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8 Jan. 1991
Dauber Graduates
Dauber graduates Minnesota State and joins the coaching staff, but an argument about respect keeps Hayden from attending his graduation.
22 Jan. 1991
Puppy Love
Hayden makes up a story about having a dog to impress a potential donor who loves canines.
5 Feb. 1991
The Marion Kind: Part 1
Luther is persuaded by Christine to have lunch and reconcile with the best friend who stole his girl many years ago.
12 Feb. 1991
The Marion Kind: Part 2
Hayden tries to protect Luther from finding out that his best friend has once again stolen his girl.
19 Feb. 1991
Leonard Kraleman: All-American
Hayden serves as mentor to a nerdy student (Rob Schneider) who will stop at nothing to fit in.
26 Feb. 1991
The Foxes take a ski vacation, but Stuart soon makes things unbearable for Hayden.
12 Mar. 1991
Hayden and the gang take Howard Burleigh to Las Vegas where they (along with Howard) discover Howard's wild side who appears to have run off with a showgirl.
26 Mar. 1991
Hayden Fox for Universal Jocks
Feeling threatened that Christine makes more money than he does, Hayden decides to moonlight by advertising for an athletic supporter company- but ends up mooning the entire state of Minnesota.
2 Apr. 1991
A Father and Son Reunion
Hayden and Christine bump into Luther's long lost father.
9 Apr. 1991
Diamonds Are a Dentist's Best Friend
A dentist who offers low prices on diamond jewelry inspires Hayden to make a deal with him in order to buy an engagement ring for Christine.
1 Oct. 1991
The Kick-Off and the Kiss-Off
As happy as Hayden is to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Luther is worried about the magazine's curse.
8 Oct. 1991
Since My Beaver Left Me
Kelly seeks consolation from Christine over her divorce, much to Hayden's chagrin.
29 Oct. 1991
A Real Guy's Guy
Hayden struggles to deal with the fact that one of his players is gay.
5 Nov. 1991
Any Place I Hang Myself Is Home
Hayden and Christine go home shopping, however Coach buys a house without telling Christine.
12 Nov. 1991
Requiem for a Groundskeeper
Hayden is named to carry out the last will of a beloved Minnesota state groundskeeper, but Hayden soon discovers a huge surprise that awaits him.
19 Nov. 1991
I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't
Luther incurs Hayden's wrath when he switches their travel plans from plane to train.
26 Nov. 1991
I Hate Barbara
Hayden gets kicked out for expressing his opinion of Christine's friend.
3 Dec. 1991
Running for the office of "High Loon", Howard arranges for Coach Fox to speak at his lodge in order to impress fellow lodge mates, but Hayden is chosen to become High Loon instead of Howard.
10 Dec. 1991
The Pineapple Bowl: Part 1
After winning the last game of the season, Hayden's Screaming Eagles are invited to play in the Pineapple Bowl where Hayden discovers he'll have to coach against his former mentor.
17 Dec. 1991
The Pineapple Bowl: Part 2
Hayden's quarterback gets hurt at a luau just before the Pineapple Bowl.

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