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Season 7

22 Sep. 1995
Little Big Guy
The seventh-season opener, a parody of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," sees Urkel's transformation chamber going berzerk. The nerd and flustered foil Carl are shrunk to two inches tall, and as a result must work together to dodge hazards such as rolling fruit and large house cats.
29 Sep. 1995
The Naked and the Nerdy
Urkel and Laura accidentally meet in the bathroom, both of them stark naked! The two must deal with their emotions from this embarrassing meeting. Carl, meanwhile, does a favor for a neighbor and keeps hold of a watch (intended as an anniversary gift for the neighbor's wife), but Harriette thinks the gift is for her.
13 Oct. 1995
Steve meets a gorgeous bug collector named Agnes Prizker and fantasizes about kissing her, which he does by accident. However, he reminds himself that he's in a relationship with Myra and goes to Laura about it. She encourages him to tell his girlfriend about it. Should he dare tell Myra the truth about what happened? Meanwhile, Carl reluctantly allows Nick Neidermeyer to join in his poker night with his buddies, per Harriette's recommendation. She immediately regrets her decision in letting her selfish boss join in and tells him off. She even goes as far as daring ...
20 Oct. 1995
Teacher's Pet
In his teacher's absence, Urkel is asked to be substitute teacher of his English class. The other students take quick advantage of the situation and drive the nerd to the breaking point. Urkel responds by transforming himself into Stefan, who in the alter ego is able to gain control of the class.
27 Oct. 1995
Walking My Baby Back Home
Greta lands in hot water with her father when Eddie brings her back after her curfew. When he won't allow her to see him again, Greta decides to buck her father's order by making him think she's dating Urkel (who is actually Eddie's gofer). Meanwhile, Estelle is being audited by the Internal Revenue Service, but Carl's attempts to fix the situation only uncover his own problems with the taxman.
3 Nov. 1995
She's Back
While Urkel is visiting Russia for a few weeks, guess who's back? Myrtle Urkel, who is hungrier than ever for Eddie. However, Greta stands in the way.
10 Nov. 1995
Hot Rods to Heck
Urkel warns Laura not to ride in Curtis' car because of his reckless driving habits. Curtis is annoyed and eventually, the two challenge each other to a winner-take-all drag race.
17 Nov. 1995
Talk's Cheap
Urkel, Myrtle and Stefan - along with Eddie, Laura, Myra and Waldo - appear on a talk show to discuss relationships.
24 Nov. 1995
Struck by Lightning
Urkel develops an extreme fear of thunderstorms after he is constantly struck by lightning. Carl helps the nerd work through his fear and determine why he has become a human lightning rod. Meanwhile, Laura and Myra apply for a sales job opening at Ferguson's.
8 Dec. 1995
Best Years of Our Lives
Urkel is in charge of designing the Vanderbilt High's senior class float, but nobody seems interested in a project that, due to the nerd's involvement, will surely be doomed. However, interest slowly grows and the seniors actually get to know - and appreciate - each other's company.
15 Dec. 1995
Fa La La La Laagghh!
Carl's "bah humbug" attitude puts a damper on Urkel's plans to decorate the house for Christmas ... until the nerd announces that there's a contest for best light display and that there are prizes. Meanwhile, Harriette and Mother Winslow puts their foot down when Eddie and Laura refuse to participate in the family's holiday activities.
5 Jan. 1996
Friendship Cycles
Urkel wants to learn to ride a bicycle, and enlists you know who as his teacher. Carl is frustrated at first when Urkel can't seem to get the hang of things, but the nerd keeps trying.
12 Jan. 1996
South of the Border
Urkel and Eddie are forced to travel to a small island country near Mexico, where Waldo has landed in jail for violating the country's little-known customs.
26 Jan. 1996
Life in the Fast Lane
Laura becomes worried about her figure and invests in some diet pills. She doesn't count on Urkel mistaking her pills for his vitamin supplements, and in the process, he is nearly involved in a tragic accident as he unwittingly destroys the Winslows' garage.
2 Feb. 1996
Random Acts of Science
Carl has had it with Urkel's constantly backfiring scientific contraptions and demands they be placed in storage. One night while they are putting everything away, a gang of robbers breaks in and demands everything. Carl and Urkel trick the thugs into letting them demonstrate the transformation chamber ... and they emerge as Bruce Lee Carl and Bruce Lee Urkel to defeat the bad guys.
9 Feb. 1996
Tips for a Better Life
Urkel (transformed into his Stefan alter ego) gets a second job playing saxophone at a local coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Eddie has a bout with alcoholism, and it has an adverse effect on the family.
16 Feb. 1996
Swine Lake
Eddie enrolls in a ballet class to improve his basketball skills. He is invited to participate in an upcoming recital and chooses Greta as his parter, but on the day of the show, Myrtle shows up instead.
23 Feb. 1996
My Big Brother
In this episode paying tribute to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program, Urkel is paired with a streetwise youth named 3J, whose smart mouth is the cover for an embarrassing secret: He can't read. Urkel vows to help 3J learn how to read and discover the worlds that are opened up through books.
8 Mar. 1996
Eau de Love
Urkel creates an aphrodisiac that accidentally gets sprayed on Laura. Laura falls head-over-heels in love with Urkel, but what happens when the potion wears off? Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette encounter nothing but frustration at the airport when they try to book a flight for their second honeymoon.
15 Mar. 1996
Twinkle Toes Faldo
To improve his self-esteem, Waldo enrolls in a tap-dancing class.
29 Mar. 1996
A con artist Eddie and Waldo into going to an exclusive sports bar where Chicago Bulls' players hang out, then leaves them with the bill. Eddie decides to go to his father for help, and Carl is easily able to recover his son's losses.
26 Apr. 1996
Dream Date
When their respective dates are unavailable for the prom, Urkel offers to take Laura to the senior dance. The night is Urkel's dream come true ... and a wonderful time for Laura as well.
10 May 1996
A Ham Is Born
Carl lands a job as security guard at a movie studio ... and in the process, gets a leading role in a big-time movie. However, one of the scenes involves his character passionately kissing the movie's beautiful leading lady, leaving the portly cop with a moral dilemma.
17 May 1996
Send in the Clone
While Urkel is working on a cloning experiment with his transformation chamber, the contraption goes kablooey. The aftermath has Urkel cloned, creating double trouble for the Winslow household! Laura decides to make lemons out of lemonade and suggests that one of the clones be made into a permanent Stefan.

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