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18 Sep. 1989
Alien Nation
A bigoted human policeman in the L.A. of the future and his alien partner learn to live with each other's differences while attempting to solve a drug conspiracy hidden in the subculture of Los Angeles' newest immigrant population: extraterrestrials.
25 Sep. 1989
Fountain of Youth
Sikes' issues with aging are intensified when he learns that the Newcomer life-span is almost twice that of humans. The death of a police officer during surgery raises questions about the hospital.
2 Oct. 1989
Little Lost Lamb
Sikes tries to help a 16 year-old Newcomer prostitute. George deals with the intrusion of Uncle Moodri and his traditional Tenctonese values.
9 Oct. 1989
Fifteen with Wanda
Sikes and Francisco must each try to deal with their own problem children all while keeping a witness safe from a mob hit man.
16 Oct. 1989
The Takeover
While the city suffers a riot, Francisco and Sikes alone must defend their precinct house from a gang of thieves.
23 Oct. 1989
The First Cigar
Francisco comes under the scrutiny of the IRS and wrestles with the ethics of asking for a loan from an influential Newcomer that he has helped.
30 Oct. 1989
The Night of the Screams
As Halloween approaches, a series of Newcomer murders seems to follow the pattern of a Tenctonese myth.
6 Nov. 1989
The murder of an astronomer leads Sykes and Francisco to the discovery of an extra-terrestrial probe passing through the solar system. But is it friend or foe? Sikes' relations with his Newcomer neighbor, Cathy, develops. George and Susan discuss having another baby.
13 Nov. 1989
Three to Tango
A series of murders of Binnaum, a rare kind of Tenctonese needed for catalyzing reproduction, raises fears that Purists are trying to stop the Tenctonese from breeding. Francisco asks Albert to be the Binnaum for his and Susan's next child.
20 Nov. 1989
The Game
The Day of Descent, anniversary of the Tenctonese freedom from slavery, finds Francisco depressed. A lethal form of gambling from The Ship may be continuing on Earth.
27 Nov. 1989
Chains of Love
Sikes and Francisco seek an elusive Newcomer woman - all of whose dates wind up dead. George worries about Susan's fidelity.
18 Dec. 1989
The Red Room
A break in at a behavioral lab and a series of execution-style murders dredges up buried memories for Francisco.

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