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Season 6

25 Sep. 1995
Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 1
Neely Capshaw, the unwholesome, psycho lifeguard who tried to frame Matt for sexual harassment, arrives back at Baywatch for a job as the switchboard operator and is greeted with a hostile reception from everyone, especially C.J. who personally holds Neely responsible for Matt's departure from Baywatch. Meanwhile, Stephanie recruits Olympic hopeful swimmer Cody Madison as a new lifeguard, and decides to dedicate herself to be his personal training coach for the next Olympics. Also, Logan is trying to go into the fashion business with a new swim wear design with his ...
2 Oct. 1995
Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 2
Neely and Cody try to keep the four people (especially two seriously injured ones) alive on the sunken oil rig until help arrives when Mitch, Stephanie and Logan must find away to get into the structure to rescue them before the air supply runs out. At the end, despite Neely's heroic attempts and proving herself to be a very good lifeguard during the rescue, the Baywatch team still resents her presence and plans to give her a hard time. Logan finally gives into Gator's demands for the credit of the swim wear, and Mitch finally decides to join a detective agency.
9 Oct. 1995
Hot Stuff
During a long, hot, drought-ridden summer day, Logan becomes jealous when Cody begins to flirt with Caroline during and after rescues. Also, Neely wants to break away from manning the switchboard and become a tower lifeguard, in which Stephanie seeks to prevent. Kaye asks Hobie to help volunteer a group of four young blind children she is looking after at a blind school. But things take another turn when a huge brush fire, fueled by toxic chemicals, traps Hobie and his young blind charges in the hills and Mitch is the only one who can save them.
16 Oct. 1995
Surf's Up
After a number of unusual circumstances occur around the beaches, including Cody and Neely rescuing two surfer boys that come down with a fever, an environmentalist group comes to Baywatch to protest the dumping of chemicals from the storm drains, and Mitch enlists the Beach Boys for a benefit concert to help out raise money for repairing the storm drains. Meanwhile, Stephanie's ex-husband, Billy, suddenly turns up much to her uncertainty and Caroline's wariness. Also, Neely begins wooing Cody while teaching him the ropes of surfing while she also confides in him ...
23 Oct. 1995
To Everything There Is a Season
Mitch's mother, Irene, arrives in town for a visit and after a series of unusual circumstances, Mitch forces her to see a doctor where she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. But things take another turn when Mitch's mother wonders off during one of her Alzheimer's phases and is soon missing. Meanwhile, Cody agrees to swim to Catalina with Stephanie as part of his Olympic training, which takes a detour when two boatloads of drunken college students have an accident and Cody and Stephanie are the only ones nearby to rescue all of them. Also, Logan continues to be ...
30 Oct. 1995
Leap of Faith
C.J. returns to Baywatch after a vacation in Europe and immediately goes on a girls junior lifeguard trip to Catalina with Stephanie, Caroline, and even the devious Neely tags along where they try to teach the girls the values of teamwork after two of them get trapped in an underwater cave. Meanwhile, Mitch gains an adopted daughter when Joey Jennings, the young con artist from 'Silent Night, Baywatch Night', comes to live with him and Hobie after her mother suddenly dies, and who dreams of becoming a lifeguard like Mitch.
6 Nov. 1995
Face of Fear
Hobie's new friend, Isaacs, is a frustrated and angry young kid who will do just about anything to get his distant, workaholic father's attention by trying to swim down a dangerous offshore reef cataract called "the shredder." Meanwhile, Caroline meets Cory, a young horse jockey on the beach whom she encourages to race again ever since he dropped out for an accident. Then things take a turn when an old rival of Cory's pushes him into a grudge horse race at the beach to test the will of the other.
13 Nov. 1995
Hit and Run
Logan takes Cody's car without his permission to get to a business dinner, gets into an accident, and claims a hit and run driver was responsible. Meanwhile, C.J. takes in a injured sea lion which causes problems for Caroline and everyone else due to the mammal's shenanigans. Stephanie continues to give Neely a hard time who eventually rebels by refusing an order to stay on the switchboard during a rescue. Also, Hobie and his new friend, Terri, convinces the rest of the lifeguards into a paint ball war among them to test their will of one another, while Mitch and ...
20 Nov. 1995
Home Is Where the Heat Is
Matt Brody returns to Baywatch to try to make up his lost relationship with C.J. But things take an unexpected turn when a group of ruthless modern day pirates take a millionaire couple hostage and place them under water on the wreck of the sunken oil platform with a few hours of air. When Matt and Neely speed by in their Scarab motorboat, the pirates take them hostage as well. Meanwhile, Joey's past may jeopardize her adoption to Mitch when a professional beatnik criminal, named Trapper, recruits an unwilling Joey to commit a burglary job as payback for her mother's ...
27 Nov. 1995
Sweet Dreams
Logan's problems with Caroline begin when he finds an abandoned baby in his lifeguard tower and mistakenly thinks that it's his that one of his many former girlfriends left for him to care for, and Mitch and Hobie have their hands full after volunteering to watch the infant for a while. Meanwhile, Stephanie prepares Cody as he tries out for the Olympic swim team with a 100-meter relay to make it to the semi-finals.
15 Jan. 1996
The Incident
Caroline blames herself for a teen's death in a fiery nighttime boating accident in which five drunken, underage teenage boys accidentally set fire to their boat and one of them drowns. Caroline then fails a lifeguard re-check, pushes away Mitch, Cody, and even Stephanie who offer her comfort, and falls under the influence of bad girl Neely in drinking and hanging out with her biker friends.
29 Jan. 1996
Beauty and the Beast
A mysterious, unseen creature begins attacking swimmers and surfers, and it soon turns out that the creature is a mutant alligator living in the storm drains under Venice Beach. So, Mitch, Logan, and Cody take it upon themselves to venture into the maze-like catacombs under the city to capture the beast. Meanwhile, Inside Sports Magazine wants a lifeguard for their swimsuit issue and Caroline and C.J. decide to try out for it. But when C.J. comes down with chicken pox, the crafty Neely sees an opportunity to both remove the other competition of Caroline and enter the ...
5 Feb. 1996
Desperate Encounter
Logan is spending much of his free time at a horse ranch where the owner, Carmen Masters, tells him that she needs $50,000 to keep her ranch working and prevent the horses from being sold to a slaughter house. The solution comes when country western singer Jessie Lee Harris returns to Baywatch for a recording session and offers his help to Carmen, Logan, C.J. and Cody by performing at a benefit concert. Meanwhile, Mitch goes on a vacation to Baja, Mexico with his new girlfriend, Shelby, where they land in danger after they witness a murder by a man who pushes his wife...
12 Feb. 1996
Baywatch Angels
Jack Ripley, a schizophrenic mental patient, escapes from an insane asylum to wreak revenge on the Baywatch lifeguards, particularly Logan and Stephanie for sending him there by setting trip-wire bombs wherever they go. From then on, the show becomes Caroline's fantasy of Charlie's Angels, with Stephanie, C.J. and Caroline playing the Sabrina, Jill, and Kelly characters who attempt to track down the psycho before he can strike again.
19 Feb. 1996
Bash at the Beach
C.J. rescues pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, who then tells her, Cody and the rest of the Baywatch team that he's in town with fellow wrestler Randy Savage in trying to prevent the Venice Boys Youth Center that is faced with being closed down from his arch rival, pro wrestler Ric Flair and his gang, Kevin Sullivan and Big Van Vader. Flair then challenges Hogan and Savage into a grudge wrestling match for control of the youth center. Meanwhile, Stephanie is dating Mitch's old friend, Tom Morella, a dermatologist who diagnoses her with melanoma, which turns Stephanie into a nervous wreck.
26 Feb. 1996
Mitch is bullied by an old friend, named Tom, to go sky-surfing with him and Matt for the joy of the experience. But when Mitch's parachute fails, his life flashes before his eyes of his times at Baywatch as he plunges to his apparent doom. Meanwhile, tabloid reporters follow C.J.'s relationship with Mike Gardner, a pro football player.
18 Mar. 1996
Sail Away
Stephanie is recruiting lifeguards for the annual Lifeguard Sailing Regatta where they will compete with the lifeguards of South Bay. Stephanie, Caroline, Cody, Newman and Barnett sign on, including Neely who reveals that she has a personal grudge against the lifeguard in charge of the South Bay team, Kurt Daniels, who was her former boyfriend and Neely is determined to win the race to get back at him at any cost. Meanwhile, Mitch's PI boss, Ryan McBride, reveals that Joey has grandparents from back east, who arrive in town wanting permanent custody of Joey, and Mitch...
25 Mar. 1996
Lost and Found
Mitch and Caroline rescue a Vietnamese émigré who falls off a fishing pier and gets amnesia. Mitch then investigates and tries to find the Amerasian's father, a former Vietnam veteran-now a weather beaten fisherman, to talk to the amnesia girl. Meanwhile, C.J. meets a developmentally disabled, wheelchair bound man, named Jess, who's a comedian-wannabe who wants wheelchair access to the beach and she gets Cody, now working part-time at a bicycle shop (as a result of a sprained hand), to help Jess out.
22 Apr. 1996
Forbidden Paradise: Part 1
Mitch, Matt, Logan, Stephanie, Caroline and C.J. are invited to Hawaii for a week to oversee new lifeguard techniques and to take a few days of relaxation, where Stephanie is drawn to the head lifeguard Mark Keoala. Meanwhile, Logan becomes obsessed in competing in the Gary Lopez surfing competition which leaves him with no time for Caroline. Carlton Edwards, a bumbling photographer with an incredible amount of bad luck, causes problems for everyone in which it passes on to C.J. and even Stephanie who realize that a piece of lava rock is responsible.
29 Apr. 1996
Forbidden Paradise: Part 2
When Matt and C.J.'s romantic week is cut short when she is called back to Baywatch, he and Mitch take a boat trip to a remote island which turns into a nightmare when they struggle to find help and safety after Matt gets stung by a poisonous scorpion fish and they stumble into a village of primitive Hawaiian natives. Mitch and Matt get involved into helping a young villager, named Mai, who is harassed by her insanely jealous suitor, Mako, who's the only one not very enthusiastic to have Mitch and Matt in the village. Back on the North Shore, Logan tries to make it up...
6 May 1996
Last Wave
Kaye Morgan is reunited with her old boyfriend Wes Masters, a champion surfer in town wanting to finish his surfing career for good and settle down with her. But after a accident in which Wes suddenly dies, Kaye is struck with grief, as well as Wes's 10-year-old brother who's part of Kaye's sailing class. Meanwhile, Stephanie undergoes surgery for melanoma, with Tom as her doctor to persuade her to be brave and he ends up proposing marriage to her. Caroline's engagement to Logan takes a turn when Neely begins wooing him in wanting to land as a model for his swim wear ...
13 May 1996
Go for the Gold
While in training for underwater Olympic techniques, Cody and Stephanie find a rare Spanish gold medallion on the ocean floor and Cody becomes obsessed to find more gold, much to C.J.'s chagrin. But things take a turn when a couple of drug smugglers happen by to retrieve a package of cocaine they threw overboard and Cody gets the bends after rescuing Stephanie from the smugglers during a scuffle on the ocean floor. Meanwhile, a pack rat causes problems for everyone at Baywatch headquarters by stealing items from Neely and the other lifeguards. When the rat steals ...

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