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Season 11

26 Dec. 2014
Birds on a Plane
Dorien is treating herself, Sharon and Tracey to a Christmas holiday in the Canaries but even before the plane has taken off annoying passenger Morgan's predictions of disaster have caused nervous flier Tracey to hit the bottle whilst Dorien makes a play for a handsome but unresponsive man who locks her in the toilet to get rid of her. When Sharon's bath salts start to leak Morgan declares that there is a bomb on board and the flight is postponed. The trio return home where Garth, deserted by Marcie, and Travis are hoping to hold a party and end up with a celebration ...
1 Jan. 2015
There's Something About Sharon
Whilst conducting market research Dorien gives the family an IQ test and Sharon amazes the others with her extremely high IQ. Travis uses her in a school experiment, much to her annoyance, whilst Dorien also exploits her by persuading her to go for a job with MI5, as Dorien wants information for a spy novel she is planning. Tracey, however, is more concerned about Garth, who feels useless and unhappy now that Marcie has returned to Australia.
8 Jan. 2015
Guess Who's Coming to Essex?
Amongst fan mail from readers of her book Dorien finds a letter from Naomi, the daughter she gave up for adoption fifty years ago after she fell pregnant as an unmarried teenager. Dorien is not keen to see her so Tracey writes her a letter posing as Dorien though the result surprises everybody. Meanwhile Tracey teaches Travis a lesson for taking her for granted.
15 Jan. 2015
The Girls with the Pearl Buttons
Tracey gets a letter from her auntie Vera, who is retiring as Pearly Queen and wants her to take over but Tracey faces competition from a jealous Sharon, who believes she should have the title and they go head to head to see which can raise the most money for charity. Meanwhile Dorien gets to finally meet her daughter Naomi and after a shaky start finds that they have more in common than Dorien had imagined. Unfortunately Naomi has just been offered a parish in New Zealand.
22 Jan. 2015
Tracey's Choice
Dorien's Book group is coming round to discuss Crime and Punishment- Surprisingly Appropriate when Tracy warns Garth not Lead his younger brother astray. Source: TV program Information from the program it self.
29 Jan. 2015
The Chief, the Cook, His Mum and Her Lodger
Sharon gets a job as a school dinners supervisor and recruits Garth, who is more used to running a restaurant, as her cook and Tracey as her washer-up. However Sharon's dictatorial attitude almost leads to an all-out walk out by the staff. Dorien, meanwhile, having lost money playing online poker, gets a job as a dress shop assistant but is not pleased when the owner turns out to be her old rival Melanie Fishman, who reminds her of an embarrassing incident when they were at school.
5 Feb. 2015
Without a Trace
Sharon plans to take Tracey and Dorien on a 70s weekend but whilst the trio are out buying clothes, Dorien spots a malignant mole on Tracey's back and insists she sees the doctor. Tracey wants to keep any bad news away from her sister but Sharon finds out anyway. Then Tracey's biopsy result arrives.
12 Feb. 2015
Spa Wars
With Naomi preparing to fly to New Zealand and the boys off to a rock festival Sharon, Tracey and Dorien have a weekend at a health spa where Sharon and Tracey discuss the worst case scenario for her test results. The weekend is interrupted when Tracey and Dorien suffer maternal concerns but when Tracey's results come through the trio is happily united.

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