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Season 7

12 Sep. 1994
Pros & Cons
Hayden gets an interview to coach an NFL team but is not told what team it is for.
19 Sep. 1994
It Should Happen to You
Kelly introduces Hayden to a sports agent in New York who promises him a professional coaching job in time as long as he wins and does what she says.
2 Oct. 1994
Graceless Under Fire
The pressure from Hayden's new agent to win begins to mount prior to the first game of the season.
3 Oct. 1994
Judy's Turn
Judy makes a horrible mistake while she was visiting Europe,And Dauber is devastated by it.
17 Oct. 1994
Hayden and Christine want to have a baby but they can't so they begin to blame each other for it.
24 Oct. 1994
Ruthanne asks Christine to attend her friends bachelorette party which she agrees to despite Hayden's warnings.
7 Nov. 1994
My Fair Agent
Monica, Hayden's substitute agent turns out to be attractive according to Hayden, which is causing problems with their work.
19 Nov. 1994
Be a Good Sport
Howard comes up with some extra funds for the football program. Hayden gladly accepts without knowing the money was stolen from smaller sports teams on campus.
27 Nov. 1994
Working Girl
Cristine thinks that she is going to get replaced with a younger woman in Carters acting class.
28 Nov. 1994
Out of Control
Hayden becomes so blinded by the pressure to win that he asks a freshman cornerback to shut down one of the best receivers in the nation any way he can.
12 Dec. 1994
The Popcorn Bowl
Hayden struggles to juggle a bowl game and an offer from a professional football team as he feels he has changed too much since hiring an agent.
19 Dec. 1994
Luther and Ruthanne Take the Big 12 Steps
Luther and Ruthanne work together and try to quit their addiction to junk food and smoking.
9 Jan. 1995
Did Someone Call Me Snorer?
Christine forces Hayden to go to a sleep clinic for snoring where Luther is currently visiting for the same issue.
16 Jan. 1995
Close Encounters of the Worst Kind
Christine feels like Hayden and her aren't close anymore, so Christine signs them up for marriage counseling.
23 Jan. 1995
The Kicker
Hayden drags Luther and Dauber on a recruiting trip across the world for a gifted kicker of goat heads.
6 Feb. 1995
The Walk-On
Hayden is excited over a new defensive walk-on. However, no else seems too excited about the 46 year old walk-on.
13 Feb. 1995
Call Me Cupid
Hayden asks Christine to hook Dauber up with a date for a massive group Valentine's day dinner.
20 Feb. 1995
Jimmy Johnson is in town signing autographs and Hayden insists Jimmy stay with him at his cabin. The night then turns into a disaster when Luther, Dauber, and Quincy come over to see Jimmy Johnson's Super Bowl ring.
28 Feb. 1995
The Day I Met Frank Gifford
Hayden is asked to be guest speaker for a charity featuring Luther's idol.
13 Mar. 1995
Kelly's New Guy: Part 1
Hayden plans a welcome party for Kelly and her new boyfriend from New York who predictably... Hayden ends up hating.
20 Mar. 1995
Kelly's New Guy: Part 2
Kelly's new boyfriend leaves town before the party after fighting with Kelly. Hayden still holds a party for Kelly upsetting her to the point she turns to a friend for comfort.
4 Apr. 1995
Ten Percent of Nothing
Luther decides to go behind his agent's back who's his dentist, and gets a job without him knowing the same time he gets a bad cavity.
15 Oct. 1991
Don't Get Mad, Get Cooley
Hayden sells Luther his old truck which soon breaks down, so Luther contacts a local news program to do a piece on Hayden in order to embarrass him. After cooler heads prevail, Luther and Coach race to get back the tape before it airs.
3 May 1995
Oh, a Pro Job: Part 1
Hayden and Christine join a cruise for a relaxing vacation only to find themselves badgered by a strange old lady who has an ironic secret.
10 May 1995
Oh, a Pro Job: Part 2
After being offered a NFL head coaching in Orlando job by a mysterious widow named Dorris, Hayden does some Investigating and discovers Dorris knows nothing about football.

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