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Season 29

30 Aug. 2014
Learning to Fly
Jeff finds himself in a dangerous situation when Samantha's secret turns up, whilst Max helps a young couple stand up to their families.
6 Sep. 2014
Fallen Stars
Rita loses her temper when a patient turns out to be dishonest, Cal helps a schoolgirl come to terms with her HIV after being bullied at school and Max helps a rock legend come clean.
20 Sep. 2014
Connie's old boss Andrea returns to the ED the same time her young heart patient is admitted, but Connie's concerns are soon raised when Andrea becomes insistent on operating. Ash decides to cover for Rita, while Lofty treats a distressed young male.
27 Sep. 2014
Go Out and Get Busy
Robyn and Ethan assist the paramedics when a floor collapses at a wedding. Max bonds with an unhappy teenager, while Lofty thinks creatively to help a deaf woman come forward about her abuse.
4 Oct. 2014
Born Lucky
Connie decides to take a select number of her staff out on a day following the hospital's recent success, but when Ethan takes his eyes off the road for a second too long the team are embroiled in a horrific road traffic collision - with devastating consequences for one character.
11 Oct. 2014
The Last Call
A few old faces gather as an emotional day arrives for the staff. Ethan leaves his bed to attend the funeral, while Dixie distracts herself. Iain returns, while a new Tea Lady, Honey, catches the eyes of Noel.
18 Oct. 2014
The Index Case
Connie is left questioning herself when a man dies mysteriously in the ED. Dixie can't help but blame Ash for Jeff's death. Cal works closely with Ethan and Charlie on a virus which connects two patients.
25 Oct. 2014
Return to Sender
Connie has a complaint made against her by the dead man's daughter. Zoe returns to the ED and brings a surprise returnee - Dylan. Ash and Dixie clash over Jeff, creating an awkward tension in the ED.
1 Nov. 2014
Rita and the staff struggle to deal with a football riot which overspills from a pub to the ED. But things soon turn dangerous as a flare is set off, resulting in a man's face being severely burned. Rita is promoted to senior staff nurse.
15 Nov. 2014
Lily investigates what she believe is a murder case when two patients die in mysterious ways after being involved in a car crash.
22 Nov. 2014
Ash is angered by an asylum seeker who refuses life-saving treatment because she's a Jehovah's Witness. Big Mac experiences his first day as a Health care Assistant. Ethan pairs up with Dylan to treat a teenage girl fearing ovarian cancer.
29 Nov. 2014
Losing Grip
Ash loses his temper with a girl when she falls recklessly from a container. Connie brings her daughter into work, unaware of the disaster ahead. Elsewhere, Ethan treats a heroic old lady.
6 Dec. 2014
Feeling Good
Ash and Dylan disagree on how to treat a suspected 19-year-old overdose. Cal flirts with Zoe's patient, irritating her. The paramedics receive a hamper basket addressed to Jeff, but the contents is rather peculiar when it turns out to be a turkey.
13 Dec. 2014
Solomon's Song
Charlie, Dixie, Ash and Iain attend a call-out to a cathedral when a chandelier collapses. Honey reveals a huge secret to Noel, rocking his world. Connie and Grace's relationship strains.
3 Jan. 2015
Next Year's Words
Connie continues to struggle looking after Grace, and lashes out at a patient who can't feed her family, forcing Charlie to step in. Noel begins to accept Honey as his daughter, but remains frightened at the thought of being a father.
10 Jan. 2015
Clinging On
Connie treats a feisty female who demands instant treatment, resulting in her growing further and further apart from Grace. An elderly man falls through a shed roof in an attempt to leave after a one night stand, but Zoe reveals he has scurvy.
17 Jan. 2015
Muddling Through
Connie continues to struggle. A woman is admitted after falling seven metres from a shopping mall whilst high on LSD, and the Hailey Blake court case comes to a head. Robyn sets up a food bank.
24 Jan. 2015
The Last Goodbye
Connie and Grace face truths about their relationship, and when Grace's grandmother reveals her intentions of moving Grace to see her father in New York, Connie fights a losing battle.
31 Jan. 2015
What a Difference a Day Makes
Connie throws herself into work after losing Grace. She treats a family of three after their car crashes into scaffolding, but the father shows interest in the daughter only. Big Mac steals from the food bank.
7 Feb. 2015
Front Line
Rita fights for a female soldier after an explosion during training leaves the Corporal questioning the true events - with false answers being thrown about. It's inspection day at the ED - what could go wrong?
14 Feb. 2015
Connie and Rita both let their guard down when serial child killer Olive Russell is admitted after a police van collides with a work van, driven by the mother of one of the victims, Susie Reardon.
21 Feb. 2015
Sweet Little Lies
Lily treats a woman with Lyme disease. A woman is admitted after collapsing when she claims she has just beaten cancer, but it appears her lies are catching up on her when her boss uncovers the truth.
28 Feb. 2015
Something to Live For
Dixie and Iain put themselves in danger when a caravan hangs over the edge of a cliff. An elderly male with Motor Neurone Disease uses his carer to attempt to kill himself, so Connie puts him in his place.
7 Mar. 2015
Excess Baggage
Amy Hills, an air hostess, is crushed under hand luggage, knocking her unconscious. When she arrives at the ED, her relationship with her husband strains. Connie continues to personally blame Rita for Grace's departure. Iain receives a verbal warning.
14 Mar. 2015
Toxic Relationships
Lily falls asleep whilst driving home on her moped, causing her to collide with a school girl.A man is admitted after a meth lab explosion. Rita and Connie's feud comes to a head, with Rita getting her staff to abide by their role, instead of doing extra jobs for the doctors.
28 Mar. 2015
The Road Not Taken
Zoe faces every doctors most difficult decision: treating a six year-old who has been run over by her father, or saving a pregnant mother from an RTC. Initially prioritising the young girl, she dies. When the pregnant lady arrives, her and her daughter die. Zoe then reflects and wonders what she would have done differently. Then, she retakes her day, this time prioritising the six year-old. She dies, but the pregnant woman's daughter survives. However, Zoe then reawakens and realises she's up half an hour early - she manages to save the six year old and the pregnant ...
4 Apr. 2015
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Connie's friend Alfred goes joyriding with a mate who previously had MND, however when they crash their car on a roundabout into a young girl she saves Alfred's friend's life. Later in the ED she makes up ongoing symptoms in order to make a claim on her insurance policy, but dies. A distraught Alfred becomes fully paralysed and asks Connie to assist him in dying, but will she help him?
11 Apr. 2015
Under Pressure
Connie is horrified when Alfred asks her to help him die. A pregnant young lady gives birth in the back of the ambulance, but Connie is concerned the young girl was coerced into agreement when her teacher storms in claiming it to be her baby. Ethan and Cal treat a bully and a victim when the victim tweaks a science experiment - causing an explosion in the lab.
18 Apr. 2015
The King's Crossing
Connie is distraught as Alfred passes away in the ED. Rita becomes suspicious over her actions and asks for a toxicology screening on Alfred. A construction worker suffers a mysterious illness and his digger loses control - causing it to knock his daughter into a hole and cover her in bricks, before knocking the digger hand into the ED.
25 Apr. 2015
The Rita Supremacy
Connie is questioned over the murder of Alfred Maxwell, but things take a nasty turn as Connie tells the police to investigate her office, which she claims has the medication she gave to Alfred. Just minutes before the police arrive Rita snatches the medication - leading to Connie being charged for murder. Lofty and Robyn argue as he kisses another patient.
2 May 2015
The Department of Secrets
Connie is suspended following the arrest, and is not granted bail. Charlie and Rita continue to fight over the medication which potentially could set Connie free - struggling with a guilty conscience she hands them over, setting Connie free. A young girl slashes her wrists and is admitted, but reveals she's in a sexual relationship underage and with a man in his thirties. An elderly female with dementia is admitted. Charlie gets a call from Louie's girlfriend - he's been beaten up and needs urgent help.
16 May 2015
Connie and Charlie go to Bucharest in search of Charlie's son Louis who is in trouble with the wrong people.
30 May 2015
Against the Odds
Dylan is appointed the role of Clinical Lead in Connie's absence. Lily helps a mother and daughter escape a dangerous situation, while an arcade money raid goes horribly wrong.
6 Jun. 2015
Fix You
Cal and Ethan help a young adult come to terms with his adoptive mother's terminal cancer. Connie makes an abrupt returns and takes over Dylan as Clinical Lead again. Zoe helps a young boy speak up after being involved in a car crash.
13 Jun. 2015
The Way Home
Zoe and Dylan get to the bottom of a botched team-building exercise when a girl's leg is caught in an animal trap and two friends are entangled in barb wire. Louie is attacked by junkies, causing his heroin addiction to become well-known by the staff.
20 Jun. 2015
The Golden Hours
Dixie treats a woman who crashed her car, but when she reveals her son was also in the car, Dixie fears the child has been abducted. Dixie later finds herself on the edge of Holby Pier talking to Suzy, the child abductor, out of jumping with the kid.
27 Jun. 2015
A Moment of Clarity
Cal makes a surprising discovery after a beauty pageant is involved in a car crash, but later convinces the pushy mother to come clean about her deception. Dixie and Iain race time to save a man from dying as a result of his dodgy boiler in his house.
4 Jul. 2015
Heart Over Head
Dylan has a surprising day when he learns the power of holistic therapy. A daughter reveals she's pregnant causing her Mum to sacrifice her life for her.
11 Jul. 2015
Holby Sin City
Ethan solves a complex murder mystery when Bonnie, a tattooist claims her husband, Clyde, shot himself. Ethan believes otherwise, and soon things take a dark turn when Robyn finds a gun in the bin.
18 Jul. 2015
If You Could Bottle It
Jacob Masters, a nurse, bursts into the ED with a girl over his shoulder. She's been rendered unconscious by some unknown alcoholic substance. Jacob later realises that she's suffering methanol poisoning. Cal struggles with the work involved in becoming a consultant.

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