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Season 4

9 Sep. 1991
You're History
Beetlejuice is the host of a Neitherworld TV show featuring famous historical dead people as guests, but he has to contend with constantly fluctuating ratings and The Monster From Across The Street who's not happy that his favorite show has been bumped off the air to make room for Beetlejuice's.
10 Sep. 1991
Raging Skull
Fitness freak Jacques LaLean enters the Mr. Neitherword Bodybuilding Bontest (with Beetlejuice as his manager), but there are problems: first, Jacques is a skeleton and has no body to build up and second, the current titleholder (who's held it for 399 years) isn't above cheating to keep his title.
11 Sep. 1991
Sore Feet
Beetlejuice uses his feet in playing some of his daily pranks, but when he doesn't treat them with respect they decide they've had enough and literally run out on him.
12 Sep. 1991
Fast Food
Beetlejuice and Lydia go into business together running a Neitherworld hamburger stand, but when Scuzzo the Clown opens up a competing stand across the road the Hamburger War begins to really heat up.
13 Sep. 1991
Queasy Rider
Beetlejuice's dragster Doomie is too nice for his liking, so "Bee-gor" returns to the Deserted Neitherworld Auto Factory to create a newer, meaner, nastier ride.
16 Sep. 1991
How Green Is My Gallery?
Delia is crushed when everyone laughs at her latest artwork, so Beetlejuice and Lydia take her to the Neitherworld to exhibit her work there.
17 Sep. 1991
Keeping Up with the Boneses
A snooty nouveau-rich husband and wife move next door to BJ's Roadhouse and, finding their new neighbors too poor and common, buy the Roadhouse and have them evicted. To get even, Beetlejuice gets a Monster Credit Card and a buying war ensues. But will Beetlejuice be able to eventually pay for all the things he's bought?
18 Sep. 1991
Pranks for the Memories
BJ's got Scuzzo's brain, Scuzzo's got no brain, and Beetlejuice's brain is out to rule the Neitherworld.
19 Sep. 1991
Caddy Shock
Even when playing golf, Claire Brewster is her usual obnoxious self, so Beetlejuice takes her and her opponent (Lydia) to the Neitherworld to play golf, but once there Claire becomes the trophy in the Neitherworld golf tournament.
20 Sep. 1991
Two Heads Are Better Than None
Beetlejuice's head gets stuck to the Monster Across the Street's body.
23 Sep. 1991
Beauty and the Beetle
Despite feeling extraordinarily self-conscious about her appearance, Lydia is kidnapped by a beast from the Neitherworld named "Thing Thong" who collects beautiful things because he thinks he's ugly. While being held hostage, Lydia decides to help give him self-confidence, while Beetlejuice tries to track Lydia down by disguising himself as famed explorer Grimdiana Bones.
24 Sep. 1991
Creepy Cookies
When Lydia joins the Happy Faced Girls, Beetlejuice laughs until he finds out how much money a cookie drive can pull in. He rushes back to the Neitherworld where he assembles the Sappy Face Ghouls and gives them some of his homemade cookies to sell in Peaceful Pines. Too bad the cookies are haunted.
25 Sep. 1991
Poe Pourri
Edgar Allen Poe stays at B.J.'s Road House, and agonizes over his lost Lenore so much that it irritates him, but since he keeps throwing money around in his direction, he tries to tolerate Poe's depression as best as he can.
26 Sep. 1991
Ear's Looking at You
Beetlejuice goes film noir (but in color) as private detective "Sham Spade" and Lydia as his "Ghoul Friday" in a mystery involving a disembodied ear.
27 Sep. 1991
During a physical examination, Beetlejuice's skeleton become separated from his body, adopts a very snooty personality and goes off on his own, but unless Lydia can get them back together "Beetlebones" is likely to get picked up by The Bone Patrol!
30 Sep. 1991
While Lydia works the phones at a local Save The Whales telethon, Beetlejuice gets an idea for another money-making scam involving a similar charity to "Save the Smells."
1 Oct. 1991
The Miss Beauty-Juice Pageant
Since the winner of the Neitherworld Beauty Pageant will win a ton of money, naturally Beetlejuice tries to enter, but the contest is only open to women. Also naturally, this isn't going to stop him, so he leads a protest to allow men (and other things) to enter, and once in he'll do anything to make sure he wins.
2 Oct. 1991
Sappiest Place on Earth
When the Happy Girls' outdoor excursion is rained out, Beetlejuice takes Lydia, Delia, Bertha and Prudence to a Neitherworld amusement park themed around Bartholomew Bat, an old Neitherworld cartoon character. But the black-and-white character has dark and sinister plans in hand, and soon Lydia is the only one left to stop him...
3 Oct. 1991
In a spoof of "Brigadoon", Beetlejuice, Lydia and a damaged Doomie crash-land in a mysterious village that only appears once an eternity, and if they don't escape before all of the (Scottish-accented) village inhabitants fall asleep, they'll be trapped there forever!
4 Oct. 1991
Foreign Exchange
When a jealous Claire deliberately humiliates a female foreign exchange student, Lydia, Beetlejuice and the rest of the Neitherworld gang decide to teach Claire a lesson by making her a foreign exchange student to "Scrungylvania".
7 Oct. 1991
Family Scare-looms
Beetlejuice's parents have a chance to join the Neitherworld's Society of Oldest and Moldiest Families, but to prove their pedigree have to produce their family's (literal!) Coat of Arms, which is somewhere in Beetlejuice's possession. When cleaning Beetlejuice's room to find the Coat of Arms proves unsuccessful, Beetlejuice and Lydia must travel to the World of Lost Items and find it.
8 Oct. 1991
Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Funny Bones
Beetlejuice tries to teach Lydia how to be funny, even lending her his "funny bone". Problem is, once he doesn't have it his whole personality changes; plus, the bone has plans of its own.
9 Oct. 1991
Hotel Hello
Poor nervous Charles is badly in need of rest and relaxation, so "Mr. Beetleman" books the Deetz family into the Hotel Hello resort in the Neitherworld. However, once there, the oblivious Delia becomes the unknowing target of a vampire count.
10 Oct. 1991
Goody Two-Shoes
Friendly Neighbor Day in the Neitherworld is not going too well in Beetlejuice's neighborhood (thanks naturally to Beetlejuice), so good fairy Goody Two-Shoes is sent to make sure that everybody is nice to each other. However, it turns out that she is determined to make everybody toe HER line, and Beetlejuice must organize the neighborhood to stop her before her "goody two-shoes-ness" destroys them all.
11 Oct. 1991
A video game called "Scourge" sucks Lydia and Beetlejuice into cyberspace, and they must outsmart the computer if they ever hope to escape.
12 Oct. 1991
Ship of Ghouls
Beetlejuice illegally wins two tickets for an ocean cruise and takes Lydia on a very odd vacation on the high seas.
15 Oct. 1991
"The Ghost with the Most", while trying to get some sleep, finds himself haunted by the most persistent, obnoxious and dangerous of all spirits...a poultrygeist! Nothing he can do will drive or keep the "fowl" pest away, so finally in desperation he turns to Lydia for help, but can even she do anything?
16 Oct. 1991
It's a Wonderful Afterlife
Beetlejuice gets depressed one day when none of his friends fall for his pranks. Believing that they'd be better off without him, Beetlejuice wishes that none of his friends had ever met him. After a strange man grants his wish and Beetlejuice sees how different things are without him, will he realize what an important role he plays in the lives of his friends?
17 Oct. 1991
Ghost Writer in the Sky
Jealous over a Neitherworld "tell-all" author's success, Beetlejuice decides to write his own tell-all autobiography. The problem is, while it makes him a huge success, nothing in the book about his friends is true and Lydia isn't even mentioned!
18 Oct. 1991
Cabin Fever
Lydia has developed measles, so Beetlejuice takes her to the Neitherworld to cure her with Neitherworld home remedies. However, while she is actually cured, Beetlejuice contracts Cabin Fever and both he and Lydia are quarantined! Now Lydia must find a way to cure Beetlejuice before the Cabin Fever drives him totally bonkers.
21 Oct. 1991
Highs-Ghoul Confidential
While cleaning Beetlejuice's room, Lydia finds Beetlejuice's high school yearbook with a picture of him as Homecoming King and asks him to tell her all about it. The trouble is, the story he tells her isn't exactly the way it actually happened...
22 Oct. 1991
Rotten Sports
Beetlejuice recruits Lydia to coach Team BJ in the Neitherworld All Ghoul Games. But the team is hopeless and the opposition is fierce. Can Lydia motivate her friends enough to even dream of winning, especially Beetlejuice, who's devoted all his time to product endorsements?
23 Oct. 1991
Mr. Beetlejuice Goes to Town
When a highway project (okayed by a corrupt Mayor Maynot) threatens to destroy the roadhouse, Beetlejuice is persuaded to run for mayor against Maynot...and actually wins! However, once in office he falls victim to the same corruption and begins taking huge bribes. Now it's up to Lydia and the rest of the gang (who helped get him elected) to get Beetlejuice thrown OUT of office!
24 Oct. 1991
Time Flies
Beetlejuice gives Lydia a Neitherworld watch as a present, but time actually does fly in the Neitherworld and the watch flies away with Beetlejuice and Lydia in hot pursuit.
25 Oct. 1991
To Beetle or Not to Beetle
Lydia can't seem to understand Shakespeare's work, so Beetlejuice takes her to the Neitherworld to meet Shakespeare's characters, who capture Lydia and demand that she write new plays for them to act in.
28 Oct. 1991
A Star Is Bored
Beetlejuice is chosen to replace a film star in a major Neitherworld horror film, but the ensuing fame turns him into a total jerk. Lydia (and the director not letting him do what he does best) brings him to his senses, but he is trapped by his contract, so Lydia comes up with a plan to get him thrown off the film and replaced by the former star.
29 Oct. 1991
Oh, Brother!
Beetlejuice's brother Donnie (whom everybody loves but Beetlejuice can't stand) comes for a visit, and his popularity among Beetlejuice's friends (and with Lydia) sends Beetlejuice into major depression.
30 Oct. 1991
During a major Prankster competition, Beetlejuice is framed for Shop-lifting (literally!) by his opponent and sentenced to rehabilitation in Never-Never-Land, a place of saccharine sweetness where they are determined to break Beetlejuice's spirit...and actually succeed! Lydia finds out what has happened, but when she and "Snugglejuice" are brought back to Never-Never-Land, the beings in charge subject her to the same fiendish brainwashing treatment!
31 Oct. 1991
In the Schticks
When Beetlejuice and Lydia pull a scam, Lydia gets sentenced to washing dishes at the Last Resort Resort on the River Schticks. Beetlejuice, haunted by memories of his Uncle Sid and Aunt Irma, who used to take him to the Last Resort Resort when he was a baby, rushes to Lydia's rescue. Can they survive the awful jokes that abound everywhere on the River Schticks?
1 Nov. 1991
Recipe for Disaster
Beetlejuice (who can't stand healthy food) adds some Gore-egano to Lydia's Caesar salad, bringing it to life and determined to conquer the Neitherworld! Now Beetlejuice and Lydia must travel to A-Roma, a land of living vegetables, to stop veggie dictator Caesar Salad's evil plans.
4 Nov. 1991
Substitute Creature
To counter the normal dullness of Lydia's school day, visiting "Professor Beetleberg" brings Lydia, Bertha, Prudence and Claire to the Neitherworld to visit History Land, an interactive museum of the Neitherworld's version of historical (and sometimes hysterical) events.
5 Nov. 1991
Ghoul of My Dreams
The Monster and Monstress Across The Street have a major quarrel and split up. Now The Monster is miserable, and he's making his neighbors miserable as well! Beetlejuice must get the Monster and Monstress back together somehow, so he comes up with a plan to make the Monstress jealous...but it doesn't quite work out as planned.
6 Nov. 1991
Prairie Strife
In a spoof of both "The Wizard of Oz" and "Shane", Beetlejuice, Lydia and Doomie travel to the Neitherworld's Mid-West to take over a dairy farm owned by Beetlejuice's Aunt Emma. Once there, Beetlejuice must contend with a Big Enchillada (literally!) who is determined to take over the whole territory, while Lydia is forced to become the town's new "School-marm". Beetlejuice is for taking the easy way out (taking the Enchillada's money and running), but Lydia (and Doomie) are ready to join the townspeople in fighting the bad guys.
7 Nov. 1991
Moby Richard
Lydia decides to direct her own episode of "Disasterpiece Theater," with Beetlejuice in the starring role of Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. But all may not go so well, when the haughty whale refuses to work with B.J., who lets his part go to his head and vows to rewrite the play his own way.
8 Nov. 1991
The Unnatural
It's BJ's team against Scuzzo's team in the baseball event of the century. But after a few setbacks, that becomes Beetlejuice and Lydia, all alone, against Scuzzo's entire team. It's Sudden Death for the losers and who will those losers be?
11 Nov. 1991
Forget Me Nuts
After being hit on the head by a falling satellite, Beetlejuice has (naturally!) somehow lost his memory, so he, Lydia and a Neitherworld psychiatrist must travel into Beetlejuice's body to his brain to try and unlock his memories. However, the journey through Beetlejuice's body in a miniaturized submarine won't be as easy as hoped for...
12 Nov. 1991
The Birdbrain of Alcatraz
Beetlejuice is framed by Scuzzo the Clown for Joke-stealing, sentenced and sent "up the river" to prison. While Lydia tries on the outside to uncover the truth and get Beetlejuice freed, Beetlejuice must deal with a prison run by a most unusual warden, and his repeated escape attempts aren't exactly endearing him to the warden...
13 Nov. 1991
Generally Hysterical Hospital
Lydia has hurt her foot but is scared of hospitals, so Beetlejuice takes her to Seizure's Palace, a Neitherworld hospital which seems more like a five-star Las Vegas hotel. However, when the hospital's planned Pay-per-View gets into trouble, the administrator plans to broadcast a substitute Main Event: A Total Body Transplant...with Lydia as the patient and Beetlejuice as the operating doctor!
14 Nov. 1991
Super Zeroes
Beetlejuice tries to cash in on the superhero trend sweeping the Neitherworld by becoming UltraBeetleMan. With Lydia as his cub reporter sidekick, UBM sets out to thwart crime. Suddenly, Mt. Gushmore, Scumdon Bridge, the Fallen Arches of Triumph, the Awful Tower, and Lydia are shrunk by four menacing business tycoons. Can UBM save the day?
15 Nov. 1991
Beetle Geezer
Lydia treats her grandmother as if she's too old to do anything, and Grandma gets sick of it. With the help of Beetlejuice (disguised as Mr. Beetleman's father Grandpa Beetleman), Grandma Deetz takes all the other disgruntled inhabitants of the old folk's home on a wild tour of the Neitherworld.
18 Nov. 1991
A Very Grimm Fairy Tale
Beetlejuice is threatened into telling the Sappy Faced Ghouls a fairy tale, and they don't want to hear one they already know. But they know them all. BJ finally resorts to inventing a story on the spot, featuring himself, Lydia, Flubbo, and other Neitherworld characters.
19 Nov. 1991
Wizard of Ooze
Yes, this is a spoof of The Wizard of Oz (1939). Lydia is Dorothy, BJ is the Scarecrow, Jacques is the Bone Woodsman, the Monster is the Lion, Ginger is Toto, and Claire is the Wicked Witch. But you'll never guess who's the Wizard.
20 Nov. 1991
What Makes BJ Run
After a slight dip in the ratings, Mr. Monitor threatens to cancel Beetlejuice' show. BJ's negotiation attempt backfires and he gets fires, leaving Lydia to do a watered down version of their on her own. He then has to work his way up from the mail room. But soon his star is rising once more after stealing a co-workers new ideas for TV shows.
21 Nov. 1991
The Chromazone
A female character in a Neitherworld B/W SF series has rebelled and taken over, and the show's Rod Serling-like writer/host turns to Beetlejuice for help. Can even The Ghost With the Most stop her or will Lydia save the show?