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Some versions include an extra sequence (called the "Pig Head Sequence"): Eddie Valiant had gone into Toontown, ambushed by the weasels and had a pig's head "tooned" onto his. He went home and took a shower during which Jessica walks into his apartment. This scene was cut from the original release, but did appear in theatrical trailers and a television broadcast. A scene cut from the theatrical version where Jessica rolls up her dress to reveal her stockings as she sits cross-legged is included in this sequence.
In the original theatrical run and the VHS and laserdisc releases, when Baby Herman storms off the set and puts his hand up a woman's dress, the middle finger of his hand is clearly extended. This was altered for the subsequent DVD releases.
In the original theatrical run and the VHS and laserdisc releases, when Jessica Rabbit and Eddie are thrown out of the cab there are a few frames where Jessica's underwear is visible, but the coloring is sometimes close to that of her legs, so that it has been mistakenly assumed that she is not wearing any underwear. This was altered for the first DVD so that she is more clearly wearing white panties. For the DVD release it was altered again, so that now, her dress covers her entirely.
In the broadcast TV version, Baby Herman laments "I got a 50-year-old lust in a 3-year-old body" instead of the original "I got a 50-year-old lust in a 3-year-old's dinky" though the original line was heard in TV commercials for the film's theatrical release.
The original film had a gag frame of Betty Boop where her dress was drawn too low in the front, revealing her nipples. The scene was edited before being released on video.
When Eddie Valiant approached a gorilla, who was guarding the entrance door of a lounge, he said, "Nice monkey suit." Then the gorilla responds, "Wise ass." On TV, the line was changed to "Wise guy", to make it more appropriate. The change was pretty noticeable, because the new voice was different from the gorilla's original voice.
For the 2003 Vista Series DVD release, the scene where Jessica and Eddie are thrown from the cab has been altered yet again. In this version of the scene, Jessica is actually entirely re-animated for several frames and falls much more gracefully, with her nether regions staying carefully hidden by her dress.
In the edited TV version, the punchline "Nice booby trap," was changed to "Nice goin', Jess."
Several brief scenes were cut after the initial release:
  • The gorilla picking up Eddie by the lapels after the line "Who are you calling a chump, chimp!"
  • The beginning of Roger's reaction as the weasels cross the road to Eddie's office
  • A brief dialogue exchange between Eddie and Smartass while Roger is hiding in the sink
Some versions, including the television version shown on FOX and CBS, have an extra scene: After leaving Roger with Dolores, Eddie Valiant attempts to break into Jessica Rabbit's dressing room and encounters an angry Judge Doom and the Gorilla. Eddie is then kidnapped by the Toon Patrol weasels and taken into Toontown, where they give him a "Toon-a-roo" (paint a cartoon face over your real one, in this case a pig). Eddie goes home and, using turpentine and paint remover, washes the pig-head off in the shower. During this sequence, Jessica enters his apartment (and the bathroom) and begins a conversation with him, the second part of which (after Eddie is partially dressed) is in the theatrical cut of the film. The theatrical cut tries to cover-up the missing footage by placing a toilet flush on the soundtrack as Eddie exits his bathroom. This deleted scene is included as a special feature on the DVD.

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