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2 Jan. 1991
Presumed Guilty
When Vinnie takes Doogie's car out for a spin, it gets smashed by a falling piano. Doogie, Vinnie, and Mrs. Howser agree not tell Dr. Howser who secretly finds out via a phone call from the auto mechanic. At the hospital, Doogie tries to order tests for a star college basketball player who refuses to seek treatment for fear that will damage his chances to play professionally.
9 Jan. 1991
To Live and Die in Brentwood
When her mother dies unexpectedly in a car accident, Wanda keeps her distance from Doogie.
23 Jan. 1991
Air Doogie
Doogie, realizing that he has no athletic skills, fakes an injury so he doesn't have to play in an exhibition basketball game against a rival hospital. Raymond tries overly hard to impress a woman staying at the hospital, even though she has no interest in him.
30 Jan. 1991
A Life in Progress
The hospital hires an artist to decorate a mural inside the children's center. When it is found that the artist has AIDS, he is dismissed amid public concerns.
6 Feb. 1991
My Two Dads
Upset that his father won't spend any time with him, Vinnie convinces Doogie and his dad to take them on their annual fishing trip.
13 Feb. 1991
Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Katherine's parent make a surprise visit to the house while it is being remodeled. Her father quickly makes his presence known by offending the contractor who promptly quits on the spot. At the hospital, Doogie tells a couple with a family history of miscarriages that they're having a baby.
20 Feb. 1991
Fatal Distraction
Still grieving over the death of her mother, Wanda has no time to go out with Doogie. She allows him to go to the hospital's annual Monte Carlo night with someone else. So Doogie asks a student nurse to go as his "date".
13 Mar. 1991
The Doctor, the Wife, her Son and the Job
Doogie's mom takes a job as a patient advocate at the hospital. Doogie, upset because she is causing him embarrassment, and his dad, upset about not having dinner cooked, both think she should quit.
20 Mar. 1991
Planet of the Dateless
Jack comes back from a two-week trip in the Mexican rain forest as a changed man with the hospital no longer part of his plans. Doogie desperately scrambles to get a date for the Eastman dance.
3 Apr. 1991
Doogie's Wager
Vinnie is nervous about possibly not getting accepted into film school. Doogie gets worried when the baby of a couple that has been trying to conceive for 12 years is born premature.
24 Apr. 1991
A Kiss Ain't Just a Kiss
A scorned Janine turns to Doogie. Raymond's estranged father is admitted to the hospital.
1 May 1991
Dances with Wanda
Vinnie and Janine convince Doogie to ask Wanda to the prom. At the hospital, Doogie is amazed by the positive attitude of a girl awaiting a heart transplant.
16 Oct. 1991
It's a Damm Shaman
Vinnie girlfriend wants to run to Las Vegas to get married. Doogie takes on a curse to save a boys life.
20 Nov. 1991
Doogie decides to drive to Chicago to see Wanda; Vinnie tags along. But when they reach the desert, the car breaks down. While waiting for it to be fixed, he literally bumps into a woman who gives him a pause to think about what he is doing. And the mechanic shows Vinnie his artistic side.

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