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Alternate Versions

In the UK release (entitled Zombie Flesh Eaters 2), the actor Mike Monty (who plays General Morton), appears in the opening cast list, but in the end list don't. In the Italian version the actor is completely uncredited.
The Spanish Castilian DVD release by Filmax Home in 2004, presents a 84 minutes censored version. Most of the violent scenes are reduced.
The UK release (entitled Zombie Flesh Eaters 2), along with several other European prints, miss out a five minute pre-credit intro scene showing Dr Holder and his assistant trying to re-animate a corpse. This scene is included in the Japanese releases by Tokuma Video and Magnet DVD.
American DVD release by Media Blasters subsidiary Shriek Show contains the infamous pre-credit sequence missing from most prints, as well as two other full scenes cut from the original US version: one where the infected terrorist flees to a hotel and demands a room, and another where Nancy and Suzanna watch over Lia. Most scenes of violence also include material that was censored in earlier releases. The original print of the film was taken from the original 35mm Italian negative, while most of the additional material had to be taken from a 1-inch video master and is of noticeably poorer quality. This print of the film is the longest running version available.
In the Italian-language version, the characters who become zombies (including the radio DJ) have pitch-shifted "scary" voices when they speak.

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