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  • One of the funniest films featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the Emmy® Award nominated show's 11-year run, Space Mutiny is a hilariously bad sci-fi epic that's guaranteed to have you in stitches. Combine a wardrobe of spandex and tinfoil; a set boasting AstroTurf® and spray-painted floor buffers; and special effects that, well, aren't so special, and you've got one of the most hysterical cheeseball movies to ever come out of the '80s. Grab your friends and have a riot with this underground cult hit!

    - Written by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
  • The story of a group of people who want to get off their space ship and land on a planet - any planet, but are having troubles with a group of other folks on board who want to sabotage the ship to make it land on a planet - any planet. It's up to Buff McLarge Huge and the power of yelling to save the... I guess day.

    - Written by dylan-burke-bowman
  • In the distant future in deep space, the large colony spaceship Southern Sun travels through the galaxy. On board, the evil Kalgan (John Philip Law) and his men take control of the ship through a violent and explosive mutiny. Kalgan's plan is to scrap the ship and sell the passengers into slavery. One man, (Reb Brown) decides to make a stand and encourages others to fight against Kalgan's rebels. Armed with laser cannons and neutron grenades, he leads the Commander's daughter and a handful of soldiers into a blasting battle to re-take the ship.

    - Written by Larry B.
  • A pilot is the only hope to stop the mutiny of a spacecraft by its security crew, who plot to sell the crew of the ship into slavery.

    - Written by Kyle Palkowski


Set sometime in the distant future the intra-galactic space-colony-ship Southern Sun (which bears a strong resemblance to the Battlestar Galactica) is on a multi-generational trip to a new settlement...

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