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29 Aug. 2015
A Child's Heart: Part One
Dylan amazingly survives the two huge explosions, and escapes from the boat with major burns. He makes his way to shore, unaware Zoe is still dragged under the water and drowning from the weight of her dress. Charlie dives in to save her, but the freezing water causes Charlie to suffer a massive heart attack. Is this the end for the much-loved nurse? Duffy returns to the ED as an agency nurse, while Louise fights to save couple's child.
30 Aug. 2015
A Child's Heart: Part Two
Connie fights to save Charlie's life as he continues to flatline in Resus. Rita tries to persuade Connie to give up on Charlie, but she refuses and eventually the nurse's life is saved. Louise is inspired by Duffy and decides to quit her receptionist job and become a nurse. Gang violence spills into the hospital leaving no one safe.
5 Sep. 2015
Objectum Sexual
Louise begins her first shift as a nurse, but she struggles to find her feet. A woman with Objectum Sexuality leaves Cal and Dylan baffled, while Iain has an assault complaint lodged against him by a traffic warden. Honey calls things off with Ethan.
19 Sep. 2015
Cradle to Grave
Alicia Munroe, a new Geordie F2 junior Doctor begins her first shift and is paired up with Lily for her first shift. Together, they work on a pregnant mother who crashes her car after attacking her social worker. Dylan and Lofty bond over a patient, and Honey decides to leave Holby City and begin a new business elsewhere.
26 Sep. 2015
An attack on a room full of racist supporters leads to chaos in the ED when the victims are brought in along with the perpetrator and, when the situation escalates further, the police instigate an evacuation, with Jacob ending up in the firing line.
3 Oct. 2015
All the Single Ladies
Dixie and Iain are called out on a HART training day, but things soon get real when they're called out to a male who is trapped under a fallen chimney. At the same time, Dixie meets HART Paramedics Jess Cranham. Jess later asks Dixie out on a date.Lofty and Dylan work together on an accident prone woman.
10 Oct. 2015
Rules of Attraction
Lily receives a phone call from her mother - her father died peacefully overnight. Struggling to come to terms with the news, she takes her anger out on patients. Cal and Iain suffer injuries when a platform collapses at a warehouse. Cal thanks a young woman, Ruby, for saving his life from being crushed by a crate, and offers to take her out on a date, but just as he does fraudster Taylor Ashbie returns with big news - she's given birth and the baby is his.
17 Oct. 2015
Lily throws herself back into work hours after her father's funeral, but overwhelmed with emotions she lashes out at a patient refusing a chest drain because of a rare medical condition. Dixie opens up about her rejection to adopt by the adoption board. Cal names his new daughter Matilda.
24 Oct. 2015
One Shot
Following the shooting, Jacob recovers well and decides to go for a run in the forest, but he discovers a man in a tent and admits him to the ED. Once there, he convinces Connie he is fit to work. He treats a harassed teacher and helps him realise he's suffering withdrawal symptoms from alcoholism. Lily makes a mistake realigning a male's dislocated broken ankle leaving Alicia no choice but to stand in and save him from further complications, straining Lily and Alicia's working relationship even further.
31 Oct. 2015
Best Served Cold
Jacob prepares to take action against the police officer who shot him by getting his name - can Connie's wise words make him see sense in time? Alicia impresses Connie and she encourages the junior doctor to take her exams as soon as possible, and when Connie asks for a senior doctor to write up a report on Alicia, it's Lily who offers. Lily later falsely raises concerns to Connie after becoming jealous when Alicia successfully performs a tricky procedure. Cal and his daughter continue to bond.
14 Nov. 2015
Avoidable Harm
Alicia suffers a horrifically traumatic day when a young boy she's looking after disappears. As she ventures into the ambulance station, she comes face-to-face with a violent scene. She shows her instincts and takes the injured man to safety to treat him. She proves herself an exceptional doctor, but both Lily and Connie express their disappointment towards her leaving the hospital. Lily's bullying towards Alicia reaches a whole new level and after a traumatic day - Alicia hands in her notice and departs Holby City.
21 Nov. 2015
Iain and Dixie are called to the woodlands where they discover HART Paramedic Jess Cranham has fallen down a deep hole. At the scene is her girlfriend and daughter. Dixie become suspicious back at the hospital as she learns Jess is on anti-depressants, but Iain tells her not to intervene. Lily becomes isolated as the team learn of her bullying towards Alicia. Matilda is brought into the ED by a paranoid Cal - and his heart is later broken as he learns he is not Matilda's biological father.
28 Nov. 2015
Cal receives the shock of his life as he learns he was adopted. Devastated by the two bombshells dropped on him, he hands Matilda over to social services. A gay couple have their wedding day torn apart when the venue collapses. Jacob deals with an uncooperative patient.
5 Dec. 2015
Maybe This Year
Dixie and Iain are left injured when the ambulance skids on the ice and falls to its side. Connie and Jacob end up sleeping together after working together for the day on treating an injured casualty in the back of the ambulance. New receptionist Jack Diamond arrives at the Emergency Department, and finds Christmas spirits are low.
12 Dec. 2015
Silence Speaks
Connie desperately attempts to keep her and Jacob's love life a secret, but when a patient with advanced Motor Neurone Disease is admitted her anger towards an instinctive Jacob builds, before she eventually exposes to the department they slept together. Dixie meets up with Jess as she attempts to get to the bottom of Olivia's injuries, but things don't quite go to plan.
19 Dec. 2015
Home for Christmas
Cal and Charlie visit Cal's biological mother - but another devastating bombshell is dropped on Cal as he learns his mother has Huntington's Disease and he has a fifty percent chance of inheriting it. Dixie learns Jess has complained about her unprofessional actions, but Dixie sticks to her instincts and promises to get to the bottom of what is really going on with Olivia.
2 Jan. 2016
A Life Less Ordinary
Cal's life comes crashing down around him when he is involved in a car crash. Over the limit, Cal fears he will lose his job, but with good friends by his side, he realises he is not alone.
9 Jan. 2016
Lie to Me
Jess and Nikki's abusive relationship reaches new heights when Jess buys Olivia a new phone for her birthday. Olivia witnesses the domestic abuse and, when Jess is pushed against a glass cabinet, Olivia calls an ambulance. At the hospital Nikki refuses to let Jess go and kidnaps Olivia, where it is then back at home that Nikki throws a cake with a sparkler against a wall causing a house fire. Dixie rescues Nikki from the fire, but Nikki suffers severe burns. She is later arrested and Dixie can't help but feel bittersweet justice.
16 Jan. 2016
Black Alert
Lofty's promotional interview is cut short as the hospital is placed under Black Alert. Under pressure, Lofty impresses Rita as he sets up a clinic outside the already overrun hospital. Ethan is forced to discharge a suicidal man from the ED, but he accidentally causes a near fatal car crash for a young couple. Ethan is left heartbroken when hours later Connie reveals the suicidal man he treated took his life. Jess goes in to kiss Dixie as she comforts Jess following their recent drama, but Dixie backs away.
23 Jan. 2016
Noel and Big Mac walk home from a shift at the ED. As Big Mac goes to the loo, Noel is viciously attacked and mugged. Big Mac witnesses the incident, but hides in the toilet. After the incident he calls for an ambulance, and Iain and Dixie believe it was Big Mac who saved Noel's life, unaware he hid in the toilets. Big Mac goes along with the lie, but is this a wise idea?
30 Jan. 2016
The Good Life
It is the day of Dixie's hearing, and Jess supports Dixie as she is given her verdict. Having only been given a warning, Jess asks Dixie to live with her and Olivia. After a long day, Dixie follows her heart and leaves Holby City for a fresh start.
6 Feb. 2016
Step Right Up
Ethan throws himself back into work and alongside Lily treats an autistic teenage girl. But nothing can prepare Ethan for what is about to come next, as he comes face-to-face with his biological mother and Cal drops a bombshell on him.
13 Feb. 2016
Hearts and Flowers
Connie is shocked to learn Grace is back in the UK, and she isn't alone, as Sam Strachan has returned for a conference. Grace phones her Mum when she finds Sam's girlfriend, Emma, suffering severe abdominal pains. And it's later in the hospital that Sam and Connie come face-to-face once again.
20 Feb. 2016
Just Do It
It's a race against time for Connie to get to Grace as Sam prepares to take her back to America. Can she get through to her daughter before it's all too late?
27 Feb. 2016
Fatal Error: Part One
Lofty is finally getting the hang of his new role, but can one fatal error make his victory short lived?
5 Mar. 2016
Fatal Error: Part Two
Lofty struggles in the aftermath of Diana's death, and as Dylan reminds him he needs to get his story straight, Lofty must decide what he is going to say.
12 Mar. 2016
High Tide
Cal and Ethan take Emilie back to the beach one last time, as they prepare to say goodbye to their beloved mother. At the beach, Emilie peacefully passes away, and it's there that a bombshell is dropped on Ethan, as he learns he has the faulty Huntington's disease gene. Lofty resigns from his job, and decides to leave Holby City as the shockwaves in the aftermath of the Diana incident continue to play on his mind.
26 Mar. 2016
Sweet Child of Mine
Connie is held hostage by a prisoner, and it's Jacob who comes to her rescue when she is taken down to the basement. In the aftermath of Emilie's death, Ethan and Cal struggle to remain united.
2 Apr. 2016
Buried Alive
Connie is faced with never seeing Grace again when she and Jacob are in a building collapse, and Ethan drops a bombshell on Lily.
9 Apr. 2016
Hopelessly Addicted
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16 Apr. 2016
Rita is horrified when her ex-boyfriend Mark arrives at the ED alongside his sixteen year-old girlfriend after they're involved in a car crash. When Mark's girlfriend loses her baby and Rita persuades her to leave Mark, he vows revenge on Rita.
23 Apr. 2016
A Clear Conscience
Mark plays tricks on Rita's mind when he trashes her flat. A gas explosion at a construction site leads to a gangster's friend dying, resulting in a conflict situation in the hospital.
30 Apr. 2016
Tangled Webs We Weave
New Nurse David Hide arrives at Holby City, but he doesn't appear to say much. When an alcoholic he is treating is crushed against a wall outside the ED, he proves himself to be an excellent nurse, but he also appears to be hiding a secret about his past. Two venomous spiders are loose at Holby, while Zoe and Max work together when Connor is kidnapped by Shelle. Zoe and Max share a kiss back at the hospital - could this be a new start for the couple?
7 May 2016
Hello, I Must Be Going
New Consultant Elle Gardner prepares for her first at the Emergency Department, however she finds herself being held hostage alongside Zoe by Shelle. The pair work together to save Vince who has been slashed across the arm. After an eventful day, Hanssen expresses his concerns regarding the running of the ED and asks Elle to tell him if she feels the department is not running smoothly. Zoe leaves for America, and it's the end of Zoe and Max's relationship as Zoe lets Max go and says her final goodbyes to him.
21 May 2016
Chain Reaction
Connie and Elle come to blows after Elle encourages Jacob to attend a factory explosion without consent from Rita. David hides further into his shell, while Dylan's father is admitted to hospital again, and as he begs Dylan for forgiveness, Dylan refuses to accept him back into his life.
28 May 2016
This Life
Big Mac struggles with his painkiller addiction and steals more drugs from the hospital. When Charlie learns he's been stealing painkillers he threatens to report the incident to Rita. Aware he has nowhere else to go, Big Mac finally attends his first narcotics anonymous meeting.
11 Jun. 2016
You Make Me Sick
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25 Jun. 2016
History Repeating
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3 Jul. 2016
What Lies Beneath
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9 Jul. 2016
Where the Truth Lies
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16 Jul. 2016
The Fear
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30 Jul. 2016
Sticks and Stones
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