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5 Feb. 1990
Short Order Crooks
Monty has trouble making his famous Cheddarhead Charlie's Cheese Chowder.
6 Feb. 1990
Mind Your Cheese and Q's
Monterey Jack's uncontrollable desire for cheese endangers Gadget's life.
8 Feb. 1990
Out of Scale
Chip and Dale are kidnapped by Moose and Rocco.
19 Feb. 1990
Dirty Rotten Diapers
Gadget decides the Rangers' crime solving involves too much violence.
21 Feb. 1990
Good Times, Bat Times
The Rangers investigate a list of ingredients needed to make a magic spell.
22 Feb. 1990
Pie in the Sky
Chip is itching to take on a really big case.
19 Mar. 1990
Le Purrfect Crime
Poodles are fleeing Paris due to an irritating sound ray.
21 Mar. 1990
When You Fish Upon a Star
A distress signal from a sinking ship sends the Rangers out to sea.
22 Mar. 1990
Rest Home Rangers
The Rangers prepare a big birthday party for Monty.
16 Apr. 1990
A Lean on the Property
Monty's mother, Camenbert Kate, arrives for a visit.
23 Apr. 1990
The Pied Piper Power Play
Professor Nimnul hatches a grand scheme to bake all the potatoes in Idaho.
2 May 1990
The S.S. Drainpipe
Toy boats are disappearing and jewelry stores are being robbed.
10 Sep. 1990
Zipper Come Home
Zipper leaves the Rangers during a torrential rainstorm.
18 Sep. 1990
Puffed Rangers
Monty has to face his biggest fear.
26 Sep. 1990
A Fly in the Ointment
Zippergets sucked into the Nimnul's latest invention, the "modumizer."
5 Nov. 1990
A Chorus Crime
The Rangers split up!
19 Nov. 1990
They Shoot Dogs, Don't They
The Rangers receive a postcard from Canina LaFur.

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