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I miss it!
amandahardt11 May 2004
I was just a little girl when this show was in its prime, but I remember it so clearly! We still have an old, fuzzy tape from when it was shown on "the Family Channel" in the US. That was prime time quality entertainment. My parents would watch it with me and my brother, and they didn't have to worry about language, violence, or sex. The characters were lovable (my brother and I were Marie and Bennet one Halloween). They were full of integrity and you could be assured that in every episode, justice would prevail! The idea of a bordertown was interesting, too. I enjoyed as a little girl gazing at Bennet-- what a cutie! Of course I always wanted to be Marie, the beautiful French Canadian doctor! My Dad loved Crattick and did a mean impression of him! So nostalgic! And the music...ah, the music! It was so good, and I wish I could get a hold of it somewhere! Someone needs to find these old reruns and restore them, and sell them. What a gem! I miss it!
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I really enjoyed this show.
thousandisland6 November 2000
I was only 11 or 12 when this show was on, but I loved it and never missed it ! It was on The Family Channel here in the U.S., and only lasted about 3 seasons. It was all filmed in Canada, and so is full of beautiful forest and mountain scenery. It was a wonderful and unique take on Western life in the 1880s, set in lush wilderness instead of the dry, crusty desert of traditional western shows. The culture clash of American and Canadian characters made it special and different as well. I thought the cast was great, the stories very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed 'Bordertown' and was so disappointed when it got the final axe in the early 90s. It's easy to see how this show paved the way for series like Due South, Dr. Quinn, and the more recently canceled "Peacemakers."

There are now many episodes available on DVD. They are awesome and it is great fun to have the opportunity to see this show again !
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One time writer
blueglow23 October 2002
I would just like to say thank you to all of you folks who enjoyed the

show. Alliance Atlantis communications may have information on

how to purchase copies.

I had a lot of fun writing it.
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Missed By Many
blakeney-128 March 2003
There's not much I can add to all the great comments here. Bordertown and The Campbells are two of my favorite television memories from the 80's, and I enjoyed them a lot more than half the stuff that's on today. It's impossible to find information on either show on the net, and I'm so glad I stumbled onto this site. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone, and maybe we'll be watching the marshal and the mountie on DVD someday soon.
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A truly great Western
rolandwinters11 January 2003
I greatly enjoyed this series, and miss it very much. I, too, would love to purchase the series on VHS or DVD. I would also write letters to the owners of the series to encourage them to market the series on DVD. It might develop a good following among people looking for wholesome adventure without the cheap sex and special effects which dominate network TV today.
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great western!
pd91130 April 2005
I watched this show religiously when it was originally aired. A couple of years ago it was on in syndication. I want to say it was the Hallmark channel that aired it but I can't be sure..might have been CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Co...I live in Washington state and we have the CBC on our cable channel here, so get to see a lot of the great Canadian show, like Bordertown and North of 60, which was a wonderful show as well. Fortunately, I taped the show when it was on and am able to watch it whenever I want. I would absolutely purchase it if it ever came out on DVD. I still have my autographed photo of John Brennan on my wall!
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Loved This Show
mooseyba1 April 2005
I loved this show. I was so thrilled when I started reading other people's comments. I saw that someone said that it is being shown on The History Channel. I'll have to check the schedule. This is definitely a show that should be on the Hallmark Channel or some cable channel. I was hoping that it would be out on DVD, but I haven't seen it anywhere. I always thought what an ingenious idea for a show. The interplay between the Mountie and the Marshall was great. Their love for the Dr. Marie Dumont was so sweet. And I really liked that they had a "lady doctor". I also loved the rousing Sibelius theme song. I actually would plan my Saturdays around this show-that's how much I loved it. If anyone that would be involved in releasing this on DVD is reading this-please release it on DVD.
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Humble, but Well-done Show That I Miss Terribly
caamich6 April 2002
I remember, appreciate, and miss this show, too. I'm sure my Aunt Kathy feels exactly the same way, as she was the one who introduced me to it. So, maybe there are three people in the world who miss it. I started watching it before it was on The Family Channel, and was ecstatic when they picked it up to show just before The Young Riders, another similarly programmed Western/Action-adventure series. I've been unable to find any sites for it, either. It's really a shame. The acting was excellent, as were the storylines. Now that I think about it, even the cinematography was good.

The show worked around the fact that a Canadian Mounty and a U.S. Marshall had to share an office on the Western U.S./Canadian border in the late 1800's, and that both men fancied a female, French Canadian doctor who practiced in town. There were other issues, such as an early version of the modern-day, anything-for-a-dollar lawyer that gives other legitimate lawyers a bad name. There was also the ongoing clash between the clean-cut, Oxford-educated Clive (the Mounty), and the stubble-ridden, tobacco-chewing, under-educated Jack (the Marshall). It was very well done so that it kept you laughing with campiness and occasional much-needed comic relief during the more serious episodes. When it came down to the nitty-gritty, though, you could always tell that the two men cared deeply for each other but were too stubborn to show it unless the situation was dire.

The series Due South has a very similar premise to this and was accepted more readily by a larger audience, perhaps because it was set in modern times instead of the Old West.

Also of Note: This is the series that introduced (as far as I know) the most recent actor (as of April 2002) to play Michael Horton (Roark Critchlow) on Days of our Lives, the nice-looking blond with the beautiful blue eyes. He played the part of a young member of a gang of trail robbers posing as a Mounty apprentice to assist in the overtaking of Clive's guarding of a shipment of money.

Personal Note: If anyone has this series on tape, I'm willing to pay money (up to $10/6-hr VHS tape with 12 shows at 30-min ea., or more, if you've erased the commercials). Please e-mail me privately for arrangements. Thank you.
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49th Parallel
bkoganbing16 May 2008
This Canadian produced western series had an interesting concept and I only wish someone had thought of it back in the day when I was a kid and westerns were what ruled television.

Bordertown was a place that straddled the 49th parallel which is Canadian-American border as fixed by the treaty that gave the USA Oregon territory way back in 1846. A little cross border cooperation in regard to law enforcement was a practical solution to a lot of problems.

Weekly, Marshal Jack Craddock (Richard Comar), and RCMP Corporal Clive Bennet (John Brennan), cooperated far more than the governments of the United States and Canada were wont to do back in the day. Until the 20th century the USA had this peculiar notion that the Canadians were just waiting to be annexed by us and would welcome liberation from the British Empire/Commonwealth. That in fact the nation was founded by folks of British descent who were fleeing Tories from the American Revolution and French folks who wanted their own autonomy in any event didn't faze a lot of American policymakers.

But in Bordertown bad guys were bad guys no matter what side of the 49th parallel they hung their hats. So these two cooperated out of necessity.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see just how many fans this show had. I so wish it had a longer run.
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Now available on DVD
KathN3711 January 2005
Bordertown, the Family Channel original show, is now available on DVD. Go to Amazon and type in "Bordertown" as your search.

The DVD's are very affordable and are well done. They don't have any extra features, but who needs them for this price.

This was a great show that lasted 3 seasons. It is watchable by children and adults.

I am hoping that they will put out all of the episodes on DVD eventually. I wish they would put out the other Family Channel shows; Zorro, Rin-tin-tin, and Black Stallion. Although, this was my favorite and I am very glad they choose this one to release.
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