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4 Jan. 2014
For Auld Lang Syne
Fletch faces a disastrous new years eve after he witnesses an explosion at a bar making his problems escalate with Peter Trenton, the man accusing him of assault, meanwhile Robyn helps a silent singer find his voice.
11 Jan. 2014
Bad Timing
Zoe and Tess fight to save the life of Dixie's on-off girlfriend Carol, meanwhile a tussle at a market leaves teacher Alice being pushed through a glass-fronted stall, with new doctor Ethan and Lily treating her inside the ED.
18 Jan. 2014
Brothers at Arms
New doctor Cal is called out to attend an incident involving a limo hanging precariously off the bridge, whilst his brother Ethan uncovers the truth about an art student whose sight was endangered by flying glass.
25 Jan. 2014
Keeping Schtum
Dixie is arrested for assault after a man she and Rita believe is a rapist hits his head and is knocked unconscious. Meanwhile Cal and Ethan strive to regain the voice of a little boy.
1 Feb. 2014
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Rita helps the rape victim confront his fears and press charges and Zoe helps an ex-Tiller girl face up to the truth of putting her daughter up for adoption.
8 Feb. 2014
Once in a Lifetime
It's Jamie's final day in the ED and he works with Cal and Ethan after a father and son's bike race goes tragically wrong. Despite persuasion all Robyn and Jeff can do is watch Jamie leave, but is it true love at last?
15 Feb. 2014
Valentines Day Mascara
Despite specific orders, Iain runs into a burning building to save a male who is searching for his fiancée; and Lily turns into a magician's assistant after Yvonne gets injured.
22 Feb. 2014
The Great Pretender
Fletch's daughter runs away from home only to land herself in unthinkable danger, whilst Robyn must work to discover why a teenage girl is lying.
1 Mar. 2014
The Last Chance Saloon
Lily makes a special connection with a mother with learning difficulties, but Ash learns she's failed to follow his instructions.
8 Mar. 2014
Survivor's Guilt
Iain is called to a fire at a B&B but when he discovers Kenny and Beth at the scene he attempts to help the distressed ex-soldier, what will be the outcome?
15 Mar. 2014
Iain and Big Mac are held hostage by an angry ex-soldier.
22 Mar. 2014
The Lies We Tell
Ethan's conscience is tested to its max when an activist asks him to keep secrets and Zoe and Rita help a prisoner whose desperate to repair the broken relationship with his mother.
29 Mar. 2014
Valves to Vagrants
New Consultant Connie Beauchamp is faced with a big situation on her first day on the ED, elsewhere Ash takes his wayward daughter back in hand.
5 Apr. 2014
The Quiet Man
Zoe, Lily and Connie pull together to treat a father and his ADHD daughter, whilst Dixie helps a husband come to terms with his wife's dementia.
12 Apr. 2014
Only the Lonely
The paramedics are called out to treat Jim and Martha after a prank by a group of girls goes wrong. As Jeff and Dixie drop off the patient they see an aggressive motorcyclist flee a scene, with the victim in pursuit. As they follow, the motorcyclist skids and ends up with a badly broken leg.
19 Apr. 2014
When Nothing Else Matters
Fletch helps build bridges between two brothers who seem to be united by drugs. Cal treats a patient convinced he has a brain tumour and Ella is bought in again after an allergic reaction to drugs at a party.
26 Apr. 2014
Carrot Not Stick
Dixie risks her job to take a patient to see his dying mother. Elsewhere an unusual birthday treat goes awry when cocaine is sniffed.
3 May 2014
Who Cares?
Dixie is given three months' suspension by the Ambulance Trust. Zoe questions whether there was another way to save a life when a man is bought in after falling on a metal spike.
17 May 2014
Games for Boys
A wedding day car crash causes Ash and Fletch to pick up the pieces along with Rita, Ethan and Robyn and Ash realizes the truth of his own daughter when a patients experience with drugs turn sour.
24 May 2014
The Family Way
Cal tries to help two sisters and their despairing father after a horrific accident at a family-run Italian restaurant. Tess treats a pregnant teenager whose father is putting pressure on her to do what he thinks is best.
31 May 2014
To Yourself Be True
Cal treats a young barrister who was run over by a bicycle whilst rampaging through the courts, but as Lily sends her off for a psyche assessment without the admission of Cal all ends in potential disaster - can anyone save Anna from jumping the ED roof? Elsewhere a father can't understand why his son is gay and believes his accident is related to his sexuality, can Connie convince otherwise?
7 Jun. 2014
The Dying Game
Rita faces concerns when a terminal patient, Peter, is taken ill after a fire at a care home. Lily treats a patient convinced he has toothache.
14 Jun. 2014
The ED lands chaos with increasing numbers. Connie fights to save a man with dementia, while Ethan and Rita treat a bulimic teenager.
22 Jun. 2014
Falling: Part One
Zoe sticks up for the ED when the press arrive, but after a horrific helicopter crash Zoe is forced to consider her actions - is this the last straw?
29 Jun. 2014
Falling: Part Two
Tess is involved in a horrendous train crash and Fletch sacrifices everything to save her.
6 Jul. 2014
In the Name of Love
A highly competitive father and son ignore Ethan's advice to take it easy after a car accident, which results in Jeff meeting his new love interest.
12 Jul. 2014
First Impressions
Tess helps a leukaemia survivor come to realise she isn't yet ready for a family. Meanwhile, a carjacking goes seriously wrong as the car crashes and Terry begins coughing up blood.
9 Aug. 2014
The Love You Take
Rita is thrown when a face from her past arrives injured at the ED, distracting her from her interview. Lofty and Cal help reunite a family and Jeff and Samantha's relationship continues to grow.
16 Aug. 2014
The Sicilian Defence
Cal and Ethan work together to solve a medical mystery. Tamzin grows jealous of Jeff and Samantha's relationship, while Rita turns to drinking after her revelation continues to cause trouble in the ED.
23 Aug. 2014
A Life Less Lived
Zoe feels dissatisfied with life as she turns forty. Cal steals Ethan's proposal idea.
30 Aug. 2014
Learning to Fly
Jeff finds himself in a dangerous situation when Samantha's secret turns up, whilst Max helps a young couple stand up to their families.
6 Sep. 2014
Fallen Stars
Rita loses her temper when a patient turns out to be dishonest, Cal helps a schoolgirl come to terms with her HIV after being bullied at school and Max helps a rock legend come clean.
20 Sep. 2014
Connie's old boss Andrea returns to the ED the same time her young heart patient is admitted, but Connie's concerns are soon raised when Andrea becomes insistent on operating. Ash decides to cover for Rita, while Lofty treats a distressed young male.
27 Sep. 2014
Go Out and Get Busy
Robyn and Ethan assist the paramedics when a floor collapses at a wedding. Max bonds with an unhappy teenager, while Lofty thinks creatively to help a deaf woman come forward about her abuse.
4 Oct. 2014
Born Lucky
Connie decides to take a select number of her staff out on a day following the hospital's recent success, but when Ethan takes his eyes off the road for a second too long the team are embroiled in a horrific road traffic collision - with devastating consequences for one character.
11 Oct. 2014
The Last Call
A few old faces gather as an emotional day arrives for the staff. Ethan leaves his bed to attend the funeral, while Dixie distracts herself. Iain returns, while a new Tea Lady, Honey, catches the eyes of Noel.
18 Oct. 2014
The Index Case
Connie is left questioning herself when a man dies mysteriously in the ED. Dixie can't help but blame Ash for Jeff's death. Cal works closely with Ethan and Charlie on a virus which connects two patients.
25 Oct. 2014
Return to Sender
Connie has a complaint made against her by the dead man's daughter. Zoe returns to the ED and brings a surprise returnee - Dylan. Ash and Dixie clash over Jeff, creating an awkward tension in the ED.
1 Nov. 2014
Rita and the staff struggle to deal with a football riot which overspills from a pub to the ED. But things soon turn dangerous as a flare is set off, resulting in a man's face being severely burned. Rita is promoted to senior staff nurse.
15 Nov. 2014
Lily investigates what she believe is a murder case when two patients die in mysterious ways after being involved in a car crash.
22 Nov. 2014
Ash is angered by an asylum seeker who refuses life-saving treatment because she's a Jehovah's Witness. Big Mac experiences his first day as a Health care Assistant. Ethan pairs up with Dylan to treat a teenage girl fearing ovarian cancer.
29 Nov. 2014
Losing Grip
Ash loses his temper with a girl when she falls recklessly from a container. Connie brings her daughter into work, unaware of the disaster ahead. Elsewhere, Ethan treats a heroic old lady.
6 Dec. 2014
Feeling Good
Ash and Dylan disagree on how to treat a suspected 19-year-old overdose. Cal flirts with Zoe's patient, irritating her. The paramedics receive a hamper basket addressed to Jeff, but the contents is rather peculiar when it turns out to be a turkey.
13 Dec. 2014
Solomon's Song
Charlie, Dixie, Ash and Iain attend a call-out to a cathedral when a chandelier collapses. Honey reveals a huge secret to Noel, rocking his world. Connie and Grace's relationship strains.

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