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Chicago Sun-Times
One of those entertainments where you laugh a lot along the way, and then you end up on the edge of your seat at the end.
USA Today
Though Weaver is by all accounts (mine included) in the real-life "none-nicer'" class, I've always suspected she might be great as a shrew. She is. [21 Dec 1988, Life, p.1D]
Intoxicating. [19 Dec 1988, p.78]
Entertainment Weekly
The movie was a major success for Melanie Griffith, sure, but it was as the secretary's boss ... that Weaver combined all of her star qualities, pulled in laughs, and took home an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
Los Angeles Times
Working Girl is the sparkling success that it is because of the sheer irresistibility of Melanie Griffith. [21 Dec 1988, Calendar, p.6-1]
Chicago Tribune
Griffith gives the fullest performance of her career; Weaver, the most likable, even though she's the villain of the piece. Michael Nichols directs his best film in years. [23 Dec 1988, Friday, p.A]
San Francisco Chronicle
An amusing trifle. [21 Dec 1988, Daily Datebook, p.E1]
Funny, touching, and ultimately tremendously buoyant--reflecting the optimism engendered by the short-lived 1980s economic boom-Working Girl is a "feel good" movie with some intelligence.
Christian Science Monitor
The movie's basic message is that lying and conniving are perfectly all right - as long as you're a swell person inside, like the pert character we're watching here. Working Girl is a fun movie in many ways - don't get me wrong. [25 Jan 1989, Arts, p.11]
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The laughs in Working Girl are the laughs of near-recognition - just good enough to make us wish they were much better.

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