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27 Jan. 1992
Mitch reluctantly attends his 20-year high school reunion at West Palisades High School where his ex-wife, Gayle, is also in attendance and becomes acquainted with him for a trip down memory lane, which is interrupted by an attempt to rescue an old nemeses buried up to his neck on the beach by two former geeks after a joke that goes wrong... and a rising tide which threatens to drown the guy. Meanwhile, Eddie finds an abandoned baby under his lifeguard tower with a note to take care of the baby for 24 hours, and Shauni has to be his coach to care for it the proper way.
3 Feb. 1992
War of Nerves
Mason Sato, a Japanese drug lord that Mitch helped arrest five years ago, has been paroled from prison and he begins stalking Mitch determined to seek revenge against him. Then Sato finally makes his move when he kidnaps Hobie and Kaye in order to lure Mitch to an abandoned warehouse where the two fight it out in a samurai fight to the death. Meanwhile, Shauni asks Ben to give her a lesson on how to surf, which brings out old memories for him over his former surfing days.
10 Feb. 1992
Big Monday
The coming of a huge tropical storm brings out a rare form of fear in Mitch over a bad memory about a big storm that struck Los Angeles when he was seven back in 1961, and he meets a mysterious Hawaiian who tries to persuade Mitch to overcome his fear. Also, Hobie seeks comfort with Shauni over his fear of surfing the huge waves of the storm to impress his more outgoing friends. Meanwhile, Kaye becomes intrigued with a young deaf girl, named Lili, and her overprotective mother, Sharon, whom Kaye tries to introduce them to sign language.
17 Feb. 1992
Sea of Flames
After a drugged out vagrant torches Eddie's lifeguard tower, he, Shauni and Detective Lyle Conners investigate to find an illegal, off shore drug laboratory that's distributing a new form of drug called 'spice', while Mitch and Captain Thorpe are trying to convince the local city board to spend more financing for a new wave runner in order to catch the elusive drug dealers. Meanwhile, Ben rekindles an old flame when Maggie James, a former movie actress he adored for 30 years, suddenly shows up at her old beach front house.
24 Feb. 1992
Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale
A totally weird weekend begins when after Eddie slips and hits his head, he and Shauni respond to a stranded jet skier when they find Gilligan and Mary Ann stranded on a nearby island. Taking them back to Baywatch headquarters, things get even more weird when Captain Thorpe wants to make a TV movie about Gilligan, Mary Ann and the all the Baywatch team with millions he just won in a lottery. While taking a boat out to show the two "castaways" around, they run into a storm and Eddie, Shauni (Ginger), Gilligan, Mary Ann, Harvey (the Professor), Captain Thorpe (the ...
2 Mar. 1992
The Chamber
While rowing in the ocean, Mitch attempts to rescue a man trapped underwater in some wreckage, without scuba gear. After freeing both of them, they shoot up to the surface and Mitch's life hangs in balance when Eddie and Shauni must take him to a decompression chamber several miles away at Baywatch headquarters to save his life, where he undergoes an agonizing decompression with his life flashing before his eyes.
20 Apr. 1992
Shark's Cove
Shauni's friend, Debbie Kent, is a student at UCLA were Shauni also attends college and who's driven to succeed in her swim class by her bossy and demanding father, who refuses to associate Debbie with her surfer boyfriend, Zack. When Debbie disappears later that night while swimming in the ocean, Zack claims a shark attacked her. Shauni and Harvey investigate and soon suspect that Debbie may have faked her own death. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to visit his long-lost, schizophrenic, older half-brother, Bobby, at a half-way house to clear up the past with him and invites...
27 Apr. 1992
The Lost Treasure of Tower 12
Eddie becomes jealous when Shauni is being wooed by a Ian, a beatnik beach poet who charms her with his Bohemian lifestyle and poetry. But things take an unexpected turn when two inept, but dangerous, cat burglars come looking for a stash of stolen jewels that one of them buried under Shauni's lifeguard tower, which lands in Ian's hands after he accidentally stumbles onto it. Meanwhile, Harvey willingly volunteers himself to teach a girls wind surfing class with Ben, despite not knowing anything about wind surfing.
4 May 1992
The Big Spill
Mitch's old friend Lane Brody, a lifeguard-turned-environmentalist, shows up at Baywatch to investigate Trascion Industries, a corporation that has been long-rumored to be dumpling toxic chemicals into the ocean. When Hobie and a friend of his come down with a fever after falling into a polluted lagoon, Brody sneaks into the Tracsion chemical plant to find evidence of their illegal dumping. But when Brody is double crossed and framed for a toxic waste spill by his informant, Mitch and Shauni decide to break into the plant themselves to find the evidence.
11 May 1992
Game of Chance
Harvey and Mitch go to play poker on a offshore yacht where they are robbed by a masked man that drives an amphibious jeep. Determined to get their money back, Harvey and Mitch launch their own investigation which takes them to a shady inventor of a water-land jeep that may have been involved. Meanwhile, Shauni invites Eddie over for dinner at her parents house in Beverly Hills where her snobbish father strongly disapproves of her dating Eddie. Then Eddie eventually proves himself when he saves Shauni's older sister, Kim, from drowning in their swimming pool during ...
18 May 1992
Summer of '85
At Harvey's advice, Eddie and Shauni visit a fortune teller who tells Eddie about him meeting his first true love. Then Eddie runs into Lorna Cosgrove, a woman whom he had his first sexual fling when he was 15 back in 1985. But Shauni's jealousy turns to concern when she visits Rosalind, the fortune teller who tells her about Eddie's endangerment, and finds out from Garner that the woman is wanted for allegedly killing her husband the night she and Eddie were together.
13 Sep. 1992
Summerfest Special
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14 Sep. 1992
River of No Return: Part 1
Mitch Buchannon, Hobie, Eddie and Shauni travel to northern California's rugged gold country, with C.J. as their guide, to investigate the death of Mitch's prospector uncle where they find an old treasure map leading to a valuable gold nugget along a rough river. Back at Baywatch, two new recruits show up for rookie training season who are the wealthy and spoiled teen Matt Brody, and lower class swim champion Summer Quinn who moves to California with her divorced single mother looking to escape from an abusive past.
21 Sep. 1992
River of No Return: Part 2
After narrowly escaping death at the hands of two local redneck dregs, Drew and Lonny, who are perusing them for the gold, Mitch, Eddie, Shauni, Hobie and C.J. try to track down the infamous "Gold Boot" buried along the river which leads to a dangerous underwater cave. Unable to bear being away from Shauni after she has a pregnancy scare, Eddie proposes marriage to her as well as a life away from Baywatch, and she accepts. Back at Baywatch, Jackie Quinn's abusive and obsessive boyfriend, Jed, follows her and Summer to California and tries to ram their trailer off a ...
28 Sep. 1992
Tequila Bay
Matt goes undercover as a surfer with Jimmy Slade, a local teenage surf bum, to tangle with a surf gang at a beach who have been harassing surfers. Summer meets Slade for the first time and wants him to teach her how to surf, and Ben also teaches Summer the ropes of manning the switchboard. Meanwhile, with Captain Thorpe gone from Baywatch after being promoted to chief, and Ben having been promoted to captain, a new Baywatch administrative commander, Lt. Stephanie Holden, arrives which troubles Mitch because of a past affair he had with Stephanie three years ago that ...
5 Oct. 1992
Rookie of the Year
Summer and Matt begin rookie school to prove themselves, but problems arise with Summer afraid to make a pier jump and Matt wondering if he's lifeguard material after being put down by his self-serving, screenwriter father. Meanwhile, C.J. and Stephanie end up as reluctant roommates and their different living arrangements quickly drive each other up the wall. Also, Gudio Torzini, a lonely, bumbling, Italian janitor, tries to get everyone to notice his work when he cleans up the messy offices and classrooms of Baywatch headquarters.
12 Oct. 1992
Pier Pressure
Hobie deals with peer pressure while trying to impress a new girl, named Heather, who hangs out a Venice Beach liquor store with a group of local delinquents, and he soon lands in hot water after he witnesses a fight between two neighborhood bullies, and Heather eventually betrays Hobie to one of the punks. Meanwhile, Summer deals with her own peer pressure during her first week at the beach as a full qualified lifeguard in trying to impress Jimmy Slade during his surfing competition, and dealing with a clique of snobbish rich girls from the high school she is going ...
19 Oct. 1992
Showdown at Malibu Beach High
During the first week of school at Malibu Beach High, troubles only begin when a Native American student and Matt's old friend, Bear Sutter, protests the sale of sacred Indian land near the beach. Meanwhile, Summer feels jealousy after Slade is pursued by the snobbish Courtney Bremmer who wants to be a sponsor for his surfing career, and Matt is drawn into "party crowd," while Slade deals with his surfing and a visit from his estranged, domineering, Marine father. Also, C.J. gets a part-time job as the volleyball coach at Malibu High. Elsewhere, Garner gets a desk job...
26 Oct. 1992
Point Doom
Matt meets and befriends a mysterious, but attractive, woman who challenges others in illegal motorcycle races. After the girl crashes during a motorcycle race, Matt suspects the opposing biker of sabotage and he becomes determined to seek revenge against the guy in a grudge motorcycle race. Meanwhile, Mitch is into a vigorous training for a swim event with Stephanie and Garner as his trainer... unaware that he's the victim of a little prank. Also, Guido asks C.J. for a little help after he is threatened by a huge guy at the beach for flirting with the man's ...
2 Nov. 1992
Princess of Tides
Catherine is a royal princess who longs to get away for just one day from her pampered life. So, she jumps off her father's yacht and ends up being rescued by Mitch who, oblivious to her true identity, shows Princess Catherine around town. But Catherine is also oblivious to the fact that she is the target of two assassins out to kidnap her, while Mitch and Newman are in training on a motorboat personally designed by Ben for a high speed boat tournament that Catherine's snobbish, self-serving fiancé is sponsoring as well as racing in.
9 Nov. 1992
After the disappearance of a wealthy honeymoon couple in the waters around Baywatch, Mitch and Stephanie pose as wealthy honeymooners on a yacht to lure and capture alleged pirates in the area. But they get so consumed with their role playing that it makes them unprepared when the pirates, led by the local dock owner, board their boat with the intent to kill them for their wealth, while C.J. and a sea-sick Garner circle the coast in their Scarab motorboat looking for Mitch and Stephanie.
16 Nov. 1992
Lifeguards Can't Jump
Mitch and Garner go under cover as street basketball players to solve a player's mysterious death from a drug overdose, whom Garner once knew from the beaches of Venice, as well as the local hustler Ozzie who may know a clue to the player's death. Meanwhile, Dennis is an unhappily married man on his honeymoon with his overbearing, klutzy, nagging wife... until his happiness returns when he meets and develops a crush on C.J. whom he asks out to lunch behind his wife's back.
23 Nov. 1992
Dead of Summer
During the hottest day of the summer, Mitch and Garner are put in charge by a secret service agent to protect the governor during a visit to the Malibu pier for a speech. But things take a turn when Mitch and Garner must foil an assassination when an disgruntled ex-con and his men hijack an explosives laden Baywatch motorboat, with C.J. on it, with the intent to drive into the pier and blow up everyone on it. In the mist of all this turmoil, Garner is followed by a young woman, a friend of his sister's, who has had a crush on him since her childhood.

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