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Season 4

20 Sep. 1993
Race Against Time: Part 1
Mitch's ex-wife, Gayle, arrives back in town for a visit 'coldly' with her new fiancé, a wealthy businessman named Ken, in which Mitch has conflicting emotions about his ex-wife remarrying again and Hobie gaining 'out of character' interest in his potential step-father. Meanwhile, Matt doesn't know where he will live after he decides to stay in California rather than move to France with his parents. Summer's mother, Jackie, decides on a new career change for herself when she decides to lease a closed-down restaurant at the beach and call it "Jackies Summer's Place." ...
20 Sep. 1993
Race Against Time: Part 2
Mitch and the Baywatch lifeguards team up with the Coast Guard to rescue Hobie, Gayle and Ken from the submerged plane before the air pressure gives out. Hobie tries to comfort Ken, while Gayle is pined under steel beams. When Ken shows his true colors by cowering in fear, Hobie, when he should be saving oxygen for him'self,' tries to help his unconscious mother, without Ken's help. Elsewhere, Matt decides to move in with Stephanie and C.J. for a while after his domineering and self-serving father decides to financially cut him off after he refuses to move to France ...
27 Sep. 1993
Lover's Cove
While in junior lifeguard training camp, Hobie meets and falls for a terminally ill junior lifeguard girl, named Lauren, who Hobie tries to win her affections by taking her to a part of the beach known as Lover's Cove to get attached to her. Meanwhile, Summer feels an increasing attraction to Matt while her mother, Jackie, is now dating Mitch.
4 Oct. 1993
Former Baywatch lifeguard, John D. Cort, returns to Baywatch wanting to becomes a lifeguard again and tries to rekindle the flame with his former girlfriend C.J. But after a series of circumstances, she and Mitch discover that Cort is losing his eyesight to an rare eye disease, which he refuses to accept. Meanwhile, Hobie makes an unusual friend: a 7-foot tall giant from a carnival sideshow at the Malibu pier and who shows Hobie his pelican wood-carving skills.
11 Oct. 1993
Sky Rider
Summer becomes a nervous wreck after her former flame, Jimmy Slade, suddenly returns to town after months of traveling as a professional surfer, and both he and a jealous Matt compete for her affections. The stress of Summer's problems triggers her long-repressed bulimia. C.J. deals with her own romance problems when her current boyfriend, a hot-air balloon rider named Simon, won't take "no" for an answer to go away. Meanwhile, Garner begins to patrol the beach on horseback to help Mitch catch a pair of purse snatchers.
18 Oct. 1993
Tentacles: Part 1
While Hobie is away in Santa Barbara for a surfing meet, an escaped convict's wife, named Debra Harris, takes Mitch hostage aboard their yacht for Mitch to perform emergency surgery on her husband for a gunshot wound he got during his escape from prison. Meanwhile, Matt and Slade are still competing for Summer's affections when the three of them find a dangerous underwater cavern that houses a huge octopus... with an attitude. Summer's continuing secret battle with bulimia begins to catch up with her despite C.J.'s helping talk. Eventually, after Matt saves Slade from...
25 Oct. 1993
Tentacles: Part 2
On the boat, Mitch helps save the convict's life after the surgery, unaware that he and Debra plan to kill him anyway. Meanwhile, Stephanie's younger sister, Caroline, arrives in town for a visit with her fiancé, an environmental investigator, who has a near-fatal accident while out diving. Stephanie investigates and finds that Caroline's fiancé is targeted for murder by his ex-partner for getting too close to a chemical company secret.
1 Nov. 1993
Mitch becomes stricken with mixed emotions and feelings of guilt after he tries to rescue two small boys from drowning in an undertow and he can only save one, which leaves the other one to nearly drown.
8 Nov. 1993
Ironman Buchannon
While in training for California's annual Ironman competition, Mitch is taught various "spiritual" moves by a young zen freak woman, named Destiny, who develops a crush on Mitch after he saves her from drowning. Meanwhile, Matt, still living with Stephanie and C.J., takes a "night job" at hustling pool in order to pay for a new motorcycle from a shady woman who's trying to sell it to him. Garner videotapes a co-called documentary on Mitch in training, and Jackie plans with Ben to throw a surprise birthday party for Mitch. Also, Destiny gives Summer spiritual advice ...
15 Nov. 1993
Tower of Power
While Mitch, Garner and the rest of the Baywatch team deals with a street gang that have been hanging around at the beach and harassing swimmers, Stephanie falls for Carlos, the new lifeguard trying to get away from the gang he was once in and tries to rescue his sister from the gang's leader. Meanwhile, C.J. befriends a magician hanging out in front of her lifeguard tower whom she eventually rescues him from drowning during one of his escape stunts.
22 Nov. 1993
The Child Inside
Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton comes to Baywatch to stage a Special Olympics competition for the mentally disabled. At Mary Lou's urging, Mitch takes under his wing a mentally disabled teen, named Darnell, who tries too hard at winning than on the ethics of the competition. Stephanie befriends Sammy, a shy young girl with Down syndrome who doesn't try at all to believe in herself.
17 Jan. 1994
Second Time Around
Matt is surprised when his former motorcycle girlfriend Jesse, (from the episode 'Point Doom') who is now an aspiring model, arrives to shoot a video for an wave-runner advertisement. At Jesse's urging, Matt helps her discourage the video director's advances towards her and he soon becomes the target for murder by the jealous director, while Summer is struck with jealousy herself after learning of the past Matt had with Jesse. Meanwhile, Hobie buys a bargain electronic keyboard for himself as well as an acoustic guitar for Mitch, who gets childhood fantasies of being ...
24 Jan. 1994
The Red Knights
Ben Edwards doesn't look forward to a lifeguard reunion of his friends, called the Red Knights, over his walking disability when the rest of them are still fit and active. During a night on the town, Mitch, Ben and the other lifeguard trigger a barroom brawl between the retired lifeguards and a old rival team which disrupts Jackie's singing debut at the club. While Ben considers his resignation as the Baywatch captain, his very pregnant niece, Annie, goes into labor on the beach and Mitch has to help her.
31 Jan. 1994
Coronado del Soul: Part 1
Stephanie, C.J., Matt and Summer take a weekend vacation to San Diego to demonstrate water rescue procedures while staying at the famed Hotel del Coronado. Summer correctly begins to think that her hotel room is haunted, when she's a haunted by the ghost of a wealthy businessman who mistakes Summer for his lost love from a doomed love affair back in 1943. However, a skeptic Matt thinks it's all in Summer's mind. C.J. is drawn to a dolphin trainer, named Keith, at Sea World's theme park and Stephanie becomes attracted to San Diego's lifeguard captain. Meanwhile, Mitch ...
7 Feb. 1994
Coronado del Soul: Part 2
C.J. thinks about her future as she spends more time with Keith and helps to rescue a stranded dolphin. Meanwhile, the ghost who haunts Summer's hotel room, named Rupert, takes her to be the love of his life who betrayed him and plots to reenact the tragedy that drove him to suicide 50 years ago, while Matt tracks down the real elderly woman who was involved with the death Rupert. After Buzz accidentally falls off his schooner into the ocean, Mitch dives in after him and the two struggle to stay afloat while awaiting rescue. When Hobie and Kyle realize that their ...
14 Feb. 1994
Mirror, Mirror
An attractive wild young woman, named Mattie, and her plain twin sister, Gwen, arrive at the beach and vie for Mitch's affections. But Mitch is unaware that Mattie and Gwen are the same person, a woman with split personalities which soon lands Mitch in danger when Gwen's other personality, Mattie, means him physical harm. Meanwhile, Matt tries to confront his fear of sharks by going into a shark-infested part of the ocean with Summer.
21 Feb. 1994
The Falcon Manifesto
After rescuing a group of people from a sinking fishing boat, Mitch meets and falls for a mysterious woman named Kate McCoy, who's actually a reporter, named Catherine Larsen, probing the sale of military technology to foreign governments by a rogue government official. When Kate/Catherine suddenly dies on the beach of unknown causes, Mitch launches his own investigation, despite Garner's protest, and he soon becomes both a murder suspect by the police, and a marked man by a corrupt government agent who thinks Mitch knows about Catherine and her plans. Meanwhile, Matt...
28 Feb. 1994
Rescue Bay
After witnessing a rescue, a bumbling, ambitious TV producer, named Don Brand, decides to make a pilot movie, titled 'Rescue Bay', based on the life of the Baywatch team which results in chaos from everyone after observing their own "characters" in the show, including Garner's look-alike character, C.J. playing Stephanie's role, and Mitch caught in the middle of it all in playing himself.
25 Apr. 1994
Western Exposure
A country-western singer, named Jessie Lee Harris, arrives at Baywatch and after C.J. rescues him from a horde of his fans, he asks her to help him find his estranged wife and son living in the area. C.J.'s newest friend, Sadie, hopes to impress Jessie Lee at an amateur night at the local western club in hopes of wining a spot with his band. Meanwhile, Hobie's latest girlfriend, Bridget, develops a crush on Mitch.
2 May 1994
The Life You Save
After all the beaches are closed down by Los Angeles budget commissioners looking to cut back on funding for the lifeguard squads of Baywatch, Mitch and the team organizes a meeting on the beach with the three budget commissioners and some of the people rescued by the Baywatch lifeguards, which includes testimony from Gov. George Dickson (from 'Dead of Summer'), Charlie Dupree (from 'Sand Castles'), Memo Urueta (from 'Point of Attack'), among others, who try to convince the city budget official not to stop funding for the lifeguards.
9 May 1994
Trading Places
Stephanie goes to work with the Coast Guard to help crack an arms-smuggling ring in the area, and becomes attracted to a warrant officer, Scott Daniels, who tries to persuade her to overcome her fear of helicopters after she begins having nightmares of her father being killed in action in a helicopter crash in Vietnam over 25 years ago.
16 May 1994
Guys & Dolls
Matt rescues a shady teenage girl, calling herself Rachel, who turns out to be a con artist hiding from her mentor and ex-partner in crime who as come after a diamond stuffed doll that is being shipped in from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Stephanie continues her romance with Scott Daniels. But she becomes unsure about her future of being with him.

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