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Arnold Schwarzenegger later worked again with Marshall Bell in 1990's "Total Recall".
Schwarzenegger got 20% of the profits, and made $35,000,000 through international sales, video/DVD sales and TV screenings. He earned more money from Twins (1988) than any of the Terminator movies.
Two real life twins were reunited with their father after seeing him in the scene set in downtown Santa Fe.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has always wanted to do a sequel, called Triplets with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy as a third long lost brother. DeVito pitched script ideas back in 2003 but Schwarzenegger was too busy running for governor. DeVito agreed with his decision but doubted he would become governor.
Clint Eastwood visited the set the day they shot the scene with Julius singing on the plane. He remarked to Arnold Schwarzenegger "I didn't realize you had such talent."
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Hulk Hogan have all revealed in interviews that Schwarzenegger and DeVito were given the option of doing this movie or Suburban Commando (1991); had the two chosen Suburban Commando, Hogan and Christopher Lloyd would have done this movie.
The money was not available to pay to the two main stars and the director their normal fees. They decided to split a percentage of the gross profits between the three of them and ended up making more than they would have made taking their fees upfront because the film was such a hit.
Universal needed to know if Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Ivan Reitman were committed very early on because they were under deadline. They made the deal on a napkin at lunch with agents; they signed it and DeVito then had it framed.
Arnold Schwarzenegger had been wanting to do a comedy for years after several action movies; Twins (1988) was his opportunity.
Throughout the movie, Julius tells everyone he meets that he is from an island (shown at the beginning of the movie) in the South Pacific 300 nautical miles (350 miles) SSW of the Fiji Islands. Although the island depicted in the movie is fictional, there is indeed a VERY small island 350 miles in the SW/SSW direction of Fiji known locally as Ceva-I-Ra. Ceva-I-Ra (also known as Conway Reef) is an atoll-type coral reef stretching just under 2 miles long with a tiny sand cay (with some vegetation) in the center approx. 2 hectares in area.
When Julius visits Vincent in prison, Vincent calls him "Mr. Universe", a title that Arnold Schwarzenegger held for several years, 25 years previously.
The original title was "The Experiment" but it was dropped because of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Germanic background.
Danny DeVito made pasta, espresso and sambuca for the actors.
After the surprise success of the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger started getting comedy scripts sent to him.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito would both later go on to star as Batman villains: DeVito as The Penguin in Batman Returns (1992), and Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin (1997).
When Julius goes to his mother's old house and meets up with Granger (one of his and Vincent's six fathers), Granger's grandchildren are played by Jason Reitman and Catherine Reitman -- the real-life children of director Ivan Reitman.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Ivan Reitman were all realistic and levelheaded about business and thought Twins (1988) might be a difficult sell. But when watching the dailies they knew the film was a hit after people laughed at six takes of a scene.
Even though their characters are supposed to be twins, Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually three years younger than Danny DeVito. Kelly Preston and Chloe Webb's characters are also supposed to be twins, but Webb is six years older than Preston.
When Julius and Vincent passes each other outside the cinema. The marquee outside the Grauman's Chinese Theater lists the film Willow (1988). "Willow" was released in the United States on 20th May 1988. "Twins" was released in the United States on 9th December 1988.
Ivan Reitman sat in on test screenings to know what to change.
Heather Graham had an uncredited cameo as young Mary Ann Benedict.
During production the title was briefly changed to 'Brothers' to avoid confusion with David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers (1988) which was at that time also called 'Twins'.
Filmed in Los Angeles, New Mexico and Oregon.
Director 'Ivan Reitman' would work together again with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Junior (1994), which failed to capture the magic of "Twins".
Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only castmember who was Republican; all the others were Democrats.

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