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Mill Creek Entertainment to Release Pulse (1988) on Blu-ray

What happens when our innovations turn against us? Find out (or revisit the scenario) when Paul Golding’s Pulse (1988) comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment this March.

Blu-ray.com reports that Pulse (1988) will be released on Blu-ray by Mill Creek Entertainment on March 7th. No special features have been announced, but we’ll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further details.

Written and directed by Paul Golding, Pulse stars Cliff De Young, Roxanne Hart, Joey Lawrence, and Matthew Lawrence.

Synopsis: “In today’s world of modern conveniences, everything we rely on is run by electricity. But what happens if the power we take for granted turns against us? Old man Holger (Charles Tyner) knows. He claims electricity is a living presence, whose voice can only be silenced by getting rid of anything that can hear it. Bill Rockland (Cliff De Young), however, refuses to believe him. It must
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A Look Back At: Demons 2!!

On the street I grew up on, there was an apartment complex that lined the back of our houses. I remember going there to look at these marquee-style movie posters that each stairwell of the complex would change monthly. A pretty neat idea, when you think about it, even though they usually ended up caked with graffiti. There were two I distinctly remember staring at, what it seemed like,were for hours.There was the laughable 1988 “killer electricity” film Pulse (starring Shock Treatment‘s Cliff De Young) and Lamberto Bava’s 1986 gorefest, Demons 2. The latter especially featured some really terrifying images on its glossy surface. In it’s center, was a green-faced boy baring a full mouth of gnarly jagged fangs and sporting glowing orange eyes like hot embers, the daunting silhouette of a zombified figure in an open doorway which illuminates a distorted image of a creature that
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