her "Stevie-kins." Meanwhile, Maxine can only shake her head as Waldo acts like, well, Waldo.
10 Dec. 1993
Christmas Is Where the Heart Is
Urkel reminds Carl and a bunch of ill-tempered passengers about the meaning of Christmas when they become stranded on a subway during a Christmas Eve power outage.
17 Dec. 1993
Scenes from a Mall
A "Family Matters" adaptation of the 1991 movie, this time featuring several intertwined stories involving the kids at the local mall.

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