Willow (1988) Poster


Plot Keywords

queen baby
village baby girl
river prophecy
evil queen swordsman
sorceress castle
journey dwarf
ritual council
children midwife
farmer prisoner
dungeon wizard
magic monster
destiny princess
abandoned castle road movie
apple fairy dust
exile wagon
horse and wagon animal bite
waterfall lake
rowboat boat
heavy rain rain
altar chopping down a tree
moat tent
battering ram catapult
kicked in the face punched in the throat
punched in the face fight
old woman trapdoor
hiding place hiding
sled falling down a hill
stepping in shit skeleton
crossroads turned into a bird
magic wand magic trick
mythical kingdom kingdom
killing a dog pretending to cry
nursemaid vomit
lock of hair acorn
orchestral music score escape
cat friend
campfire man dressed as woman
cross dressing magic spell
spell spear
horse riding braided hair
head scarf hugging
dancing crying baby
family relationships husband wife relationship
father daughter relationship father son relationship
bird poop farm
prefect little girl
little boy raft
chase dog
chased by a dog killed by a dog
birthmark newborn baby
kiss caged human
kissing redhead
one word title showdown
battle combat
hand to hand combat fictional war
lifting male in air carrying someone
exhaustion sick child
subjective camera lifting someone into the air
held at swordpoint surrealism
anti hero villain turns good
book of magic dark fantasy
cult film witch
talking animal mask
reluctant hero redemption
mother daughter relationship loss of friend
kindness frozen alive
catfight midget
self discovery mission
bodyguard apprentice
attempted strangulation tiger
tavern potion
ostrich muskrat
magic show magic dust
love potion island
forgiveness fire breathing dragon
falling from height dust
dog attack disguise
book best friend
barmaid animal attack
adultery adulterous wife
trust transformation
confidence pig
goat friendship
brownie the creature bird
miniature person human becoming an animal
turning into an animal two headed creature
love spell gender disguise
white magic villain
villainess villager
staff snow
smoke shield
revenge passionate kiss
mountain ingratitude
knife kidnapping
horse hero
heroine handshake
fairy dagger
crying crow
child kidnapping cage
blood soldier
black magic betrayal
adventurer warrior
warrior woman sword
sword and fantasy loyalty
good versus evil fortress
forest female soldier
courage tyranny
turned to stone poetic justice
sorcerer sadist
lightning dragon
sadism throat slitting
quest sword fight
curse christ allegory
snowball fairy tale
troll impalement
sword and sorcery levitation
part stop motion animation female warrior
tyrant martial arts
death of friend title spoken by character
character name in title

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