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not that bad.

Author: thereisnocoolname from indianapolis, indiana
23 July 2003

this movie is not as bad as the above rating might lead you to believe. it's not that good either, but is just an average ultra low budget thriller. one thing it does have going for it is the cinematography, which a much better then the standard, follow the characters around only, type stuff you usually see. however the director clearly had big ambitions, but was unable to hold the movie together, and as a result the entire film feels wrong somehow, like a piece is missing. anyway i wouldn't highly reccomend it, but at least it manages to be interesting.

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Not really good, but far from terrible

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
2 May 2011

Although this movie is far from good, it's interesting in that it is one of those movies that seems to be made in a place far outside the usual Hollywood cinematic universe (in this case, Nebraska). The plot involves a former biker turned clean-cut college student who suspects that three private-school party girls may be responsible for the accidental death of his mentally retarded brother. He recruits two of his(rather resentful) former biker buddies and they trick and kidnap the three girls. Strangely, he seems to conclude the girls weren't actually at fault, but things get out of hand when the most deranged biker and the most sex-crazed girl pair off and go to an old cemetery...

The only recognizable "star" of this strange, obscure movie is Michelle Johnson who had earlier appeared in "Blame It on Rio" (Demi Moore's first movie) at the tender age of eighteen, and she spent so much time naked or in a bikini in that that no one seemed to notice that she wasn't really much of an actress. Her subsequent roles were all fully clothed ones, but her acting didn't really get any better. This is actually probably her best (acting) performance just because here she's at least at the same level as everyone else. The dialogue actually isn't too bad at all, but actions of the characters are often completely illogical. It's hard to believe even the most sex-mad party girl would willingly go off alone with a crazed biker who just kidnapped her and threatened her life, and the other two girls barely react to their friend's fate. The weak acting and the illogical actions by pretty much all the characters make it hard to really identify with anyone here.

Still, the GENERAL story is kind of different and interesting. And this movies makes great use of eerie Nebraska locations--a deserted factory, a rural graveyard, a foreclosed-upon farm in the middle of nowhere (complete with the body of a dead farmer!). Although it's obviously not in the same league (and it might be a rather dubious achievement) this movie manages to capture the spirit of rural Nebraska more than any other movie I've seen aside from "Boys Don't Cry". And if you're a fan of the War song "Slippin' into Darkness" this movie certainly makes liberal use of it. This is not really good, but it's also far from terrible

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Not a bad movie, but far from excellent

Author: one4now4 from Ft. Worth, TX, USA
3 April 2004

To me, this movie looks like the type of flick that came out of an instance where someone saw "River's Edge" and loved it so much that it inspired them to try to make a similar movie. That said, this movie isn't as bad as it could be while it isn't as good as it should be. In it, three teen girls (two snobby, spoiled ones and one humane, shy one) end up getting the blame placed on them for the death of a mentally retarded guy. The police aren't about to do a whole lot, and the dead guy's brother is so distraught and angry that, without any true hard proof, he gets some ex-biker buddies together to go along with him to a museum during a school field trip, where they persuade the chicks to come with them to an old factory. There's a pretty aggressive interrogation, but nothing really happens at all. As they're about to let the girls go, they start splitting up and having one-on-one situations. One of those situations isn't so friendly, though, and the most warped biker out of the bunch ends up choking one of the girls to death in a graveyard. Then, everybody left goes on the run as the killer's sanity continues to unravel up until a surprisingly gory scene that I feel compelled to believe was ripped-off in that 2001 "Joy Ride" movie. Then you've got your betrayals and things to this nature as people turn on each other in order to either find out the truth about the retarded kid's death, or to keep it hidden. I found this movie mildly entertaining, but some parts (including the ending and the title song that they play throughout the film) were just damn irritating. This really is the kind of movie where the insane killer seems more human than everyone else (even more than that aforementioned nice, shy girl), and that doesn't seem altogether intentional here. Now, let me make it clear that I've seen movies much worse than this because, as I said, it's not terrible. At the same time, I find it the easiest to rate with stars the movies that are just of fair quality, no more, no less. I could easily rate this with three stars at the generous most.

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Not even close to garbage.

Author: susrnlds from Auckland
26 January 2004

This movie is deplorable. As the title suggests, the movie slips into darkness, together with many other unknown bad movies. Even the character names are third-rate.

The only thing that caught my interest is the poor dog that appears a few times in the movie - first it gets hit by a car, then it is abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Unless you enjoy watching really bad movies -the kind that you would only find at some forsaken corner of a very small and dirty video store-, I recommend you stay away from this one.


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Author: ActOne from Orlando, FL
16 December 2006

Years ago, I owned a video store and I took this home one night to watch it.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen on video -- illogical; poorly acted, written, directed and produced -- this belongs in a massive garbage heap at the very bottom!

Michelle Johnson has never been known for her quality acting choices, probably due to the fact that she is a beautiful girl who cannot act her way INTO a paper bag, let alone OUT of one!

I strongly advise anyone reading this to run as fast as you can from this stinker!

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