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An entertaining change for a horror film

Author: Tikkin from United Kingdom
26 May 2006

Rejuvenatrix isn't really a proper horror film in my eyes, but it makes a nice change from the norm and is entertaining throughout. The story involves an old wealthy woman who wants to be young again, and is investing vast amounts of money in a "serum" that will make her young. She gets her wish, but the catch is that after the serum wears off, she is transformed into an old hag with a taste for blood. There are some respectable gore scenes such as a woman's brain being pulled from her head, and a nurse splattered against a wall. But the tone of Rejuvenatrix is different from a slasher film so these scenes don't seem as cool as they normally would. Still this is thoroughly entertaining, it never really gets boring, and there's some decent gore - what more can you ask for? It also provides some interesting views on the debate of 'growing old gracefully'.

I wouldn't recommend this to slasher fans, but those who love all styles of horror film should enjoy it.

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A good horror movie in my opinion.

Author: willywants
30 January 2004

A rich actress who has gotten too old for leading roles employs a scientist who is working on a formula for eternal youth. The formula involves withdrawing certain fluids from the human brain. She takes the serum, but its unforseen side effects turn her into a murderous monster. Brian Thomas Jone's "The rejuvenator" is a surprisingly gory and ambitious horror outing, with a ambitious plot and some excellent make-up effects. Granted, it lacked down-to-Earth characters, but if you liked films like "Society" and "Re-animator", the The Rejuvenator may be up your alley. The final transformation sequence is astounding!

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Brief immortality ..........

Author: merklekranz from United States
23 November 2013

"Rejuvenator" is a fresh spin on the immortality theme. Aging actress, Vivian Lanko, puts the squeeze on a doctor, John McKay, who's rejuvenation experiments she is funding. Pressed to use the youth serum he is developing before it is perfected, he injects Lanko with disastrous results. This fountain of youth story flows nicely, the script includes interesting characters, and touches of dark humor. The make up effects are especially interesting, and the whole production has class not usually associated with the horror genre. Fans of "Re-Animator" should seek out this impressive, similar film. .............. - MERK

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Old Woman Becomes Young Monster

Author: horror7777 from New York
30 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(Includes spoilers) Yup, that's the plot. A rich old woman wants to become young again. So she takes a serum to make her young again, even though the doctor warns her that it's not been tested yet. THE REJUVENATOR really isn't a bad film, but it's ruined by silly acting. Variety was right. The film does have elaborate (to say the least) make up effects but it lacks down to Earth characters. I hardly felt for the old woman after her many transformations. But still it's a fun effort to keep slasher films going. **out of****For a mostly fun ride. Most hardcore horror fans should be at least mildly entertained.

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Jekyll and Hyde type tale in which a female keeps changing into a hideous monster with an urge to kill

Author: Chris Jones from Perth, Australia
17 January 1999

Would you risk everything to be young again? Would you willingly be a guinea pig in an experiment to reverse ageing? Juvenatix's answer to this is yes. And the result is a Jekyll and Hyde type tale where the guinea pig in question keeps changing from a young female into a hideous monster with an urge to kill. The special effects in this movie are well worth seeing , especially the part were she transforms for the last time. Lowlight : Attractive lab assistant gets the top of her skull knocked off.

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Did you like it Doctor? Yes I did Doctor.

Author: Greenzombidog from United Kingdom
16 July 2013

This is an 80's movie which mixes the Jekyll and Hyde story with the body horror sub genre that was popular at the time of this movies release. An aged actress desperate to maintain her youth has been funding a scientist who has been trying to create a serum to reverse the ageing process. Well the acting granny has gotten bored with waiting and demands he tests his serum on her. Had she seen the doctors collection of deformed lab rats she may have reconsidered. Well the serum works for a while but then her head gets big and pulsating. He tries to rectify it but obviously it doesn't work out, cue blood and gore.

I really like this movie. It has great old school prosthetic effects some pretty cool music and acting that's not that bad. It has a few of those odd things that make a movie memorable like the night watch man who has the voice of a cartoon character, the fact all the scientists constantly refer to each other as doctor In every conversation. Also nearly everyone in this film has a secret crush on someone. The main woman when she starts transforming nearly always does a really dramatic spin either away from the camera or towards it with her hands in a startled pose. I find these sort of things endearing in a movie and they make it more likable despite its obvious short comings.

If you like these 80's horrors this is definitely worth seeking out and the end gore sequence is just brilliant.

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Gory tale about science gone wrong

Author: joseangeles from United States
6 July 2007

A washed up actress resorts to eating the brains of a few unfortunate people who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. She does this to stop from mutating into a gruesome creature. She became a creature in the first place because of an experiment to regain her youth gone wrong. Apparently brains contain something that can transform her back to normal. Seems like a b-movie with a convenient set-up to show off some splatter but the story is actually full of rich character development and a strong tragic story. It plays out like a compelling "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" type drama that lectures on the ethics of science and how money can't buy back time. There's a pretty good amount of gore and blood with the brain eating violence and also with the slimy and gooey ending that looks like something out of the movie "Society" which had surreal special effects.

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An almost unknown 80's gore fest, what a crime!

Author: Prolox from Canada
1 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having seen the VHS box art many times when I was a kid, THE REJUVANATOR (The title I saw it under) was a film I always wanted to see but I was to chicken to check it out. Just recently I was able to find an old VHS copy (As far as I know this hasn't got a DVD release yet) & let me tell you I regret not seeing this earlier! THE REJUVINATOR is a squishy, gory crowd pleaser that should please all horror fans, with awesome special effects, great monster make-up, good acting & directing (The latter two is the least you would expect coming from a 1980's horror flick!) the film is pretty decent & manages to keep you hooked & always has some awesome special effects that should put a smile on any & all horror fans faces. In it, an ageing actress funds a doctors attempts at creating a youth serum, & guess what it works!......for a while....Soon she finds herself transforming into a disgusting looking old hag before mutating into a bloodthirsty creature that loves ripping the brains out of people heads & sometimes ripping their heads off! If you ever stumble across a copy of this, I highly recommend it! Rent it (or better yet buy it!) you wont be disappointed, Just think of your mom's/sisters/aunt's/ grandma's, favourite cheesy soap opera crossed with RE- ANIMATOR & you'll get the picture!

**** stars

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A guilty pleasure gem in the vein of lovecraft's re-animator

Author: steve-lenda from United States
28 December 2005

The movie has all the elements of a classic horror flick which tetter-totters into the realm of a cult classic! The actor John Mackay who plays Dr. Gregory Ashton is a gifted actor whose obvious stellar acting talents, unfortunately, were never quite tapped. He really sets the stage through his determination, frustration and burning of the midnight oil to generate the elixir of regenerated youth. Dr. Germaine is the thorn in Dr. Gregory Ashton's side in his unrelenting pursuit of this scientific breakthrough! The movie in a nutshell plays out where an aging movie actress desires to reassume the beauty and fame she had in her younger years and Dr. Ashton's sole purpose of his research is to make her wishes come true. Now once, he makes her youthful again and wants to publish his findings she uses her new sensuality to keep him quiet through seductive measures. Next, now this goes out to anybody out there-Does anybody have any music or even heard of the Poison Dolly's female metal band that performs in the movie? All in all, if it had a bigger budget or was remade today with the movie industries newer special effects technology and so forth it might grab a wider audience. I titled this review with a nod toward Lovecraft's work of Herbert West-Reanimator which by the way was a movie based on that work from the 80's!

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The Rejuvenator.

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
9 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A wealthy, self-absorbed, withering actress, Ruth Warren(Jessica Dublin) demands to be a guinea pig in an ongoing series of experiments she's been funding for three years. Dr. Gregory Ashton(John MacKay)has almost perfected a serum which can reverse the aging process, but still hasn't quite succeeded at synthesizing it without the need for cadavers' brain fluid. This breakthrough would provide Ruth with the youth that she desires, tiring of being stuck in an old body, longing to be beautiful again. Despite his warnings, Ruth insists on taking the serum, and Ashton reluctantly agrees..shortly afterward, the results are staggering. Looking as she did in her younger days, Ruth, now taking the alias of Elizabeth(Vivian Lanko), wishes to celebrate her new found freedom, but a price comes with this..the serum's not perfected and Elizabeth's body suffers monstrous side effects. Needing more and more of the serum to return to her human form, Elizabeth is building a tolerance and Ashton is running out of brain fluid needed to keep her from turning into a hideous carnivorous beast.

Superb ghastly monster design make-up enhances this Mad Scientist movie. The film has familiar traits that identify with other sci-fi horror films of the past in that a scientist will do whatever it takes to succeed, accepting bodies for his experiments without knowing how they were retrieved. After he discovers what Elizabeth has done, killing innocent victims for their brains, Ashton still forges ahead despite the fact that he understands what kind of monster he has created. Brian Thomas Jones(..also the director)and Simon Nuchtern develop back stories for their small cast..we see how each character longs for another. Elizabeth(..when young, beautiful, and full of life)devours men, and embraces night on the town, enjoying her supposed new lease on life. She's a selfish creature who is willing to commit murder in order to retain this youth she's been given, and Ashton struggles endlessly to discover that key element needed to perfect his breakthrough, knowing that if he doesn't, Elizabeth will continue to destroy innocent lives. Katell Pleven is Ashton's loyal, hard-working assistant, Dr. Stella Stone, who's in love with him. Her contributions have lent a great deal to Ashton's work, helping him strive to succeed while Dr. Germaine(Marcus Powell), a colleague of Gregory's father's, wishes for his experiments to cease..Germaine considers him an unethical scientist whose unorthodox theories are a threat to the medical community and will attempt to stop him in any way possible. James Hogue is Elizabeth's long-time butler, Wilhelm, who loves her with all his heart, and doggedly remains by her side, no matter what. While Elizabeth and Ashton have an affair, Stella and Wilhelm yearn for it to end(..the filmmakers establish fantasies where Stella and Wilhelm dream of embracing Gregory and Elizabeth).

But, these little stories serve as minor back ground to supply characterization within a monster movie where a creature kills to remain lovely and young while the scientist who made this happen suffers to solve the crisis, with a bureaucrat breathing down his neck, trying to find something to incriminate him. What Ashton doesn't know is that his security guard, Tony(Louis Homyak)is spying for Germaine, and this will cost both men dearly. Features some potent graphic violence as the monster goes on a rampage, removing brains from the heads of victims, when she isn't killing those who get in her way. As in most films regarding "dangerous" science, the scientist ultimately pays the price for attempting to alter with the life cycle as it has been, and those involved suffer the consequences as well. This was a nice surprise, thanks to an internet pal, I had the opportunity to see it. Yet another science fiction sleeper worth pursuing in the 80's which deals with the effects of attempting to change the way life works..the scientist and his patient, both hellbent on accomplishing the impossible, pursuing the seemingly unattainable achievement.

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