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This is a movie kids must see

Author: Franklin McAlister III ( from United States
24 September 2004

This movie is a good movie no matter what some others may think about how the purple people eater's apearence is because it shows respect to all people who are above the age of 60 years old. The way it shows respect is it shows that a group of kids who are in their early teens with the help of an alien are able to stop an evil landlord from trowing several elderly people out on the street just because he thinks that younger people don't like older people. This movie also has good old songs in it that are a whole lot better to listen to than the new songs that are coming out now. If all kids who are under ten years old were to watch this several times they would learn to show respect to all of those who are older than them. This movie should be released back on video and for the first time on DVD!

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Excellent film, must be seen by all! :-)

Author: klustor from Wales, UK
12 April 2003

I saw this film as a child, and to be honest I really enjoyed it and it was one of those films that stuck in my head. Ignore the comments, if you can find this rare and treasured film then make sure you see it! I would give it 6 out of 5, just for it's pure excellence.

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Funny, off-beat kids movie.

Author: CalifLS from California
14 January 2001

Fast-paced and full of surprises like Little Richard, Chubby Checker and great 50's cars. Low-budget but innovative. Kids will love it. And adults will like the musical oldies. Many of the kid actors became well known years later - Neil Patrick Harris ("Doogie Howser") Thora Birch ("American Beauty") Dustin Diamond ("Saved By The Bell") and Shelley Winters and Ned Beatty were already known. A kids classic.

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Purple People Eater

Author: Heather Evans from United States
12 July 2006

I am absolutely in love with the Purple People Eater! I think that every young child should watch it at least once. When i was a child i would never stop watching it. The purple People Eater is one of the most cutest aliens ever. I wish that Disney would start showing and re-releasing all of the old classics. Children these days needs to watch good movies besides all of the all computer animated movies that are being produced these days. The usage of all the old songs were great! Those were the days they actually made good rock n roll. all in all i love the movie the Purple People Eater! It is a classic and if they re-released i'd be one of the first ones to purchase it.

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This is an awesome movie! I love purple people eater!

Author: iamapenguin86 from United States
1 November 2005

Purple people eater is a classic! There is no way anyone with a camcorder could do better! I would definitely rent this and watch and take back to my family to see! This movie is really cute and families can sit down and watch it together! Plus, the theme song is off the hook! Anyone who doesn't like it is outta their mind! Every one i know loved it, i haven't heard one bad thing about it, ever. My whole family enjoys it, and their ages rank from 43 to 6! this movie is definitely one of a kind and should be watched by everyone! The purple people eater himself totally rocks, i would highly recommend everyone going out and renting this and taking it back to their families to watch and enjoy! I LOVED IT!!

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I love it!

Author: Meagan from United States
22 June 2007

I watched this movie when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it! In fact it was one of my favorites. Sure it was childish and a lot different from today's standard of movies, but hey i loved it! Of course there are no special effects, fighting, loud booms, and stuff. It's extremely kid friendly. I would say it's best for the really young ones who still like barney or us older ones who watched it when we were younger. None the less, I completely disagree that this is a waste of time. I enjoyed it and still do. I guess it just depends on the type of person you are. You're not going to find Violence, explosions, car racing, cursing or guns on this one. Just singing and fun.

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Learn it Live it Love it!

Author: mktmcgowan
29 October 2003

Purple People Eater is the best. I love this movie. If it would be re-released I would by it. Cause it's been my favorite movie sense forever!!!! I wish they would rerelase it or at least show it on TV again. IT would be worth it!!

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Classic kids' film based after the 1950's song

Author: from United States
14 January 2007

Purple People Eater is such a fun movie for kids and if you watched it first when you weren't a kid, you will never quite get how good it is. The original Sheb Wooley novelty song has sold over 100 million copies and the film is as classic and funky as the original song. The film is low budget but taps into kids' imagination.

Director Linda Shayne cast Shelley Winters, Ned Beatty, Little Richard, Chubby Checker, Peggy Lipton in this low budget movie with heart. The movie also stars kids who were unknown at the time, including Neil Patrick Harris and Thora Birch, who won a Youth In Film Award for her first performance in a feature film.

The soundtrack for the film has classic 1950's songs in it, including Little Richard's "Good Golly Miss Molly." I loved this movie as a kid and my son is enjoying it now.

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Good movie!

Author: rhonnie from United States
4 February 2006

I just received another copy of this movie after not having had it since I was little, and I can personally testify that this movie is amazing! My sister and I used to watch it all the time and it was thoroughly entertaining. It may be cheesier than some, but this movie makes a big impact on children that don't know any better. And I mean that in the best way possible ;) It's a great movie for children in that stage where cartoons are maybe past their primary interest. I remember when I was a little girl I was proud to get permitted to watch a movie for big kids. Maybe the purple costume is a little much for the younger children, so make sure they're mature enough to handle it. :)

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This is a GREAT Movie -- even after 1,000+ viewings

Author: just_tere from United States
19 June 2013

I could NOT give this a rating. This first time I saw it, I thought it was a charming movie, and really liked it, 15 out of 10. . Then, my 3- year old son got it in his brain. Now, 3-year olds LOVE repetition. Love it. So, I watched this movie 1,000+ times with him. 3-year olds love to have someone with them while watching the movie 1,000+ times. That would have been me. THEN I would have begged someone to burn it!

This was in 1989. As I write this, the song track is going through my mind. I WISH they would release this to video, or something. My son would love to have this for his daughter. He's complaining about Dora. hehehe The cars were also a reason my son is an old car fan!

This movie is truly magic. I would rate it up there with Cocoon, as a wonderful family movie with a calm, happy ending. The music is so upbeat and happy, the eater is adorable (I also think he's up there with Cookie Monster, my favorite of all time!). I didn't realize how many of the kids went on to be major stars. This is a great movie, really, even after 1,000+ watching. HEY! DUDES IN CHARGE! RE-RELEASE THIS!

UPDATE 3/5/14: I got a VHS copy of this movie and converted it to DVD. Cost me a bundle to get something that would convert it, but worth every penny (Diamond VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device from Amazon ($32.86, which is a lot of money on top of paying $32 for the VHS)and it was as wonderful as I remembered it. My son's oldest daughter is as fascinated with it as he was back in '89 and he cried when I gave it to him for Christmas. He loves watching it as much now as he did then, and when his daughter watches it, if he's home, he always watches with her. So, for $60 odd bucks I got it on DVD and it was worth every penny.

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