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"Minor" rather than "bad"
dinky-43 January 2008
Hey. c'mon. Taken for what it is -- a low-budget variation on "Top Gun" aimed largely at the straight-to-video market -- this qualifies as an adequate time-killer. It moves along just fast enough and offers just enough action to hold the interest of its target audience, it's easy on the eyes, and it's generally unpretentious. What's more, it has a torture scene involving whatever-happened-to Cully Holland. The bad guys strip off his shirt, tie him between two tanks, and proceed to s-t-r-e-t-c-h him, all the while poking at him with a sword and laughing at his predicament. It's not all that much as torture scenes go -- the average frat initiation has more zest -- but Holland is one of those born-to-be-tortured guys: good-looking, well-built, and with a cocky attitude that makes you long to replace his smirk with a shriek. Co-star Jim Eldert doesn't get captured and tortured but at least the script gives him a "beefcake" moment and he, like Holland, looks good with his shirt off. As Captain Salim, Rick Anthony Munroe makes a laughably obvious villain.
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So Bad it is Wonderful
mrquat17 April 2007
Top Gun it ain't. But is a gem quite worth seeing. Just stay awake, it will be worth it! There is a sort of a plot. It is a plot of about 2 acres of old military vehicles. That is best part of all-- the work shot at a humble tank museum/parking lot in South El Monte, CA. You will enjoy actors pretending to drive mothballed tanks just as a child would pretend to drive his parent's parked car! The film appears to use stock footage of Israeli Air Force. I found a copy when my video store was selling off old tapes in the discount bin. It is a cherished find. There must be someplace it can be put to DVD. Better to wait for the genuine article... imagine the voice-over commentary!
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An Ed Wood Wannabe!!!!!!
easygoing846 March 2003
I use to own this movie. I forget how I came across it, but the movie was so atrociously bad, that I would loan it out to friends and family. But before loaning it out, I would purposely talk it up, like it was the best thing to come along since Top Gun. Well needless to say, I reaped misery on quite a few unsuspecting relatives and friends. This movie was so hokey than it put Ed Wood's "Plan Nine From Outer Space" to shame. I really wish I still had it, because I had a lot of fun with this bomb. Unfortunately one of my victims never returned it. It is rumored that it met an untimely death in a dumpster somewhere along Alligator Alley.

Rest In Peace Warbirds, I miss you...
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This movie should be titled Stinkbomb.
khelbig16 October 2002
OK, granted, I haven't seen this movie in 13 years or so... but the memory of watching it has scarred me for life. I don't know what's worse about this movie. The fact that it followed top-Gun's plot almost exactly, except with bad acting and corny lines or the enemies sitting around on trucks yelling the whole movie. If you want a good laugh or just want to be awe-struck... Avoid this movie at all costs, it's so bad the memory of it will keep you up at night. Shame on whoever made this movie.
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Where's the bucket?
Kain-0019 May 2001
Unless you are a sucker for punishment... Do not watch this movie. It is very bad! It said that it was supposed to be a sort of continuing story following Top Gun. Words cannot really describe how awful it is. My rating 1/10
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SpaceAce-420 May 1999
This movie is so bad, in every way, that the one line summary just about covers it!

There's no action, no excitement, no special effects, no script, no acting, no nothing. So do yourself a BIG favor - and do not watch this so called movie!

I regret it bitterly and it's the worst movie experience of my entire life. YUK!
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