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Season 1

24 Sep. 1989
Dennis Booker is hired by the Teshima Corporation to run their internal investigation division. While there he meets Elaine, who believes she has just sent an innocent man to prison while serving jury duty. Booker agrees to help her investigate the circumstances.
1 Oct. 1989
The Pump
When Hoffs is shot, Booker takes it upon himself to find the gang members who are responsible. Meanwhile, the gang is also after him, thinking that he killed one of their own. Throughout all of this, Booker tries to find a way to replace the adrenaline rush he left behind when he handed over his badge.
8 Oct. 1989
Razing Arrizola
With its leader out of prison, the Arrizola gang begins to reorganize its operation, and Booker attempts to protect a young boy he has befriended from the gang's influence. Also, Booker starts to date a new Teshima executive, but he may be losing sight of who he really is in the process.
22 Oct. 1989
High Rise
Some men break into the building and take Chick, Alicia, and some other people hostage. They claim that they entrusted one of their execs with millions of dollars that he was suppose to send to Asia. But it didn't get there. Since the man was killed when they broke in, the leader, whom Chick knows, demands that they find the money. Booker, who wasn't caught, goes around the building trying to save the hostages.
29 Oct. 1989
All You Gotta Do Is Do It
Alicia's ex-husband calls and tells her that he's not bringing their daughter back. She freaks out and asks Booker for help. They learn that some bookies are after him, and they try to find out why.
5 Nov. 1989
Bête Noir
Booker is sent to find out if a woman is a black widow. It seems that she has married some elderly men, and not long after they're married the men die and she collects a hefty insurance pay out. Her latest husband is insured by Teshima, so Booker ingratiates himself into their lives and gets a job working for her husband so that he can find the truth.
12 Nov. 1989
Flat Out
Booker is sent to retrieve an uncooperative witness and escort her to trial while avoiding the men who work for the mobster she is to testify against.
26 Nov. 1989
Wheels and Deals - Part 1
After stumbling upon a compromising videotape of an old enemy named Raymond Crane, Booker uses the tape as blackmail to gain entry into Crane's organization. Working undercover, Booker tries to dig up evidence to bring Crane down.
10 Dec. 1989
Someone Stole Lucille
Booker must simultaneously entertain an executive from Teshima's Japanese office and look for B.B. King's stolen guitar.
17 Dec. 1989
Booker is assigned to look after pro hockey player Bill Bloodworth and keep him out of trouble.
14 Jan. 1990
The Red Dot
A woman hires Booker to find the man who got her pregnant, a man who is also being pursued by an assassin.
21 Jan. 1990
Who Framed Roger Thornton?
Booker is hired by the friends of a fashion designer to find his killer, and he receives unwanted help from Suzanne.
4 Feb. 1990
A computer hacker from inside Teshima begins playing tricks on employees of the company, and he singles out Booker, leaving a trail of evidence for him to follow. However, when federal agents become involved with the case, it becomes apparent that the hacker is involved with something more serious.
11 Feb. 1990
The Life and Death of Chick Sterling
After Chick Sterling narrowly escapes an explosion, he and Booker try to find out who would want him dead. The case leads them to an assignment Chick was given when he was in the military.
18 Feb. 1990
Black Diamond Run
Booker goes to a ski resort to catch a cat burglar who has been stealing jewelry from the wealthy patrons.
25 Feb. 1990
Love Life
Mata Yamashiro, an employee of Teshima's Japanese branch and friend of Chick Sterling, is murdered while in town on business, and Chick asks Booker to look into it. All signs point to the prostitute who is found at the scene, but Booker believes she is innocent.
25 Mar. 1990
Booker is invited to his high school reunion by his old girlfriend, Donna Cofax, who tells him that she is marrying Jeff Ferris, the man who she left him for. Nevertheless, when Jeff goes missing, Booker and Donna team up to find him.
1 Apr. 1990
Wedding Bell Blues
One of Booker's friends from high school is getting married to a wonderful girl--the only problem is that he is already engaged to someone else, and he needs Booker's help in telling her mobster father that the wedding is off.
8 Apr. 1990
Molly and Eddie
A man who repossesses cars for a living is carjacked during a repo job, and he comes to Booker for help. When the man disappears, it is up to Booker to find him, find out who stole the car, and take care of the man's young daughter, who was left at Teshima.
15 Apr. 1990
A murderer who Booker arrested, when he was still a cop, escapes from custody just before his trial concludes. It is up to Booker to find him before he takes revenge.
29 Apr. 1990
Mobile Home
Booker's friend Tony buys a house, which is promptly stolen and moved by the children of the original owner when they learn that their father may have stashed a fortune in stolen money somewhere inside. Tony hires Booker and another investigator, Fatz, to find his house, while the children tear the house to pieces as they look for the money.
6 May 1990
Father's Day
Booker's absentee father returns and he learns that he might be a fugitive because he might be involved with a murder. But when Booker sees him, he tells him that he's been in Witness Protection and he's schedule to testify against the murderer. But some people are trying to make sure he doesn't so Booker has to protect him.

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