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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

After the cart chase, when Willow and Madmartigan are hiding, enemy horses gallop past with the sound of barking dogs, but without any actual dogs to accompany the sound effect.
When Willow gives Elora to Madmartigan, what is heard is, "Goodbye, little one," when originally, he said, "Goodbye, Elora." It was after the scene was shot that the people realized that Willow didn't know Elora's name at this point.
After Madmartigan rolls down the hill inside the giant snowball, a watchman shouts out that the soldiers are coming. Given how long and fast it took them to slide down, how did they get there so fast? Also, you hear clear clip-clop hoof-beat noises from the horses as they trample through loose powdery snow.
When the brownies kidnap Willow and tie him up, he asks, "Where did you get that baby?" But the movement of his lips doesn't match what he's saying.

Character error 

The animal that Madmardigan calls a "muskrat," looks nothing like a muskrat.


Upon Willow's grand return to his village, his wife Kiaya can be seen in the crowd waiting to greet him. Later on in scene, she's surprised by her husband and runs to him.
In the opening scene, immediately following Elora's birth, Sorsha is speaking with a woman who sounds suspiciously like Bavmorda, and states, "She bears the mark." However, Sorsha leaves the cell saying, "I must tell my mother," which would imply that Bavmorda was not present in the cell. Further, the only two remaining people in the cell when Sorsha leaves (aside from the infant) are Elora's mother and the midwife, neither of whose voices sounds remotely like the woman's voice heard earlier. This would suggest that in an earlier version of the script, Bavmorda was intended to be in the cell when the child was born, but the scene was changed later and the dialogue not re-recorded.
Before the journey to return the Daikini baby, Willow is seen with the papoose on his back, then off, then he puts it on again.
While hanging in the cage, Madmartigan's hand goes from fiddling with a chain on the side to gripping the front bars between shots.
Madmartigan has his legs hanging out of the cage. In the scene directly following it, he has his legs in the cage and crossed.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Fin Raziel, as a goat, butts a soldier off the bridge, the hands of the goat wrangler can be seen guiding the goat to its target.

Revealing mistakes 

While sliding down the hill on the shield, runners are visible from the sled that was used.
While sliding down the snow hill on the sled, a very modern glove can be spotted on Madmartigan's left hand.
You can see the wire supporting Madmartigan when he is on the catapult outside the castle.
After the cart chase when Madmartigan and Willow get off the cart with the two back wheels missing, the rubber stunt wheel used to allow the cart to roll is visible in the center of the axle as it moves away from the actors.
Obvious stunt double and doll in some shots during the sled scene.
Just after Willow's wagon goes over the fallen tree during the cart chase, one of the horses steps on the tree and leaving an imprint showing that it is made of foam.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


While at Tir Aslean, Elora Dannan is taken from Willow by Kael, who gallops off with the baby in his arms. Yet as we see him quickly making his way through Arik's army he is holding no baby.


Just before the village scene fades out during the end credits, the villagers milling around in the distance disappear.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Willow's hair is wet when he returns from the island. In a deleted scene, Willow was caught in a massive storm and went underwater. While we do not see this in the main movie, we can infer that it happened none the less.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Scratches inexplicably appear on Fin Raziel's face after the battle. In a deleted scene, her face was scratched up in the battle with Bavmorda. While we do not see this in the main movie, we can infer that it happened none the less.

Revealing mistakes 

During the fight in the castle at the end, Bavmorda's magic turns a clear day into an overcast storm. However, in a few brief shots of the sky during the fight between Madmartigen and General Kael, the sky is blue and clear with a few white clouds.

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