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5 Jan. 1998
Trouble and Strife
Sharon turns into one of the lads when she gets a job as a porter in a abattoir and Tracey feels used until Sharon tells her she got sacked for stealing meat to help Tracey and her unborn baby out. Dorien prepares for her flat-warming party but unfortunately for her none of the guests bother to show up.
12 Jan. 1998
The Essex Patient
The sisters start work as cleaners with a view to setting up their own cleaning company. However Sharon is not feeling well and goes to hospital. She believes that she may be suffering from an allergy but her illness is actually due to her over-eating.
19 Jan. 1998
The Maids of Ongar
Sharon and Tracey want to set up their cleaning business the Maids of Ongar but the manager of the bank their husbands robbed is not keen to provide the loan. Dorien is prepared to put up the cash if she is cut in as a partner, and gives the sisters a test - which they pass with flying colours - and the business is born.
26 Jan. 1998
Some things never change, as the sisters discover at their school reunion where Tracey - literally - exposes Poxy Loxy as the class sleaze and erstwhile bully Margie Harris still manages to torment Sharon, even though she is now in a wheel-chair. For Dorien, however, things do change. Her handsome young Luke, whom she re-encounters, has gone off her so she treats the girls to a night out instead.
2 Feb. 1998
Can't Judge a Book
When Tracey goes for her pre-natal check-up the doctor agrees with her that Sharon should go on a diet, which she does until she discovers that Chris has fallen for Josie, his amply-proportioned prison visitor. Dorien also reneges on her efforts to dress more her age when she finds that, for new beau Richard, less is more and hunky young Dominic, the new cleaner, has all the ladies crying out for more - massages.
9 Feb. 1998
Garth's endowment policy, started when he was a baby, has matured but Tracey spends it on herself, leaving him to use credit cards to buy into the restaurant where he is now a chef. Tracey makes it up to him after she and Sharon visit the restaurant for a meal and defend him against a loud-mouthed diner, though it is Dorien, whose efforts to bond with Richard's stroppy kids at the next table are failing, who saves the day.
16 Nov. 1998
When drawers mysteriously open and things go bump in the night, the sisters are convinced the video recorder is haunted. They consult Dorien, who holds a séance, conjuring up a spirit called Smym, and finally performing a successful exorcism - successful insofar as the video machine goes back to the shop.
23 Nov. 1998
Mummies & Daddies
At the ante-natal class Tracey meets Garth's girl-friend Kimberley, who is also pregnant. Due to a misunderstanding she and Garth have broken up but Tracey gets them back together. Dorien has split up with Richard after falling out with his daughter who, mutually, hates her. She is therefore in a position to be understanding with Tina, one of the cleaners for Maids of Ongar, who is also having man trouble which is affecting her work.
30 Nov. 1998
In order to get Garth a wedding present the sisters and Dorien go to a Sunday antiques market in an old warehouse, but the market has ended and they find themselves locked in for the night. Dorien finds a means of escape and comes back to let the others out . . .eventually.
7 Dec. 1998
Sharon is spotted by a head-hunter for an agency specialising in modelling clothes for larger women and is offered a day's photo shoot. Dorien revels in being her manager but Tracey feels frumpy and inferior. However, when Sharon's day is over Tracey takes centre stage as she has a scan to see what sex her baby is.
14 Dec. 1998
Garth marries his Kimberley but the wedding day is fraught. Dorien, having split up with Richard, stays away, Kimberley's snobbish mother, Lynne, is getting up Tracey's nose and the noisy relatives on the sisters' side of the family don't help either. Sharon is best man but, as she is making her speech, Richard appears. Dorien is contemplating suicide as she feels old and lonely. Fortunately the sisters and Richard persuade her that she is loved and get back to the reception in time for Tracey to put Lynne in her place and a good old-fashioned wedding punch-up to ...
23 Dec. 1998
Holy Ground
Sharon and a heavily pregnant Tracey travel to Ireland, where their previously unknown uncle Declan Nolan has died and left them land, which they use to settle a local feud. They are accompanied by Dorien, who has bought a pregnant race horse in the village. The horse is due any minute but it's Tracey who gives birth in the stable, helped by the vet. The priest rings up the Vatican to report a miracle.

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