Young Einstein (1988) Poster

Plot Keywords

beer marie curie
patent apple
absurdism cutting down a tree
thinking hare krishna
riding a bicycle song during end credits
didgeridoo singing
playing piano piano
blackboard playing guitar
screaming man microphone
crossing self hot air balloon
listening to radio radio
murder attempt record player
climbing through a window opening a window
dog penny farthing bicycle
lie male rear nudity
paris france woman disguised as a man
newspaper walking on a beach
character says i love you reading a letter
ayers rock writing a letter
falling out a window blonde
cockatoo woman in underwear
brunette taking a bath
lying on bed saying thank you
skeleton hopscotch
hotel climbing stairs
laughter man with glasses
sydney australia character says i'm sorry
looking out a window lizard
saying goodbye surfing
surfboard underwater scene
woman crying railway
compass hiccups
lantern playing violin
violin night
saying goodnight opening a door
hammer train
apology falling through a roof
horse riding ladder
falling from a tree mental asylum
apple pie year 1906
year 1905 voice over narration
scissors father son relationship
mother son relationship written by star
written by director produced by director
directed by an actor produced by actor
two word title babe scientist
charles darwin rock 'n' roll
directed by star australia
young version of character local blockbuster
tasmania tasmanian devil
orchard kitten
insane asylum historical fiction
electric guitar beer drinking
beer brewery atomic explosion
atomic bomb physics
character name in title

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