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In order to obtain a PG certificate by the BBFC in the UK, 34 seconds were edited for the theatrical version. The footage included the hounds attacking the midwife early in the film, the more graphic moments in the scene where a troll morphs into a two-headed dragon, scenes of bloody fighting, and scenes of Bavmorda turning people into pigs. The distributors also reduced the redness of the blood on Raziel's face during her battle with Queen Bavmorda, and toned down certain sound effects. Subsequent video releases were passed uncut with a PG, as the BBFC believed that the content in question would have less of an impact at home than in a cinema.
A deleted scene took place after Willow met Fin Raziel (as the muskrat) on the island. They left back on the boat, where a massive storm took place courtesy of Bavmorda's magic. Eventully, Willow is pulled under water and attacked by a fish/shark creature. A piece of the scene is shown in the "Making of Willow" documentary available on the DVD. Willow's hair is also noticibly wet when back on land.
The UK version edits the second sword thrust into General Kael when Madmartigan steps on the sword and drives it through him. It only shows Madmartigan step on the sword, then cuts to Kael falling. A scene during the battle between Bavmorda and Fin Raziel was deleted which actually showed where the scratches on Fin's face came from.
Also, during the fight at the castle towards the end, Willow zaps the troll with his wand, and 2 creatures emerge from its skin. In the UK version of this film, the bit where the creatures quickly rip the skin off of the troll is missing.

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