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Season 5

26 Sep. 1994
Livin' on the Fault Line: Part 1
Logan Fower, a brash new lifeguard from Australia, arrives at Baywatch on a lifeguard exchange program and he and Matt don't get along at all because of Logan's rash attempts at life guarding. Stephanie is attracted to Riley Ferguson, a seismologist studying the increase of earth tremors. Stephanie's younger sister, Caroline, returns after leaving her husband and asks to stay with her and C.J. in their apartment With Summer gone away to college back east, Jackie Quinn sells her beach side restaurant and plans to move back to Pennsylvania as well. Everybody's plans ...
3 Oct. 1994
Livin' on the Fault Line: Part 2
After Mitch rescues Hobie, he helps Matt commandeer a news helicopter to rescue Jackie from her trailer on the cliff. Hobie also breaks out of his shaken state long enough to help C.J. save the homeless man trapped under wreckage of the pier. Meanwhile out in the ocean, Stephanie and some of the Baywatch team help to rescue Riley from the ocean floor, and after Logan disregards orders to retrieve a tremor monitoring device, he cuts a deal to be the cleanup person for an indefinite period.
10 Oct. 1994
Three months after the trauma of the massive earthquake, Hobie arrives back home after spending the summer in Ohio with his mother, Gayle, who asks Mitch marry her again in a formal ceremony on the beach. Everyone is delighted, except for Stephanie who still has feelings for Mitch. Meanwhile, Logan and Matt continue to clash with each other when they begin competing for the affections of Caroline. On the day of the wedding, the ceremony comes to a halt when the team has to rescue a group of people from a sinking fishing boat that hits an old submerged mine.
17 Oct. 1994
Baja Run
Former Baywatch lifeguard John D. Cort (the one with failing eye vision and the still-big ego) once again arrives back at Baywatch and asks Mitch to enter with him in a dune buggy race in Mexico. But Mitch is unaware that Cort wants to use the race to smuggle rare artifacts into the U.S. Meanwhile, Matt gives up on competing for Caroline after he starts spending time with C.J., but Logan becomes drawn to a wealthy widow at a posh beach club just up the beach.
24 Oct. 1994
Air Buchannon
Mitch and Stephanie are partnered for a 24-hour shift on a busy day where they help out each other with accident victims and even try to rekindle their lost romance once again. With his father away, Hobie falls for a new girl from his school and throws an ill-advised party at the house just to impress her. The next day, disaster narrowly avoids Hobie when he tries to stop two of his wild friends, J.B. and Connor, from flying Mitch's hand glider off a cliff.
31 Oct. 1994
Short Sighted
During junior lifeguard training sessions, Matt deals with Hobie's newest friend, Carter, who is ashamed of his father, Simon, who happens to be a dwarf. Meanwhile, Caroline and Logan pass rookie training to becomes Baywatch lifeguards. But when Caroline begins complaining about being uncomfortable working near Logan, Stephanie takes it upon herself to reassign Logan to another beach.
7 Nov. 1994
Someone to Baywatch Over You
Morgan Christopher, an attractive, but cynical, female FBI agent, arrives at Baywatch and poses as a lifeguard with Mitch at his tower in order to stakeout a beach front house where Tanya, the girlfriend of an escaped mobster, lives. But Morgan quickly drives Mitch angry over her callous attitude towards him and everyone at the beach. Meanwhile, a grateful Dutch tourist, named Greta, dogs Matt over saving her from drowning and is determined to repay him for rescuing her. Also, Stephanie considers going on a sailing cruse around the world with Riley.
14 Nov. 1994
K-Gas the Groove Yard of Solid Gold
Former reporter Kaye Morgan opens up her new restaurant on the beach called the Sandy Cay Cafe (formerly Jackie's Summer Place), and she has a grand opening by having a new radio station at the restaurant with DJ "Lomin' Large," who offers to promote a competition by giving out a rare gold coin worth $100,000 to the winner of a scavenger hunt which attracts thousands of people the beach, leaving Mitch's and Garner's hands full, and even Matt and C.J. joining in with the hunt.
21 Nov. 1994
Red Wind
A long hectic day at Baywatch begins when the sudden heat from the Santa Ana desert winds stirs up passions, and practically all the "weirdo's" swarm onto the beach, including the Tarot card reader, Destiny, who holds a tarot séance with C.J. as their group leader. Matt deals with overheated passionate lovers, and Caroline deals with a frantic man who thinks his daughter may have drowned, but no body is found. Meanwhile, Mitch deals with Kim, a young woman whom he saved from drowning 11 years ago, and who pursues him wanting to spend time with him. But Kim's jealous ...
28 Nov. 1994
I Spike
Mitch becomes attracted to Tracy Dodsworth, an Australian lifeguard-turned-hovercraft rescue expert, who arrives at Baywatch to demonstrate the merits of a mini-hovercraft who feels it can increase the value of saving lives. Meanwhile, Matt joins the pro-beach volleyball tour, but runs into all kinds of trouble over his volleyball partner and their rivals. C.J. also tries to spark a protest over the site of an offshore oil drilling platform, and Garner is struck with stage fright during amateur night at a blues club.
5 Dec. 1994
Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part 1
In the week before Christmas, Mitch and Hobie take in a strange 10-year-old girl, named Joey, who turns out to be a professional con artist on the run from a local bookie after Joey's mother Kyla, a drifter and professional hustler, has stolen $10,000 from the bookie. When Kyla lands in jail, Joey cons Hobie into helping her raise money in order to bail her out after she misplaces the package with the stolen cash. Meanwhile, C.J. helps out with a local church program for homeless children and is attracted to the young priest, Father Sam Ryan. A lonely and depressed ...
12 Dec. 1994
Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part 2
Mitch and Hobie finally learn the truth about Joey and her imprisoned mother from Garner, while Joey desperately tries to find the stolen cash that is sought after by the bookie and his henchman. Meanwhile, C.J. wonders if Father Ryan has a thing for her when he offers to resign from his church ministry. Mitch takes Tracy out for a romantic dinner at his lifeguard tower and finally gives her a White Christmas, courtesy of a snow machine given to him by Benny and his "elves".
30 Jan. 1995
Rubber Ducky
Logan goes to great lengths to get a green card to stay in the country by offering to marry Kathleen, the rich heiress that he has been flirting with for months now. But due to Caroline's jealousy, Logan instead decides to compete in a Rubber Ducky motorboat race with his Aussie partner, Gator, against Matt and Barnett in order to buy a green card with the $10,000 prize money. Meanwhile, Mitch's mother disapproves of him dating Tracy, but soon the roles are reversed when Mitch's mother begins dating a retired lifeguard, and Mitch becomes the one that disapproves.
6 Feb. 1995
Stephanie and Riley are returning from their long sailing trip in the ocean when their boat is stolen by a frantic environmental terrorist, named Corale, who takes Stephanie hostage with the intention to drive the boat laden with explosives into the new offshore oil drilling platform. Meanwhile, Garner falls for a young lifeguard, in which Mitch decides to play a practical joke on both of them by telling each other of their "hearing disabilities."
13 Feb. 1995
Seize the Day
Tracy finally tells Mitch her secret that she is terminally ill with cancer and only has a few weeks to live, and Mitch becomes determined to make the most what little time they have left together. Meanwhile, Logan and Caroline have a lot of problems on their hands in dealing with two reckless teenage kids on unregistered wave runners that are endangering lives at the beach.
20 Feb. 1995
A Little Help
Six weeks after Tracy's death, Hobie phones a radio call-in show for help to cure Mitch of his depression, and a young artist from San Diego, named Callie, responds to Hobie's call and he tries to get her to meet Mitch at the Santa Monica pier. Meanwhile, Logan becomes wary of intimacy with Caroline after she rescues and revives Ron, an angry and bitter former athlete infected with AIDS with a big ego and a serious death wish. Also, C.J. is in training for a upcoming ballroom dancing contest at the Malibu pier.
27 Feb. 1995
Father's Day
On Father's Day, Mitch is given a package by his mother, Irene, that belonged to his father dating back to 1988. But Mitch is hesitant to open it since his late father never approved of him being a lifeguard. Meanwhile, Logan is suddenly struck with fear whenever confronted by fire. After Logan freezes during a rescue of a boat fire, Caroline persuades him to see a therapist which resurfaces the memories of his father's death during a similar boat fire incident. Also, Matt doesn't look forward to Father's Day since his own self-serving father is never around.
24 Apr. 1995
Fire with Fire
Andy Jamieson, a part-time sheriff and an old friend of Mitch's, arrives at Baywatch wanting to fill out some time as a part-time lifeguard. But Mitch disapproves of Andy's ways at man-handling two belligerent vagrants that harass beach goers. Meanwhile, Logan tells Caroline that he's annulling his marriage to the heiress and asks a reluctant Stephanie for help to acquire a green card fast.
1 May 1995
Deep Trouble
Matt and C.J. find John D. Cort, now homeless and almost completely blind, living under her lifeguard tower in which C.J. questions his presence and it also brings up a slight case of jealousy in Matt. Meanwhile, Kaye introduces Mitch and Hobie to Nick, a 10-year-old boy dying from leukemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant within 48 hours. Mitch and Cort attempt to track down Nick's older bother brother Jamie, an archaeologist diver who has been kidnapped with his wife by a drug lord and his men looking to find a stash of narcotics lost in a wreckage 100...
8 May 1995
Promised Land
Mitch, Caroline and lifeguard Barnett rescue a pregnant Chinese woman from her raft in the ocean and Mitch soon becomes involved in tracking down the refugee's sister who's connected to smugglers bringing illegal Chinese refugees into the country. Meanwhile, Matt and Garner have their hands full on the beach in trying to break a robbery scam involving an attractive young woman who distracts guys so her boyfriend can steal their wallets out from under them. When Matt himself becomes a victim of the crafty couple, he makes the determination to catch them personal and ...
15 May 1995
The Runaways
Kaye hires Molly, a young Englishwoman panhandling on the beach, as a singing waitress at the Sandy Cay Cafe to boost business. In addition to wanting to be a famous singer, Molly also has a young teenage runaway girl under her wing, as well as her jealous and possessive fiancé from England shadowing her. Meanwhile, British daredevil stuntman Richard Branson arrives to set a new world record by water skiing from behind a blimp and Mitch and Matt have to handle the safety for the event. Also, Stephanie begins to get on Caroline's nerves once again when Stephanie tries ...
22 May 1995
Wet 'n' Wild
When a stunt show lead by Johnny Danger comes to Baywatch, Hobie and his friends are intrigued by Johnny and his motorcycle stunts. But Mitch and Garner are concerned after finding out that Johnny Danger encourages teen-age drinking. Meanwhile, Neely Capshaw, an attractive new lifeguard, arrives at Baywatch and is assisted by Matt. But when Matt discovers that Neely is a alcoholic who drinks while on the job, he reports her to Mitch. But Neely promptly shows her true devious colors by bringing sexual harassment charges against Matt and he is forced to fend for himself...

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