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Plot Keywords

radio radio station
neo nazi radio talk show
two word title night job
hanging up on someone main character shot
death of main character ends with death
colleague colleague relationship co worker
shot in the stomach reference to the beatles
radio studio reflection in a window
rant loudmouth
close up of mouth character says i love you
having picture taken camera flash
calling someone an idiot reference to megadeth
sticking out one's tongue reference to prince
reference to patti smith dead air on the radio
radio station manager radio show host
radio executive radio silence
radio producer radio host
radio program radio broadcast
radio phone in radio call in show
reference to keith richards reference to mick jagger
reference to julianne phillips reference to bruce springsteen
male with long hair giving the finger
reference to charles manson reference to john hinkley
reference to bernhard goetz reference to david berkowitz
reference to william luther pierce conversation
telephone conversation reference to the holocaust
reference to the vietnam war caught cheating on wife
cheating husband kiss on the lips
reference to the bee gees character says i hate you
reference to marie osmond pepsi cola
store clerk clothing store
flashback sequence cigarette smoking
smoking man ex wife
ex husband ex wife relationship booing
texas dallas texas
throwing a drink on someone throwing a drink in someone's face
character is recognized by a member of the public being asked for an autograph
nazi flag dead rat
jewish american reference to ted bundy
bomb threat package
suspicious package headphones
headset racial slur
ethnic slur n word
reference to larry king reference to adolf hitler
critique of capitalism dialogue driven
hate controversy
shock jock telephone call
crank reference to national enquirer
reference to lucille ball tragic ending
shot to death murder
telephone hostage
cinema verite neo nazism
bad to the bone radio dj
talk radio death threat
based on novel based on true story
based on play independent film

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