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4 Jan. 1993
A Matter of Life and Death
Mitch's parents arrive in town for a visit where his father informs Mitch that he's dying and wants him to return to the family business in Phoenix to run his architectural company. While in training for a high school diving competition, Summer struggles to overcome a sudden fear of being in the water after a nighttime body rescue which apparently triggers repressed memories of nearly drowning as a child and only her mother, Jackie, has a clue to her memories.
11 Jan. 1993
Island of Romance
C.J. and Stephanie go on a weekend getaway to Catalina Island where they encounter various misadventures and characters, including a pair of handsome Coast Guard men and an alleged jewel thief looking for buried treasure, whom traps the women in an underwater cave. Meanwhile, Mitch decides to hire a live-in housekeeper to cook and clean for him and Hobie. When an attractive foreign exchange student, named Elke, arrives to take the job, Mitch worries that his attraction to her will impair her daily routine.
18 Jan. 1993
Strangers Among Us
A group of frantic UFO experts, led by the attractive Dr. Faye Taylor, arrive at Baywatch and set up monitoring equipment on the beach in the expectation of an arrival by extraterrestrials arising from the ocean much to Mitch and Stephanie's chagrin, while Hobie and C.J. join in on the activities. Meanwhile, surfer Jimmy Slade arrives back at Baywatch after a surfing competition in South Africa to rekindle his romance with Summer, unaware that one of his three surfboards harbor valuable diamonds that a couple of ruthless smugglers want.
25 Jan. 1993
Vacation: Part 1
After saving the daughter of a ship's captain from drowning in the ocean, Mitch, Stephanie, Summer, C.J., Matt, and even the bumbling maintenance man, Guido, are invited for a cruise on a fabulous ocean liner down the coast of Mexico for a week of relaxation, where Mitch and Stephanie try to rekindle their lost romance. C.J. takes Matt to the ship's casino, and Guido pretends to be a wealthy count to woo a fairly large, wealthy middle-aged widow. Also on the ship is an escaped drug lord, named Nicholas Rogo, with his gang plotting to escape to South America, whom ...
1 Feb. 1993
Vacation: Part 2
The wounded Stephanie and Mitch are stranded treading water in the shark-infested waters of the Pacific, trying to stay alive. In the morning, they find a small uninhabited island to rest until rescued, where Stephanie goes into shock from hypothermia. Back on the ship, C.J. tells Matt all about her addiction to gambling after wining and losing a large amount of her own money, and Gudio continues to avoid the love-starved woman out to find him. When Rogo and his men realize that Summer is onto them, they abduct her and then hijack the bridge, threatening to kill ...
8 Feb. 1993
The Tower
An escaped psychopath takes Summer and Stephanie hostage in a lifeguard tower at Baywatch and wounds Slade in the process. With the tower laden with explosives and surrounded by heavily armed policemen, Mitch and Matt attempt a rescue before the maniac has a chance to escape and kill Summer and Stephanie in the process.
15 Feb. 1993
Stakeout at Surfrider Beach
Mitch's meets and falls for Lena Fioli, a famous Italian actress in town to shoot a movie and who is stalked by two lowlife youths after some of her money. Meanwhile, Gudio asks C.J. and Summer to help him impress his visiting mother after he lies to her saying that he works as a lifeguard.
19 Apr. 1993
Shattered: Part 1
Mitch severely injures his back after striking a rock by a huge wave after rescuing three teens trapped on a reef, and his doctor's report is that he may be a paraplegic for life. Mitch is then sent to a recovery hospital where he befriends Jason, a crippled 10-year-old ghetto boy who is soon revealed to be a murder witness in a relocation program. Meanwhile, a corrupt law official and a drug kingpin arrive in town to find Jason before he can testify against the gangsters responsible.
26 Apr. 1993
Shattered: Part 2
While Mitch struggles to walk again, he becomes increasingly angry and frustrated at not being able to use his legs and pushes away Hobie and even Stephanie who offers him support. Only Ben Edwards can relate to Mitch with his own walking disability. Meanwhile, the hit man sent to kill Jason plans one last attempt to murder the boy at the hospital, and Mitch is the only one nearby who can save him.
3 May 1993
Matt enters a kick-boxing tournament while Summer becomes interested in knowing more about Matt's competitor, Steve Thorn. But things take a turn when Michael Branson, an old rival of Mitch's during his days as a Navy SEAL, shows up and plans a kick-boxing showdown of his own between them since Branson still holds a personal grudge against Mitch for having him discharged from the service. Meanwhile, C.J. meets and falls for a French photographer in town for a photo shoot and who inspires her to model for him.
10 May 1993
Fatal Exchange
A brash new Australian lifeguard, named Wiley Brown, arrives at Baywatch on an exchange program and he and Mitch don't get along because of Wiley's self-serving ways at life guarding and flirting with Kaye Morgan, whom is now debating with herself whether to start dating Mitch after he finally asks her out to dinner. Mitch is also troubled by a bad memory of a failed rescue attempt of a wind surfer in Australia years ago, which suddenly takes a turn when strange incidents start occurring around Mitch and he feels someone is trying to kill him... and correctly begins ...
20 Sep. 1993
Race Against Time: Part 1
Mitch's ex-wife, Gayle, arrives back in town for a visit 'coldly' with her new fiancé, a wealthy businessman named Ken, in which Mitch has conflicting emotions about his ex-wife remarrying again and Hobie gaining 'out of character' interest in his potential step-father. Meanwhile, Matt doesn't know where he will live after he decides to stay in California rather than move to France with his parents. Summer's mother, Jackie, decides on a new career change for herself when she decides to lease a closed-down restaurant at the beach and call it "Jackies Summer's Place." ...
20 Sep. 1993
Race Against Time: Part 2
Mitch and the Baywatch lifeguards team up with the Coast Guard to rescue Hobie, Gayle and Ken from the submerged plane before the air pressure gives out. Hobie tries to comfort Ken, while Gayle is pined under steel beams. When Ken shows his true colors by cowering in fear, Hobie, when he should be saving oxygen for him'self,' tries to help his unconscious mother, without Ken's help. Elsewhere, Matt decides to move in with Stephanie and C.J. for a while after his domineering and self-serving father decides to financially cut him off after he refuses to move to France ...
27 Sep. 1993
Lover's Cove
While in junior lifeguard training camp, Hobie meets and falls for a terminally ill junior lifeguard girl, named Lauren, who Hobie tries to win her affections by taking her to a part of the beach known as Lover's Cove to get attached to her. Meanwhile, Summer feels an increasing attraction to Matt while her mother, Jackie, is now dating Mitch.
4 Oct. 1993
Former Baywatch lifeguard, John D. Cort, returns to Baywatch wanting to becomes a lifeguard again and tries to rekindle the flame with his former girlfriend C.J. But after a series of circumstances, she and Mitch discover that Cort is losing his eyesight to an rare eye disease, which he refuses to accept. Meanwhile, Hobie makes an unusual friend: a 7-foot tall giant from a carnival sideshow at the Malibu pier and who shows Hobie his pelican wood-carving skills.
11 Oct. 1993
Sky Rider
Summer becomes a nervous wreck after her former flame, Jimmy Slade, suddenly returns to town after months of traveling as a professional surfer, and both he and a jealous Matt compete for her affections. The stress of Summer's problems triggers her long-repressed bulimia. C.J. deals with her own romance problems when her current boyfriend, a hot-air balloon rider named Simon, won't take "no" for an answer to go away. Meanwhile, Garner begins to patrol the beach on horseback to help Mitch catch a pair of purse snatchers.
18 Oct. 1993
Tentacles: Part 1
While Hobie is away in Santa Barbara for a surfing meet, an escaped convict's wife, named Debra Harris, takes Mitch hostage aboard their yacht for Mitch to perform emergency surgery on her husband for a gunshot wound he got during his escape from prison. Meanwhile, Matt and Slade are still competing for Summer's affections when the three of them find a dangerous underwater cavern that houses a huge octopus... with an attitude. Summer's continuing secret battle with bulimia begins to catch up with her despite C.J.'s helping talk. Eventually, after Matt saves Slade from...
25 Oct. 1993
Tentacles: Part 2
On the boat, Mitch helps save the convict's life after the surgery, unaware that he and Debra plan to kill him anyway. Meanwhile, Stephanie's younger sister, Caroline, arrives in town for a visit with her fiancé, an environmental investigator, who has a near-fatal accident while out diving. Stephanie investigates and finds that Caroline's fiancé is targeted for murder by his ex-partner for getting too close to a chemical company secret.
1 Nov. 1993
Mitch becomes stricken with mixed emotions and feelings of guilt after he tries to rescue two small boys from drowning in an undertow and he can only save one, which leaves the other one to nearly drown.
8 Nov. 1993
Ironman Buchannon
While in training for California's annual Ironman competition, Mitch is taught various "spiritual" moves by a young zen freak woman, named Destiny, who develops a crush on Mitch after he saves her from drowning. Meanwhile, Matt, still living with Stephanie and C.J., takes a "night job" at hustling pool in order to pay for a new motorcycle from a shady woman who's trying to sell it to him. Garner videotapes a co-called documentary on Mitch in training, and Jackie plans with Ben to throw a surprise birthday party for Mitch. Also, Destiny gives Summer spiritual advice ...
15 Nov. 1993
Tower of Power
While Mitch, Garner and the rest of the Baywatch team deals with a street gang that have been hanging around at the beach and harassing swimmers, Stephanie falls for Carlos, the new lifeguard trying to get away from the gang he was once in and tries to rescue his sister from the gang's leader. Meanwhile, C.J. befriends a magician hanging out in front of her lifeguard tower whom she eventually rescues him from drowning during one of his escape stunts.
22 Nov. 1993
The Child Inside
Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton comes to Baywatch to stage a Special Olympics competition for the mentally disabled. At Mary Lou's urging, Mitch takes under his wing a mentally disabled teen, named Darnell, who tries too hard at winning than on the ethics of the competition. Stephanie befriends Sammy, a shy young girl with Down syndrome who doesn't try at all to believe in herself.

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