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3 Jan. 1990
Greed Is Good
Doogie goes on a game-show for geniuses only to have everyone wanting a piece of the prizes. At the hospital, he treats an ex-boxer with symptoms of glaucoma.
10 Jan. 1990
Attack of the Green-Eyed Monster
Wanda gets upset after Doogie runs into an attractive former patient at the movie theater and he does nothing to resist her flirting. Doogie's parents stop talking to each other over the same issue.
17 Jan. 1990
It Ain't Over Till Mrs. Howser Sings
When Doogie's mom mammogram reveals a lump on her breast that turns out to be benign, she decides that she is going to start living her life to the fullest, which includes singing at a nightclub.
31 Jan. 1990
Tough Guys Don't Teach
As part of a community relations effort by the hospital, Doogie is asked to go to the high school and teach sexual education. On his first day, he is challenged to an after school fight by the captain of the football team.
7 Feb. 1990
I Never Sold Shower Heads for My Father
Vinnie's reluctance to go into the family business creates tension with his father who may need heart surgery.
14 Feb. 1990
Doogie's Awesome, Excellent Adventure
In return for saving the life of the coolest guy in school, Doogie is rewarded by being allowed to hang around with him and his cool friends. With his new found coolness, Doogie neglects Vinnie and disobeys his father.
28 Feb. 1990
Use a Slurpy, Go to Jail
Doogie and Vinnie are held hostage in a convenience store by a gang member.
14 Mar. 1990
Whose Mid-Life Crisis Is It Anyway?
When Doogie's dad begins to feel old and unimportant, he decides to quit his medical practice. Doogie and his mom then decide to gather many of the patients he has helped over the years in hopes of changing his mind.
21 Mar. 1990
Vinnie's Blind Date
Vinnie romances a blind girl that Doogie introduced him to at the hospital. When she gets an operation that will restore her sight, he worries that she will not find him physically attractive.
28 Mar. 1990
And the Winner Is...
When Doogie and Jack hear a rumor that they are neck and neck for Resident of the Year, they both try to gain an advantage by trying to influence the judges which ultimately puts them in awkward positions.
4 Apr. 1990
Breaking Up Is Hard to Doogie
Realizing that his relationship with Wanda has stalled, Doogie ponders whether to break it off or keep it going and risk being unhappy. Jack gets jealous when Curly begins dating a hotshot doctor.
25 Apr. 1990
The Grass Ain't Always Greener
Fresh off his breakup with Wanda, Doogie scores a date with a Lakers cheerleader. He soon realizes that she is too grown up for him.
2 May 1990
Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Grand
Vinnie comes down with tonsillitis right before he is about to lose his virginity. Doogie is upset with Wanda when she tells him that she will be going away to France for the summer.
12 Sep. 1990
After having an eerie dream where he is attacked by Frankenstein, Doogie goes to a psychiatrist and realizes that he is missing out on his life because of his job.
19 Sep. 1990
Guess Who's Coming to Doogie's
Doogie is surprised when Raymond, the former gang member who once held him hostage, shows up at the hospital. Impressed by Raymond's transformation into a responsible person, Doogie invites him to dinner and gets him a job at the hospital.
26 Sep. 1990
Ask Dr. Doogie
"Dr. Doogie" becomes an overnight sensation after he appears in public service announcements on a popular music channel. However, when his fame gets in the way of his job and normal life, he must choose whether he wants to keep up the hectic schedule.
3 Oct. 1990
C'est la Vinnie
While trying to talk his pregnant French teacher into helping him improve his failing grade, Vinnie ends up stuck in an elevator with her. She starts to go into labor and he is forced to call Doogie for help.
10 Oct. 1990
Car Wars
Doogie argues with his dad over whether he can buy a 1957 Chevy convertible. At the hospital, Doogie tries to get through to a mentally retarded patient who refuses treatment for a potentially fatal illness.
17 Oct. 1990
Doogie Sings the Blues
Doogie admits a homeless man to the hospital who turns out to be Blind Otis Lemon, a legendary blues player long thought to be dead. When Otis is scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor that could possibly leave him deaf, Vinnie and Raymond sneak him out of the hospital for one last gig.
24 Oct. 1990
Academia Nuts
One of the hospital benefactors, an elderly woman comes for her annual physical. Canfield informs Doogie that she's only generous unless she's told that something is wrong with her. So he tells Doogie to make something up.
31 Oct. 1990
Revenge of the Teenage Dead
Vinnie has problems finding someone to play a chainsaw killer in his slasher film. Doogie must spend time with an uptight 13-year old prodigy to determine if he is a good candidate for medical school.
7 Nov. 1990
Nautilus for Naught
Doogie is jealous when Wanda becomes friends with a male nude model in her art class. At the hospital, Doogie suspects that a pretty young model is bulimic. The hospital holds its annual bachelor auction with Doogie participating for the first time.
14 Nov. 1990
Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down
Vinnie is depressed when he learns that Janine's parents offered her a car if she would break up with him. Katherine's parents come to visit for Thanksgiving which causes tension with David who never felt they accepted him as their son-in-law.
28 Nov. 1990
Oh Very Young
After being dumped by McGuire, Curly starts dating the newly divorced Dr. Canfield. Doogie is chosen as one of five doctors to work with a highly-respected reconstructive surgeon.
5 Dec. 1990
TV or Not TV
Needing a recommendation to get into NYU film school, Vinnie poses as an orderly to try and meet the head of ABC television who is staying at the hospital. Meanwhile, Doogie's first poker night with the guys at the hospital is memorable for all the wrong reasons.
12 Dec. 1990
A Woman Too Far
Doogie is attracted to a nursing student who he asks out behind Wanda's back. A man who is staying at the hospital is married to two different women without each one knowing about the other. He asks Doogie to try and prevent each one from seeing the other.

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